Digital Transformation in Automotive Manufacturing

Digital Transformation in Automotive Manufacturing

Manufacturing in Automotive is one of the primary segments of the automotive industry. Considering the vastness of the mere manufacturing itself among many other sectors of the industry, it revolves around manufacturers, parts manufacturers, OEMs, VARs, dealers, suppliers, and partners.  

The digitization of every process along with the complete digital transformation simplifies the complex web of inter-relations and inter-dependency of all the stakeholders in the sector. 

Digital solutions with Liferay DXP 

Automotive manufacturers are constantly figuring out digital and technology-enabled solutions to better meet the changing customer and industry demands.  

Manufacturing aspects of producing light-weight materials, highly efficient batteries to meet increased demands of EVs, cutting-edge technology implementations for automation in vehicles like self-driving, and customization-to-details to name a few, demand a lot of content management, data analytics, interconnecting siloed processes, future-proofing with storing data on the cloud and multiple other solutions for a complete and seamless digital transformation of manufacturing sphere of the automotive industry.  

Focusing on all the manufacturing sections of the automotive industry, The Digital Experience Platform, Liferay DXP solves multiple digital transformation setbacks and offers agile, secure, and scalable solutions. 

Read through the blog, Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Industries, to learn about manufacturing digital transformation, its challenges, and the solutions using Liferay DXP. 

Portal solutions with Liferay DXP for Automotive industry manufacturers 

Automotive manufacturing leverage Liferay DXP primarily for the following use cases.  


Portal solutions for Automotive Manufacturing

With Liferay DXP, businesses overcome common industry challenges to increase revenue and create user value. The figure below mentions the imperative benefits.  

Liferay DXP Solutions

 No matter the automotive manufacturing digital transformation use case, the five prime benefits mentioned above participate aptly in making their digital transformation journey smooth. Whether part-manufacturing business, motorcycle manufacturing, car/truck manufacturing, or the dealers and partners involved in each of these sectors;  

Self-service functionality in digital solutions reduces costs, increases productivity, and primarily increases user/customer satisfaction.  

Personalization in the portal solutions enhances the user journey by increasing the interaction time and increased conversion rates. 

Omnichannel touchpoints to interact with the customers in their preferred way. Mobile-first approach, Single page view or single platform approach for the customers to keep their entire journey consistent.  

Future-proofing with Cloud to always be prepared to combat unprecedented times. A secure and scalable solution with disaster recovery capabilities ensures business continuity.  

Flexibility in the portal solution benefits the businesses to create quite a distinct solution as per the need. Multiple solutions can be created on a single platform with seamless integrations with the legacy/new systems. Thus, leveraging the investment that has already been made.  

At ContCentric, we have been involved in creating digital transformation solutions with Liferay for almost two decades for global organizations across industries. Reach out to us at to learn about case studies in the automotive industry.  


How UX is Beneficial for Your Company?

Previously we shared knowledge of UX fundamentals and key principles of UX, as the next part of the series, we will cover the benefits of UX.

Benefits of UX Design

A good UX boosts trust in the product which will result in revenue generation. Attention to UX design generates customer acquisition and retention.

Five lucrative benefits of good UX 

  1. UX design reduces development costs
  2. UX design increases your revenue
  3. UX design increases customer loyalty
  4. UX design stimulates word-of-mouth
  5. UX design keeps you from wasting resources

UX design reduces development costs

A user-centered approach reduces the need for design and development rework by saving time, money, and effort.

Reduced Development

UX design increases your revenue

75% of users evaluate a website based on its aesthetic appeal. A user-friendly interface that fulfills customers’ needs is more likely to convert customers.

Increases your Revenue
UX design increases customer loyalty

Positive web or mobile app usage experiences increase customer loyalty. Users become bonded to your product due to these satisfying interactions, and they continue to use it.

Customer Loyalty

UX design stimulates word-of-mouth

Word-of-mouth advertising occurs when people promote your goods purely out of their own volition and without being compensated for it.

Word of Mouth

UX design keeps you from wasting resources

You may save time, money, and human resources by investing in superior UX design solutions. Hiring sales representatives and marketers to advertise a product without spending money on an engaging user experience is one example of resource mismanagement.

Save Time

An investment in superior UX design proves to be super beneficial. At ContCentric, we have a team of experienced UX designers to make a super easy digital transformation journey for our clients. Reach out to us for a free consultation or hire a designer to remove the design bottlenecks at the early stage of the design and development process.

A Seamless B2B and B2C Car Leasing Experience with Liferay DXP

The global car leasing market is projected to grow from USD 82.01 billion in 2022 to USD 131.10 billion in 2029 at a CAGR of 6.9% as per research by Fortune Business Insights.

Along with the automotive industry, the leasing industry sees demand for technological transformation and strategies for customer experience improvement. Leasing a car isn’t a popular choice among retailers. But the market has been rising for a couple of years and is anticipated to grow as mentioned in the statistics above.

The pros of being able to use multiple different new launch models and not worrying about the maintenance and insurance hassle are pulling the leasing audience. People have begun to realize all such leasing advantages. The participation of general or retail users aside from corporate users has expanded the leasing market.

With the rapid emergence in the demand for EVs and to reach the end-user through all possible channels, OEMs participate in leasing industries besides CaaS and MaaS, as well to meet the newest leasing demand and offer the experience they require.

Let us learn along to learn about the leasing-digital solutions with Liferay DXP to create better experiences for the users.

Elevate car leasing experience with innovative digital solutions with Liferay DXP

Liferay DXP is a Digital Experience Platform to create seamless and transforming solutions for an exceptional leasing journey. To meet the never-like-before increasing customer demand for digital solutions, the portal platform Liferay DXP proves to be a frugal yet prudent solution.

