Tridhya Intuit has been announced a winner at ICT Grand Challenge

Tridhya Intuit has been announced a winner at ICT Grand Challenge

Tridhya Intuit has been announced a winner at ICT Grand Challenge by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) in partnership with the National Jal Jeevan Mission, Government of India.

Amrit, A smart IoT-based system for water supply measurement and real-time monitoring of the quality and quantity of potable water has been successfully installed and implemented in 25 villages in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Ladakh.

Tridhya Intuit has been awarded a winner at ICT Grand Challenge development of ‘Smart Water Supply Measurement and Quality Monitoring System’ as a part of the National Jal Jeevan Mission, initiated by reverent Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi. A total of 278 organizations took part from all over India, and Tridhya Intuit’s Amrit got potentially selected under the top 10, then successfully under the top 4, to be a record-breaking winner.

Mr. Jigar Desai, Founder & CTO of Tridhya Intuit was presented with a winner certificate by honorable Union Minister of Jal Shakti, Mr. Gajendra Singh Shekhawat.


“I congratulate our team for enormous efforts on being able to create a water-safe future for citizens of India with the help of technology. I extend my gratitude to MeitY Startup Hub, CDAC, National Jal Jeevan Mission (NJJM) – Department of Drinking Water and Sanitization, and, the Ministry of Jal Shakti for giving us an opportunity to serve our Nation. With this stepping stone, we are excited to positively transform many more elements with advanced technologies.” said Jigar Desai, Founder & CTO, Tridhya Intuit.

About Amrit, A smart Water Management System

Amrit is an IoT-based system for real-time monitoring of quality and quantity for potable water. The system has an interactive dashboard for data visualization. It displays live data from various nodes(devices) as per hierarchy. A user can manage the faults in the water distribution network, demands, bills, and supply schedules. Amrit solution helps the government to continuously monitor in real-time the predefined amount (it is 55 LPCD in our case) and appropriate quality of water provided to each household as per the guidelines.

Amrit, IoT device and platform

The device generates real-time data and interactive graphs with full visibility of the system’s technical/financial performance, future predictions, leakage detection, sensor data, etc. It has mobile/web monitoring with remote connectivity. It is a portable device powered by solar with a live display of data on the LED screen.

The platform is configured with IoT and it controls remote devices. It supports AI chatbot and geo-tagging, also, real-time ticket generation for error detection with SMS, email alerts.

About Tridhya Intuit

Tridhya Intuit is a product-based digital transformation company providing solutions using cutting-edge technologies like IoT, AI, and Big Data to create an exclusive customer experience. It has a team of experts from IoT, AI, and Bid Data to provide intelligent, secure, scalable, and cost-effective solutions. It has been delivering end-to-end creative solutions on time with a client-centric approach.

ContCentric and TridhyaTech Announces Merger

The combined company with an extended portfolio provides the perfect complement to serve global customers more effectively.

ContCentric and TridhyaTech announced today that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership that will propel more innovation and accelerate the business to serve the customers worldwide. The alliance will be able to innovate and implement solutions leveraging AI, IoT, Automation, Cloud, Mobile Applications, ECM & Portal.



“With this merger, we embark on a new and exceptional journey towards growth. We will be able to serve the customers more efficiently with an enhanced combined team in synergy by leveraging technological capabilities like AI, Mobile Applications, IoT, Cloud, ECM & Portal. This merger also gives us an opportunity to set foot in geographies like Europe & Australia to add value to the customers. We firmly believe that together we stand strong,” said Gaurav Barot, CEO and Cofounder, ContCentric.

“An opportunity for us to leverage the technological capabilities of ECM & Portal development in order to participate in its accelerating market share. Also, to offer effective solutions to our customers with the new combined force. We see exponential overall growth with this merger taking us to newer heights in the near future. I am excited about the journey,” said Ramesh Marand, CEO and Founder, TridhyaTech.

About ContCentric

ContCentric is an Enterprise solution-focused company. With strong ethical values instilled and the brand promise “On time. Within budget”, it has been successfully delivering excellence to the customers globally.

ContCentric is a Liferay Gold partner and takes pride in serving digital innovators across the globe. It offers solutions for numerous industry sectors including but not limited to Automotive, Energy, BFSI, Manufacturing, Government. It has been successfully excelling with the vision of becoming the customers’ preferred implementation partner.

About TridhyaTech

Established in 2018 with the mission to be the industry’s premier service provider company, TridhyaTech is a recognized IT organization focused on delivering solutions for Mobile Applications, Web, IoT & AI to customers, globally.

Since its inception, TridhyaTech is bringing the top and finest engineers to develop specialized, unique, and technologically advanced solutions for the world’s leading brands, enterprises, startups, and businesses. With offices in India, UK, and Germany TridhyaTech has grown at an exponential pace with customers across the world.

