March 27, 2020 How Alfresco Improves the Efficiency of Modern Education System

Every industry sector needs proper coordination for ensuring seamless business processes. But, it is quite a task as most companies have geographically dispersed workplaces. There, transformation in the existing document management system can work wonders as employees from different places can get access to necessary documents as and when they need them.
Alfresco, with its excellent functionality and features, can bring digital transformation in various sectors, and the education sector is no exception. As a robust document management system, Alfresco can take care of documentation in the education sector. Be it assignments, quizzes, reports, or various questionnaires, Alfresco is a perfect choice for managing everything.

Let’s understand the role of Alfresco in resolving the issues related to universities and education institutes.

Problems Related to Education Sector

Most educational institutes and universities have to manage the documentation process. It starts with the admission of students and ends with evaluating assignments or tests. As mentioned above, the Alfresco content management system can assist education organizations to manage the documentation. Let’s see how Alfresco helps address various problems-

  • Distance Learning

    Most institutes provide distance learning facility these days, and it requires an efficient collaboration with real-time access to various documents. Various institutes offer various courses, and it is necessary for them to conduct the entrance exams for these courses. They need to store and manage the exam-related documents properly. Also, their document management system should be capable enough to facilitate evaluation and manage the admission process after conducting the exam. Here, Alfresco can greatly help.

  • Online Classes

    Thanks to advancing technology, many universities conduct online classes for national and international students. Hundreds of faculty are engaged in giving online lectures worldwide. Now, the challenge is to maintain the documents related to transcripts of lectures and other study material of different courses. What’s more, these documents need proper permission for students. For example, the study material should be in the form of Read-Only for students. The Alfresco document management system can help institutes to manage these documents effectively.

  • Assignments

    Conducting and managing the assignments is complicated for universities and educational institutions alike. Various courses have different subjects and every subject has assignments. Here also, assignments for teachers and students need different permissions. Alfresco can play a vital role in ensuring real-time access to assignments.

  • Examination and Evaluation

    The examination and evaluation concept needs the utmost accuracy and security. Faculties set the examination paper and the institutes conduct the exam. Then the papers are evaluated by reviewers. The entire process is conducted with ease through an advanced document management system.

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How does Alfresco help Education Sector?

Alfresco document management system can be customized to meet data management needs. Here is how Alfresco helps the education sector.

  • Alfresco is basically a repository and enables the sector to manage varieties of documents. As a content management system, it facilitates the educational institutes to store the content in a relational database through the file system. Proper segregation of study material offers better access. Faculty and students can get real-time access to the study material. Whether it is an examination process or admission process, all documents can be effectively handled with the help of Alfresco.
  • Folder management and workflow automation are necessary to streamline the process and ensure proper implementation of processes. Talking about the education sector, the sector needs proper management of various activities. Let’s take an example of the assignment process. The faculty can upload subject-wise assignments in a particular folder. Only students can get access to assignments. After completing the assignment, students can submit the same in a different folder. The content management system can shift this folder to a ready-to-review folder where the reviewer can get access to the completed assignments.
  • At times, there is more than one reviewer for evaluating the competitive or entrance exams. In such a scenario, it is necessary to keep the provision that more than one reviewer can handle the single document along with getting the complete history of changes. It is necessary for proper grading and a more effective evaluation. The alfresco-based document management system can make it possible in the education sector.

Efficient storage and higher mobility can enable the industries to implement process standardization. The education sector is getting more advanced with the concepts of eLearning and online coaching. The Alfresco platform manages the documentation of the sector to ensure a seamless implementation of these concepts.

Concluding Lines
The Alfresco document management system is designed to meet the diverse requirements of the education sector. It helps the sector by segregating all necessary documents properly and assisting the management to maintain all the records. Simply put, when it comes to simplifying the document management process in the education sector, Alfresco always remains handy in increasing efficiency and speed. Alfresco has also a proven track record in ensuring accuracy while promoting optimum time utilization.

A reliable document management company can come up with a customized Alfresco-based system for your education organization.

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