Contract Lifecycle Management

Streamline and automate entire Contract Lifecycle

Managing contracts that run from ten to thousands of pages with a number of clauses, terms and amendments become tedious for an enterprise. The sole purpose of the contract is to define the business interaction. They tend to forecast expected revenue, control the procurement costs, manage the suppliers and the customers, establish the service levels and protect the intellectual property to mitigate the risks.

Contract processes in enterprises are determined by fragmented and labor-intensive processes, poor/low visibility in the terms and conditions as well as ineffective compliance management. Our contract lifecycle management solutions will help standardizes, streamline and automate the entire contract processes starting with initiation to expiration. We cut down on contract cycle times by 50%, and offer improved visibility and control into the contract Lifecycle management Software portfolio.

Single Repository

We offer a single cloud-based contract repository with our Contract Lifecycle Management system, which allows you to access all the contracts, agreements and attachments of your enterprise. This repository comes with easy search functionality with multiple and customizable criteria that allow you to identify the highlights of the existing contract and help you go through the obligations. The key dates for all obligations are viewable with this repository, thus giving you complete control.

Authoring and Negotiation

There are certain clauses that you want, while there are others that the counterparty may want. Our CLM solutions help you make the ideal deal while keeping in mind the requirements from both sides. We offer automated contract authoring capabilities that reduce time and efforts. This solution ensures sending, version tracking and redlining of new/renegotiated contracts. This improves collaboration.

Tracking Risks And Clauses

Tracking Risks and Clauses

Managing risk is the basis of contract management solution. Our CLM solution helps ensure you don’t leave out critical items and adhere to the compliance standards and collaborative needs for better contract authoring. We manage the risks and obligations by adding the right clauses to the contract.

Complete Control

With Contract Lifecycle Management System, you are in charge of your contract at every step. Our solution comes with user-driven dashboards that offer complete visibility, insight and control to the enterprise. You can make sure all the obligations and compliance requirements are met with our solution.

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