Why Should You Use Liferay For B2B Ecommerce

Introduction to Liferay DXP Platform

Since the beginning of the pandemic, it has become difficult for businesses to survive, the unpredictability of waves has put a big hole in our pockets and hence has left no option for us other than moving our businesses online. As a B2B seller in today’s world, it is imperative to have an e-commerce website.

But your mind must be abuzz with questions like how to go about it? Where to start? What’s the best platform? And when in doubt, why not rely on an expert? As a leading Enterprise Content Management company, we have put our trust in the Liferay DXP platform like many other leading e-commerce website owners.

Liferay DXP platform is an open-source and free enterprise portal used to build B2B eCommerce enterprise websites. Liferay has proven to be a life raft for drowning businesses. Being a leading Liferay Development Company in India, we can confirm the edge presented by Liferay for B2B e-commerce. ContCentric provides Liferay Consulting Services to Liferay Development Services globally and has only good things to say about it.

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Liferay DXP Platform

Why Choose Liferay DXP Platform

There is a wide array of custom plugins and extensions in Liferay making it one of the most trusted names in the industry. Apart from providing all the features, one could expect from an eCommerce site, Liferay for B2B e-commerce has many other salient features that make it a clear choice. Let’s see what those are:

Best In The Game Product Content Management

Liferay’s Product Content management system manages your inventory for you, auto-generates SKUs for every product variant, and enables you to sell physical products, subscription-based products, services, product bundles, and digital goods easily.

If you are a B2B seller who sells customized products, We are happy to provide Liferay Consulting Services to help you upgrade your Liferay Web Content in order to personalize your products.

Ease Of Cataloguing

Make your process of cataloging easier with Liferay’s easy-to-use drop-down menus to build your page with dozens of out-of-the-box applications. Elasticsearch offers an effective and efficient product browsing experience to your customers.

Liferay does not only encourage cross-selling by automatically recommending products that other users bought but also recommends your customer products other customers who are like them have bought. Options such as comparing products and wish listing the products are also made available.

Integrated Payment System

Liferay’s payment management system is integrated with ECB to provide automatic updates on exchange rates to ease your job and lets you easily manage measurement units. You can set the tax rate as fixed or can vary it by address, as the Liferay DXP platform provides support to multiple tax categories for products.

End-to-end Sales Representative Support

To provide your customers a hassle-free after-sales service Liferay DXP platform provides complete sales rep support. Your sales representative is given the access to edit, add, or apply promo codes on an order along with a real-time dashboard for your customers allowing them to study the order patterns, keep an eye on the dips in purchasing trends, and forecast the purchase of any specific customer to keep them always coming back to you to try out your new products.

The best part is, that’s not all. Liferay is a one-stop solution for all your digital enterprise needs, may that be Site and Content Management, Account and User Management, Order Management, Shipping, basically everything that’s indispensable for an e-commerce site, and more. Liferay also keeps adding more features as it’s an open-source platform.

How to get started?

You must be wondering where to get started with all this? How to go about setting up a Liferay DXP database? Again, this is where you turn to an expert. ContCentricLiferay Consulting and Development Services provide accurate consulting and guidance about upgraded Liferay versions. We offer various solutions like Liferay Upgrade Services and Liferay Migration Services to make the process smooth for you. With the combination of experience and skills of our developers, we have the right tools to help you leverage the latest functionality and your project investment.

By the time you are reading this sentence, thousands of companies are going through a digital transformation every passing second. Reach out to us right now if you have any questions about your Liferay Upgrade or getting the most out of your Liferay DXP platform. Give our certified and experienced developers a chance to align your strategic and technical decisions to give your B2B eCommerce a fair chance to be brought into the world of infinite opportunities before it gets too late.

Liferay Portal Development For Different Industry Verticals

Liferay Portal Development has been a revelation across multi-platforms for its portal development services. It is an investment that leverages your business on several grounds giving the much-needed competitive edge to rise above the crowd. The key to uncovering the Liferay Development Services is to thoroughly understand what goes into its making, from customizations to reliability that holds the base across unique industry verticals. 

Liferay Portal Development For Industry assists in streamlining workflow through simplifying the processes involved, thus leading to organizational excellence. Forget the worries of the past where traditional work methods involving manual updates were the norm. Liferay Dxp Portal Development comes with in-built features that boost productivity like no other through effective content management and improving collaboration with various stakeholders. 


Redefining the strategies in question for the usage of Intranet does half the job. The focus is to outline the developmental process ahead through filling in the goals and objectives and staying afoot on the roadmaps. Ones that have been chalked out to streamline the vision for the future and expand organizational knowledge.  

