Records and Document Management System

Automate workflows and achieve compliance requirements to seamlessly share data

Private and Government enterprises thrive on collaboration of the different departments within its ecosystem for seamless communication and transfer of information. The native files and emails can prove to be challenging in data and record management as well as accessibility, which eventually increase content risks such as data loss/theft and reduce transparency within the organization. With appropriate ECM solutions, companies can create, convert, manage and share electronic documents that ensure validity as well as traceability of these documents. ECM solutions for Document Management System help organizations meet the compliance requirements and enterprise mandates to create, declare, classify, retain access, store and dispose critical information and records.


Well-Integrated Records and Document Management

A single repository is created to store and create records, which includes both physical as well as electronic documents. This centralized repository with the manage-in-place framework allows you to access as well as share documents and records across different repositories. This improves sharing, accessing and even disposing the digital assets in a secure fashion. We help you in making the asset delivery securely easy and reliable with this integration of different repositories.

Increased Collaboration

Communication and collaboration is core to records and document management system. The best practices for folder structure as well as content, template, and processes help manage records and improve the collaboration at all levels of documents and records. Simple email based workflow attempts to record data and documents from the emails, thus improving overall document/record accessibility. With our sophisticated document management system open source, you can access documents or records from various sources with ease. The message and conversation IDs for the different mail providers such as Microsoft Outlook help reduce duplication of document/records.

Increased Collaboration
Content Management

Content Management

The content spanning various sources can be captured; managed, delivered and archived electronically using the electronic records management system. Our Alfresco content management system heavily reduces the time and cost that goes into managing and maintaining records.

Easy Tracking

Tracking is made easy with the indexing feature available with this system. The unique document identifiers are indexed and classified using the metadata for each document. This facility helps in retrieving the documents with ease. We have developed easy to use tracking features to track and monitory large data sets to make informed and highly accurate decisions.

Easy Tracking

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