Customer Communication Management

Exceptional customer experience over various outbound communication channels is imperative for having a competitive edge over your competitors. It is necessary to modernize the customer communication management system (CCM) by integrating digital channel capabilities to offer an excellent communication experience to your customers.

At ContCentric, we take care of every channel of outbound communications while developing a high-end customer communications management system. Our advanced CCM solutions support communications to conform to multiple outbound communication channels including documents, email, web pages, and SMS. We help companies build successful customer communication management across various industry verticals.

Benefits of Customer Communication Management

Robust customer communications management software with user-friendly features can offer many benefits to modern enterprises. It assists you to streamline the digital communications strategy while enabling you to meet customer demands quickly.

  • Decreased Operational Costs- CCM can streamline communications with end-to-end automation and standardization to reduce operational costs.
  • Enhanced Customer Experience- Highly personalized experience with a focus on privacy protection can help you provide excellent customer experience.
  • High Return on Investment- The CCM solution can be seamlessly integrated with the existing enterprise applications to provide a high ROI.
  • Improved Compliance- Rules-driven and highly customizable customer communication management software can provide improved compliance.

Our CCM Services

ContCentric is a leading document management system

  • Assessment & Mobilization Solutions
    Effective customer communication requires assessment, strategy development, template design, usability analysis, and communications analysis. We, at ContCentric, takes care of all these aspects while developing high-end assessment and mobilization solutions.
  • Forms and Documents Solutions
    We provide services for implementing or extending imaging, document management system, and other customer communication-related packages to implement proper management techniques for effective communications.
  • Implementation and Migration
    We build and maintain outbound customer communication management software along with modernizing legacy platform and template migrations services. We ensure best practices in CCM solution development and testing.
  • Managed Customer Communications Services
    We provide 24/7 maintenance and technical assistance services with end-to-end managed customer communications services. You can implement the CCM effectively with our services and solutions.
  • Business Process-as-a-Service (BPaaS)
    We provide fully-integrated managed BPaaS solutions for inbound and outbound communications to enhance your customers’ experience. ContCentric can make communication management seamless.

CCM Services

Industries We Serve

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Telecom
  • Healthcare
  • Utilities

How We Help You Manage Custome Communications

With an in-house team of expert professionals in the customer communication management space, ContCentric has delivered customer communications management solutions to several organizations worldwide.

Our specialists have hands-on experiences in the leading CCM vendor products and document management tools like Alfresco and Liferay.

As a leading Alfresco development company, we can easily integrate the features of the document management system into the CCM software.

We help enterprises transform customer communications from a capacity-based model into the outcome-based model

customer communication management

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