Prioritizing integrated learning through the alignment of digital transformational goals is the need of the hour. This is where the ingenious intranet strategies come to the fore. The platforms and technologies must focus on plans and initiatives to encourage collective participation from students, teachers, and administrative bodies. 

Travel & Hospitality

The Liferay 7.3 Theme Deployment has revolutionized the digital space with its specifically designed themes to cater to individual needs. The website application ensures the travel booking software is up and running and entails a steady expansion of the social media circle. This is bolstered with CRM applications that focus on the smart management of customer information. The presence of an online booking system validates queries in real-time aiding in processing bookings 24/7.


Digital infrastructure upgrades the need for data integration to new-age platforms enabling syncing with ease. The old and restrictive systems with limited capabilities face the added burden of offering a digitized solution that is tailor-made to suit industry standards. The Liferay Portal Enterprise has ensured the telecom operators a solution through the implementation of Dxp portals. One that is aided with flexibility in offering content on the move through developing new-age ideas for better and effective communication. 


Digital experiences that are personalized, cater to offering a self-service platform; one that ensures customer retention through renewal policies and offering enough benefits. A central unit for agents and partners to collaborate on efforts to gather personalized quotes can lead to improving the efficiency levels thus leading to a successful digital insurance run. A one-stop platform for agents and brokers for sharing of information can optimize performance. 

Media and Entertainment

Liferay Dxp Portal Consulting Services has been streamlining efforts into bettering customer experiences through a widespread digital transformation. Irrespective of the channels, several companies are focusing on reinventing the outdated business models to usher in a change that is validated through social media responses. They Work their way by building on influences that delve deep into specifying the geolocations to access customer data for segmentation. 

Banking and Financial

Liferay offers personalized solutions that cater to more than just digitalization. The focus is also centered on pleasing the customer. The accelerated growth in the banking and financial sector has made it a mandate for adapting to suit the changing demands in customer preferences. The website interfaces and apps have replaced the traditional forms of banking. The standards that set apart one includes assessment and the ease of usage. 


Innovation is the key and Liferay focuses on providing transparency and content that is relevant in today’s times through effective content management. This suffices in strategizing the expectations of citizens through the creation of websites and portals by improving the results. 

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Integration platforms by Liferay have been a lifesaver that allows a unified platform for connecting multiple systems thus aiding in the synchronization of data. The transformation aids in assisting the customers and helps in gaining a wider reach.


Operational efficiency, tackling everyday challenges of handling big data is manned by Liferay like no other. The agility of the data management system offers seamless omnichannel integration across multiple platforms, one that is crucial to the survival of the pharmaceutical industry. This includes mobile, social media platforms, and websites. 


The sharing of information across various verticals from a portal means the distribution of data from a central site; Liferay offers this and much more. The automobile industry has benefited in real-time with users across hierarchies teaming up to connect on an integrated platform.

Final Words

ContCentric – Liferay Development Company is your best bet when it comes to offering personalized experiences across multiple industries. The development of a unified platform renders the best digital transformation, ending in meeting the business objectives to the truest potential.

24x7 Liferay Support and Maintenance Services

Liferay: Your Trusted Business Solution Provider For Clinical Trial Industries!

The healthcare industry is ever booming and the changing scenario has led to a revolution in the digital space. The pathway to ramping up the process of data management is through Clinical Data Management Software that ensures data threats are reduced to a bare minimum. To ensure a channelized digital portal to keep track of the health records, Clinical Trial Data Management Software can be of immense help when compared to the manual methods. 

Liferay Healthcare Solutions

Liferay As A Solution

Liferay is one of the best means available to simplify the functioning of your business. How does Liferay change the face of the clinical trial industry? By allowing its customers all over the globe to customize their portal, manage their content, build apps, and ensure security, Liferay is a versatile software that is taking over the healthcare industry.  

Transforming The Healthcare System 

The healthcare industry is plagued by a lack of effective data management and so is the clinical trial industry. There are challenges in multiple areas which are highlighted below:

Data Safety

The relaxed approach that the clinical trial and healthcare industry has towards data management makes it easy for individuals with malicious intents to get their hands on precious data. With Liferay, the security measures in place for data protection are watertight and there is no way private medical data can be leaked out. 

Big Data Management

A patient’s medical history is crucial when it comes to their present treatments or clinical trials. Mismanagement of these files, without proper tools to access and store them, spells disaster for everyone involved. Clinical Data Management Software like Liferay can alleviate unwanted stress related to this. 


Almost all the other industries in the world have transformed how they operate with the digitalization of their work. Even though the healthcare sector is late to this race, it is possible to implement an efficient Clinical Trial Management Software.  

