December 9, 2016 A Preparation Guide for Alfresco Certified Engineer Test

Getting certified is a value which we attach to ourselves. Not only it feels good, but it also gives us knowledge, reputation, and ranking among the community. Getting Alfresco certified needs to lot many dedicated hours. Unless you are guided well, you end up spending a lot of time in preparation. Also, since the Alfresco platform is a decade-old now, a huge amount of study material is available, which contains a lot of irrelevant content because:

  1. It is outdated and new versions have been introduced
  2. It is not a part of certification topics
  3. It might increase knowledge but may not help you score enough to attain certification which is your mission on hand
  4. Information is not presented very well or not authentic.
  5. Better information and explanation is available somewhere else.

ContCentric is an exclusive Alfresco development company. We at ContCentric strive to be 100% Alfresco Certified Engineer team. Over the course of time, we have been able to devise a guideline to prepare for the exams. What I tried doing in this blog is, compiling a list of useful links. Engineers gunning for Alfresco certification exam can refer this for better preparation.

Space limitation has allowed us to put just a section of the whole document below with some links on Alfresco API. Please click here and send us your request. We’ll revert with the whole document for exam preparation.

Alfresco API:

Total 5 questions are asked from this section. Here are the topics covered.


A. First, watch the videos and try to understand what is CMIS and how it works.


B. Follow these links once you are done with videos


For other important modules viz. Architectural Core, Repository Customization, User Interface Customization, and other useful content, please contact us. We’ll be happy to help!

All the best!

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