Customer Experience

How do we know that the patients have received the best possible care? How can we make sure that each patient who availed of our services was satisfied with it? Liferay DXP Service can help you with this. With this software, all the hospital’s interactions with their customers can be well accounted for. 

Decoding Liferay

Healthcare Industry with Liferay Dxp has come a long way offering a framework designed for the creation of exclusive portals designed at benefitting multiple industries. A platform that is dedicated to patients, digitized versions of health records boasting of an advanced approach of reaching out to customers throughout the globe through telemedicine. 

Liferay Clinical Trial Solutions helps you to efficiently manage your content, build an integrated app to different pages, and work out the salient features of its security. Liferay Healthcare Solutions brings specialization to customizing products and offers editing space for changing the themes to designing. 

A central site serves as the base for gathering information sources to integrate the systems while working on the API. The Clinical Trial Management Solutions are explained in brief below:

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Seamless Performance 

The performance standards are optimized and see heavy data being loaded with utmost accuracy and momentum.

Reliable Solution

The flexibility of data integration for websites and portals makes the Clinical Trial Portal by Liferay all the more user-friendly thereby offering a secured digital experience.

Healthcare and Clinical Trial Solutions

A flexible format ensures Liferay offers tailor-made experiences suited to every kind of operation ensuring smooth workflow management and monitorization. 

Dental Portal Development is seeing a big boom owing to the extensive services Liferay For Dental Clinic has to offer. This includes managing patient-related data and integrating the same in servers for personalized service each time. 

Your Trusted Business Solution Provider For Clinical Trial Industries


Liferay Development Company in India has exactly what you need to get started on building a future with safe data management and storage. ContCentric can help you develop a system from scratch for this journey, one that meets all your expectations and more.

Steps to Override The Liferay 7 Portal With Javascript

The module pattern of Liferay’s JavaScript abbreviates data and functionality. These modules are available through the Liferay global project. The objects don’t have to be loaded manually. They get loaded automatically at runtime and can be accessed throughout the portal, themes, and plugins.

JavaScript is utilized by Liferay to deliver responsive control logic and to give strong UI components. It comprises various sub-objects that have innumerable useful methods. Liferay development services are accessible to those who want help in their portal development.

liferay 7 portal with javascript

Utilizing The Fragments

Portal default files are gathered in the module of Liferay. By utilizing the fragments, it is simple to override the JSPs. However, when to Override Liferay Portal Javascript you need to have a copy of the original modules JavaScript file including your personal customization.

You also require a configuration file for configuring a custom JavaScript file and adding config.js file path and WebContext-path into module bnb file to override the original module.

Learn The Prerequisites

Before diving into the details and adapting these advanced skills, learning the basics is very vital. Knowledge about JavaScript and Liferay Portal can even be quintessential.

The nature of the JavaScript architecture enables it to update the content, use interactive maps, animated graphics, etc. JavaScript can be referred to as the third tier of a three-layer cake in which HTML and CSS are the initial tiers!

The Liferay portal is an open-source portal that runs on both your intranet and extranet servers. It is a java dependent application used for developing customized portals and websites.

Liferay portal development is sometimes encouraged, as it facilitates both community and enterprise solutions. You can even hire Liferay developers to assist in your portal development, enhancement, and modifications.

You also need to have a strong base, and a good grasp of the fundamentals if you want to understand the process better. The environment used for programming has specific language editors and source-level debugging facilities. It comprises processes and programming tools that will help the user create a program or software product in simpler terms.

Once you have acquired the basic knowledge of the functions of both JavaScript and Liferay portals and programming in general, learning to override the Liferay 7 portal JavaScript would be a lot easier.

How To Override Liferay 7 Portal Javascript?

  • Form an OSGI module so you can override the original module. You can start by naming the module as override-default-js.
  • Click on the Finish button once you have administered the package name.
  • The following structure of the module would be seen. Delete the src/main/java Package and the content packages from the src/main/resources.
  • Now form a js folder in src/main/resources/META-INF/resources path. Then you can create a copy of the scheduler.js and session.js file and name them as custom-scheduler.js and custom-session.js files. Then once it is all done don’t forget to save the file after applying the changes!
  • Create a js file within the src/main/resources/META-INF/resources/js folder. After that mention the javascript file which will be in the config.js file, and will need to be overridden. Don’t forget to check the comments mentioned in the config.js file.
  • You can refer to code libraries like GitHub to find references for config.js. You have to ensure that the Liferay-scheduled-override module’s name on the config.js file & a custom-scheduler.js file’s name is the same.
  • However, you will want to ensure that the group name is set per the module in your config.js file is different. You can refer to the example you choose and with the right coding background, you might be able to get the hang of it.
  • The config.js location and the name of the module formed in Web-ContextPath should be specified in the band. bnd file.
  • The final step is to execute your module. 
  • If you desire to override scheduler.js in a different module then you need to build another OSGI module as you try and use the same steps mentioned above.

If you desire to override scheduler.js in a different module, you need to build another OSGI module as you try and use the same steps.

Troubleshooting Missing File Changes In JavaScript

This is the most common problem when it comes to overlying 7 portals in Javascript. Hence, you may want to take a look below to ensure that you are prepared!

  1. Check whether you have given a different is set per the module in your config.js file or not. If not then do it.
  2. Clear your browser’s cache.
  3. You now have to log in via the admin and open the control panel. Go to configurations then to server administration and finally click on the execute button to perform the following actions:

Free up the memory by enabling garbage collectors.

  • Create a thread dump.
  • Clear all of the content that was cached by this VM
  • Clear the content which had been cached across your cluster
  • Clear the cache of the database.
  • Clear the cache of the direct servlet.
  1. Now right-click on the reload icon found in the browser. After this click on the Empty all the cache and the hard reload button.

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Are you looking Liferay portal Development Support

Summing It Up

JavaScript in Liferay DXP is very useful. To master any skill one needs to understand and learning of the basics. Research and practice will help to accomplish this and make you an expert in overriding Liferay 7 portal JavaScript. Therefore, with this hopefully, you can override the Liferay 7 Portal JavaScript!

How To Successfully Carry Out Enterprise Content Migration To Alfresco?

Content migration requires a thorough strategy and in-depth planning. Because moving content from existing platforms to a new digital platform is a complex task! It also depends a lot on the objective of ECM content migration – is it for replacement of the existing platform, or upgrading the platform, or for carrying out infrastructure changes. Every organization has content of different magnitude and based on the objective, we can identify the best way for content migration.

It is important to avail of reliable ECM content migration services in India, to ensure safety and efficiency! A good enterprise content management company will be able to acquire content from all the different legacy sources and consolidate it over CMS such as Alfresco Content management system. And there are different ways – different migration models for implementing this.

ECM Content Migration Models

Content Migration Models

The three major models for migrating enterprise digital content are – Big Bang Model, Parallel Model, and Incremental Model. You need to choose the migration model wisely, to ensure there is no data loss or data damage as well as system damage.


Systematic content migration in one go – from the old to the new platform


Content migration while both old and new systems are running parallel


Gradual content migration in small, incremental datasets over time.

The Big Bang model of content migration is highly risky and is virtually useless when it comes to massive datasets. Also, it has high downtime and glitches once content is migrated to the new platform. The parallel model is good but it requires you to run two platforms parallel which adds up cost and energy. For big organizations, an incremental model is ideal. It has its own challenges and issues, but it remains the best way to migrate enterprise content on platforms such as Alfresco.

Enterprise Content Migration to Alfresco

While migrating the enterprise content to Alfresco, one of the biggest factors you should consider is – DOWNTIME. There will be service disruption but it should be controlled and brought to a minimum. There should be thorough planning for your existing and future business content management systems. The ultimate goal here is minimum impact on the business operations and ease of access for the users, in the future. Here is how it happens.

enterprise content management

5 Stages Of Content Migration

Each of these stages is equally important and they will have an overreaching effect on the ease of using the content in the future.

Stage 1 – Content Discovery and Data Inventory

Stage 2 – Migration Process Planning

Stage 3 – Ensuring Data Quality

Stage 4 – Delta handling and Change Management

Stage 5 – Execution, Testing, and Verification

Ultimately, the enterprise content migration process will include so many different processes such as analysis, mapping, high-level design, detailed design, configuration, testing, deployment, etc. And every stage will be built upon the strong foundation of the preceding stages.

#Stage 1: Content Discovery and Data Inventory


The first step is to let the technical and functional teams – including users, stakeholders, and IT staff – have an insight into the legacy content system. The teams can identify the location, volumes, and migration targets for the content through workshops and discovery sessions. This exercise helps not only in the discovery of content but also helps the organization realign the business model and business decisions. Your enterprise content management consultant’s responsibility is to guide you through this process and help your team identify risks and plan for any eventualities.


The content inventory is a quantitative and qualitative assessment of every single type of content in the existing repositories. A report is prepared with all the information about the classification of content and the planning for its migration. This exercise allows you to launch an effective content migration strategy by breaking the content down into manageable chunks.

At the end of Stage – 1, you should have at least these collaterals ready…

  • Content Inventory Report
  • Content Inventory Analysis
  • Content Security Audit

#Stage 2: Migration Process Planning

Every planning requires a unique approach and blend of automated tools and manual human processes. But overall, you must be clear about at least the following aspects of the entire migration process.


It all depends on the understanding and expectations of all the stakeholders who are associated with or will be impacted by content migration. To achieve this, a series of interviews and brainstorming sessions should be planned.


The assets involved in the migration should be identified and analyzed for different parameters such as – information architecture, content sources, business processes, regulated content, and compliance standards.


Understanding all the complex elements in detail is vital for planning a successful migration.  Keeping an eye on any associated dependencies such as content complexity, relationships, quality, and volume; is necessary to have a detailed understanding.


The security of the data is very important. The content might have sensitive information that might expose unsafe conditions, ultimately leading to business loss. Such content should be tagged and secured with extra care.


To mitigate the migration risks, you should run a beta migration program using a representative set of the content, in a safe environment. This can be done by building and testing a prototype system. You should also be prepared with a contingency plan.


You also need to synchronize the different authorities used for authentication and authorization purposes. Also, a strategy needs to be prepared to define how permissions on the source legacy systems will map to the Alfresco permission model.

At the end of Stage – 2, you should have at least these collaterals ready

  • Migration Plan
  • Migration Infrastructure
  • Migration Tool Kit

#Stage 3: Ensuring Data Quality

You need to assess what is important and what is useless for you. In fact, the content usually evolves during the content migration process such as data normalization or enrichment. It allows you to get innovative while doing digital transformation and create a new content management model for your organization.

Usually, enterprises have unstructured data which is accumulated over the years because of the lack of systemic data management. So, it requires a more concerted effort to integrate this data into a unified digital content structure in such a case.

During this stage you should also be prepared with a content clean-up plan, to eliminate duplicate content and ROT (redundant, obsolete, and trivial) data. This is important to make the data more relevant and save storage space.

At the end of Stage – 3, you should have at least these collaterals ready…

  • Content Inventory Clean-up Plan
  • Content Enhancement Plan
  • Content Archiving Plan

#Stage 4: Delta handling and Change Management


Delta refers to the content which is added, removed, or modified during a specific delta time period. Having a system that helps you define and distinguish such added, removed, or modified data is very important. Usually, a time-stamp can help in spotting delta.


The delta content generated during the migration process needs to be managed and done through Change Management. You should have this system to rescan the content to identify the new content and existing content.

At the end of Stage – 4, you should have at least these collaterals ready…

  • Delta Content Migration Plan
  • Freeze Cycles Definitions

#Stage 5: Execution, Testing, and Verification


The execution of the content migration process is carried out through execution cycles. Several execution cycles are executed for migrating data without compromising its integrity, accessibility, and manageability.


Testing should be done on different interfaces, to see if the content is correctly displayed. Also, testing by the end-users is necessary because they have experience of using it daily and hands-on knowledge of the content. Their testimony is the ultimate success.


Verification by subject matter experts and business units should be done to ensure that the content has not been compromised. Also, you need to create checklists to effectively check and track the data. The actual results of the verification process should be saved in a report to guarantee the quality of the migrated data and completion of the migration process.

At the end of Stage – 5, you should have at least these collaterals ready…

  • Content Migration Report
  • Content Validation Report

After all the five stages are finished, one important task remains – Housekeeping. This is the process of archiving all the tools and processes used for content migration. This is important because you can later analyze the processes and if required, redo some processes. So, the tools, protocols, mappings, and scripts should be saved for future utility; and a comprehensive report should be created for reference.

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By now you must have understood that enterprise content migration is a very complex process that depends on so many different factors. But with a good strategy and planning, it can be executed well. The need for organizations to leverage the latest web content management and enterprise content management is perennial. Every organization would want to change and upgrade its content platform. But you have to wait for the right time, the right technology, and the right Enterprise content management company to give you reliable content migration services.

Get in touch with ContCentric – An enterprise content management company in the USA, UK, and India.

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6 Reasons Why Liferay Is Crucial For Enterprise Portal Development

The significance of Enterprise Portal Development has been growing at an exponential rate, maturing and evolving over the past couple of years. As  Liferay developers, it is our responsibility to help you understand its importance.

What Are Enterprise Portals?

An enterprise portal is a web-based software solution, used for the integration of information, people, and access within the company. It enables the categorization of all data and makes it available in a single interface for all the departments.

Enterprise portal development makes the process of searching for information easier as the employees interact with the content through the portal that gathers all the information together in one place.

Some key benefits of enterprise portal development are:

  • Simple UI experience
  • Easy design
  • Customizable
  • Flexibility

What is Liferay?

Liferay is a free and open-source enterprise portal, that is mainly used to enable corporate intranet and extranet. In simple terms, it can be called a ‘web application network’ or a ‘ content management framework.’

It contains all the features that a website offers to its users and is made of many correlating functional units called portlets. Written in Java, Liferay Development Services provide extensive support for plug-ins and extensions for the many programming languages.

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6 Reasons You Should Know Why Liferay Development Services Are Important

Why Is It Important?

Liferay Portal Development is important because it enhances customer engagement and boosts their satisfaction and productivity, allowing them to defeat their competitors.

Out of the many platforms available for enterprise portal development, people tend to hire Liferay developers the most, because it was built specifically to provide immersive digital experiences.

It is important to understand the core reasons why Liferay development services are so extremely crucial:

1. Continuity of Operations

Continued business operations are what any business thrives on. Disruptions in any processes mean a loss of both money and the value of that business. This might just be the single largest agent that pulls businesses away from upgrading from older and non-functional portals.

Liferay Application Development Services are known for the absolute minimal intervention during the migration of portals and upgrades. It provides easy back-ups and data recovery, and ensures smooth workflows, protecting them from hiccups during the migration process.

2. ROI

One of the main factors that affect the best services is its ‘ROI’ or ‘return-on-investment.’ The decision-makers in the company will want to know about the return on investment whether the technology upgrade is large or small. It is important for them to realize their business models to get the returns they need.

A Liferay Portal Development project can commence and be done without incurring license costs, which is almost like the total lowest cost of ownership within the entire technology landscape.

3. Functionalities

The features that need to be included while upgrading old portals, along with the inclusion of certain functions without causing a hindrance to the entire migration process are very critical. This makes it essential to Hire Liferay developers for this job.

With Liferay Development Services, these issues do not arise. With multiple built-in plug-ins, and portlets. Functions can be easily integrated without affecting any of the existing data on the platform. Additionally, any extra features that may need to be added to increase the value, can be done without any hindrance.

4. User Interface

A key feature of Liferay Portal Development services is that the user interface is much easier to understand, making it simpler so that normal users can use it comfortably. Liferay has the ability to blend all enterprise portal development systems into a single and simple user interface. Hence, this will help enterprises to uplift their productivity.

5. Improvements

Once the portal has been upgraded or migrated, the business will be able to optimize its usage. Even if there is still scope for improvement, once you Hire Liferay developers, they will handle all the complex issues. Liferay Development services leave room to allow changes and improvements in both design and coding, and also user experience post-migration.

6. Integration

One of the main worries of upgrades or migrations is the integration of legacy systems, data, and the issue of cross-platform exchanges. This is because the data is generally huge and finding a suitable solution for this is a huge task. It gets even more complicated when new requests are made to merge obsolete technology with new business practices and portals.

This is one of the unique advantages of Liferay Development Services because it allows integration with all modern and older technologies like Java, .NET, PHP, etc. The dynamic structure allows the project to merge, collate, and then integrate databases of the pre-existing systems easily on its digital platform.

To Sum Up

After discussing the concept and the benefits of Liferay Development Services, it is important to stress again that this is indeed a life-changing enterprise that offers portal solutions for all. This source will help you offer your customers a personalized experience, something that they crave. Hire Liferay developers today and get started!

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How to Accelerate Digital Transformation using Digital Adoption Strategy

‘Work from home’ is not just a buzzword, it has already become the next normal in the corporate world. In this pandemic age, it is highly difficult for companies to survive amid global turmoil and WFH policy in place. What makes things more complicated is the fact that companies have to adopt a completely new working style in the post-COVID age.

document management system

It is imperative for companies to focus on defining digital strategies in line with a changing business scenario, customer expectations, and market trends. In other words, a digital adoption strategy needs to be defined for business process management to ensure a seamless workflow.

Let’s dig into this topic in detail now.

A digital adoption strategy can be considered the first step toward digital transformation. These days, many entrepreneurs are familiar with these terms and some of them are already in process of implementing a digital adoption strategy. An official survey has revealed that 87% of businesses consider digital transformation as their top priority. However, the road to digital transformation is full of hurdles. These hurdles can slow down the transformation.

Key Challenge of Digital Transformation
Digital transformation drives changes in the company’s core processes. It disrupts business process management by reducing paperwork and increasing automation. Digital transformation strategy is mainly associated with the changes in various operational and non-operational activities. The company management can expect flawless services and a rich customer experience from digital transformation.

  • Lack of expertise
  • Lack of support from employees
  • The rigidity of the organizational structure
  • Absence of a long-term strategy and roadmap
  • Budgetary constraints

In the current situation, the market has remained highly competitive and the customers are fully acquainted and tech-savvy. It is, therefore, necessary for the company to segregate itself from its competitors. There, an advanced enterprise content management system and other digital transformation techniques can lend a helping hand and assist entrepreneurs to enhance the customer experience

The digital adoption strategy ensures frictionless transactions with a customized and multichannel journey for every customer. Seamless communication, real-time support, quick execution, and exceptional customer services are some of the building blocks of the digital adoption strategy that can make the digital transformation of your organization successful.

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Digital Adoption Strategy and Flexibility
When it comes to digital transformation, the change is slow but perceptible. However, you may face resistance at a minute level, when employees do not want to move away from their natural processes or comfort zones. At times, your teammates may not determine how to cope with an entirely different set of principles and protocols. For example, what if you introduce a robust document management system in a paperwork-dominated business? You may get some resistance initially.

Digital transformation or digitalization is basically a change in the way we work, collaborate, and serve our customers. The digital adoption strategy adds flexibility and innovation to the entire process of digital transformation. Companies have to test various software solutions for accumulating data to customize the journey of their customers or clients. The data can help companies make informed decisions in real-time.

Digital transformation can make businesses agile, scalable, and flexible for implementing changes. It can enhance the ecosystem in favor of customers. The digital adoption strategy, on the other hand, can help companies make their employees ready for upcoming changes and improved processes.

Concluding Lines
The recent pandemic period has brought drastic changes in people’s necessities and expectations. The corporate world also undergoes a turbulent time amid social distancing and other protocols. There, digital transformation has become more necessary to adopt than ever for modern businesses. The right digital adoption strategy can make the digital transformation seamless and smooth for businesses.

ContCentric is a well-known enterprise content management services provider. We offer top-notch document management services to modern enterprises in a cost-effective way. If you want to transform business processes digitally or give your company an advantage of an advanced ECM system, simply send us an email at We will get back to you soon!

Customer Communication Management- Basic Features You Need to Know

Today’s competitive business scenario has compelled entrepreneurs and business persons to focus on establishing robust customer communication management (CCM). Ever-changing customer expectations and challenges in the market have expanded the definition of customer communication manifolds. Be it billing or call marketing, customer care, or e-marketing, customer communication has become imperative in the corporate sector.

Customer Communication Management

Though banks and financial institutions are the torchbearers of customer communication by providing 24/7 services to enhance customer experience, various industry sectors have also followed suit by offering multiple communication channels to their customers. As a result, customer communication management has become a necessity to make customers happy and retain them with business.

Let’s understand the basics of customer communication management and its major benefits for modern enterprises.

Basics of Customer Communication Management

Effective customer communication holds a key to survival and thriving in this turbulent time. The right customer communication strategy addresses the core objectives like reduced customer acquisition costs, maximizing the value of every customer, and improved retention rate. Customer Communication Management (CCM) is, therefore, a set of technology solutions that assist enterprises to achieve these objectives.

CCM takes care of every aspect related to customer communication including content creation, enterprise content management, personalized experience, and multi-channel distribution of different forms of content. CCM acts as an integrated solution and bridges the gap between the company and its customers.

Higher dependency on vendors for implementing minor changes to the business system can increase the cost and waste time. CCM tools can overcome this issue effectively and empower business persons to manage customer communications efficiently.

Data-rich industry sectors like banking, retail, and eCommerce have to deal with volumes of transactional documents on a 24/7 basis. The document management system, connected with the customer communication system can work wonders by providing customers with bank statements, invoices, etc. in real-time. Also, companies can offer marketing collaterals to promote their products or services with ease.

Simply put, a properly implemented CCM solution can bring significant benefits to any enterprise. Here we make a list of some of the top benefits of customer communication management.

Major Business Benefits of Customer Communication Management

A robust and reliable customer communication management solution can-

  • Bring automation in creating and delivering highly personalized customer communication
  • Assist companies to execute multi-channel marketing campaigns with clarity and consistency

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  • Enable the company management to change the existing communication method by incorporating a mechanism for version control
  • Assist companies to focus on the particular requirements of every customer effectively to provide more relevant information
  • Enhance visibility and control over corporate communications to ensure seamless business operations
    Integrate enterprise data into transactional communications for agile marketing that leads to improved up-selling and cross-selling
  • Reduce dependency on the IT team for performing trivial changes
  • Help enterprises comply with regulatory standards with real-time audits and reporting

By giving these benefits, CCM can take the enterprise to a new level as a customer-centric entity.

Concluding Lines
Customer communication management is essential to attract and retain more customers by offering them a personalized and pleasant experience. You can grow your business by increasing sales and achieving a loyal customer base. It is better to consult a reputed customer communication solution provider to integrate CCM into your business system.

ContCentric is a leading Alfresco development company that offers high-end solutions in enterprise content management and customer communication management domains. If you want to delight your customers with real-time communication, simply send us an email at We will get back to you soon with the right strategy.

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