In the retail use case of leasing, partner use case, or corporate use case, a leasing portal solution that is consolidated and seamless can be created on top of Liferay DXP. The out-of-the-box functionalities of Liferay DXP like, User Management, Search, Interoperability, Forms & Workflow, Integration, etc. create a robust end portal solution. Apart Liferay Commerce module quickens the process of building eCommerce solutions reducing the time-to-market. Liferay DXP with Liferay Commerce creates seamless journeys for B2B and B2C both by responding to each touchpoint.

The possibilities of the solutions with Liferay DXP are endless, and distinct needful solutions can be created effortlessly with Liferay DXP.

Importance of customer experience in the leasing process

Customer experience is being used as a differentiator by companies to gain a competitive advantage. The so-called good solutions are not enough today to meet the demand; hence businesses want to create better, more engaging, and personalized experiences for the customers.

Customer experience plays a rewarding role in both the use case, B2B and B2C. The leasing business model with better experiences wins the best of both worlds by letting the oh-so-willing OEMs get one more channel to enter the market and on the other hand, the lessee chooses the hassle-free journey.

With Liferay DXP, a unified experience can be created along with the touch of personalization to serve the customers as they want to be served. A scalable and flexible solution for a connected omnichannel experience.

Reach out to us for a digital transformation consultation for your organization. We, at ContCentric, have been passionately creating solutions for global innovators with the expertise of being in the industry for almost two decades.

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Top 3 Robust and Agile Banking Digital Solutions with Liferay DXP 

As per the report by MarketsandMarkets, the global digital banking platform market size is expected to grow from USD 8.2 billion in 2021 to USD 13.9 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 11.3%. 

Digital banking is continually adapting and proceeding with digitalization in the industry to deliver an enhanced customer experience. Technology has been shaping banks for years now to become more efficient as well as secure. But, with the surge of Banking as a Service, BaaS, and Fintech innovating digital banking solutions, the digital transformation in banking sets a huge curve of digital changes.  

Let us read along to understand digital solutions with Liferay DXP in banking. 

Digital Transformation in Banking 

Digital transformation has always been about doing the things we have been doing in a newer way, in a technological way. In Banking, digital transformation is about changing all the traditional ways of dealing and engaging with customers to the ones using online and digital services.  

Mobile Applications, Websites, Portals, and leveraging the digital channels while collaborating with Fintech and third parties to offer BaaS are some of the digital banking strategic solutions. It is about creating a 100% end-to-end omnichannel digital journey to meet the rising need for enhanced customer experience. According to the Citizens Banking Experience Survey, 90% of consumers and 86% of businesses use digital banking channels. 

Portal solution for digital transformation in Banking 

A portal acts as an integrated platform to respond to each touchpoint of an entire customer journey.  Liferay DXP is a portal platform that’s flexible and scalable, that seamlessly integrates multiple systems, and also has various use cases to respond to numerous and all touchpoints to enhance the customer journey.  

Liferay as a platform has been recognized by various banking and financial institutions throughout the world because of its core building materials and focus on security by design. Multinational companies are moving towards a digital age where they want their system to be scalable in various aspects such as faster implementation, less dependency, and easier process to configure and launch any product to the market.  

Read the writeup with Why, How, and What on accelerating the digital transformation with Liferay DXP

It’s been decades since banks continued to implement different digital solutions as per their needs. Technology has continued to evolve and will continue evolving in the future. The solutions that Industry 4.0 has brought about Automation in Processes, Implementation of cutting-edge technologies like AI/ML/IoT has dawned a completely different era of technologies transforming businesses. Among the digital solutions, portal solutions with DXPs are considered prudent, frugal, and anti-fragile.  

Three robust banking use cases with Liferay DXP  

  • Self-service portal
    • Self-service is prevalent in many industries including banks. As per the research by Microsoft, 77% of consumers report using self-service portals.  
    • Self-service is one of the most important approaches adopted by banks to improve the customer experience along with the mobile-first approach.
  • Public-facing Portal  
    • This helps the organization to show their value proposition, target the desired customer and funnel the prospect to enhance businesses and their service catering. The banking sector leverages data to offer enhanced and personalized experiences. 
  • Integration Platform  
    • Building a unified platform for all the disparate systems helps the customer to view and access all the required functionalities from a single platform. 

Liferay use cases

Three strong factors that Liferay DXP takes care of in the banking sector

  • Omnichannel experiences  
    • Omnichannel experience for a seamless flow of information to the customer throughout different channels. This also helps the organization to target the customers as per the usage on the different points of contact.
  •  Future-proofing with Cloud 
    • Banking institutions follow a hybrid cloud approach which will help them in maintaining the different architectures from a single Liferay infrastructure.  
    • And, organizations are expanding their investments for it is supplemented with security and disaster recovery.
  • Legacy system integration  
    • One of the biggest barriers in the digital transformation journey is the integration of the legacy system. Liferay DXP offers robust interoperability functionality for the seamless integration of existing systems into one user-friendly platform. 

A whole Digital transformation of any organization is on its own a very complex process. However, the transformation roadmap around SaaS and PaaS is simplified with our solutions using Liferay DXP. We, at ContCentric, have crafted solutions for many global giants across industries including banking use cases. Reach out to us to learn more about optimizing your digital banking solutions or send us an email at!


Power of Liferay Digital Experience Platform

Disruptive technologies are transforming businesses. Entreprises for so long have been exploring and adapting digital solutions to achieve business agility. The benefits of competitive advantage and increased time-to-market that digital innovations bring is a no less known fact.   

Organizations have layers of technologies and platforms to carry out the business processes. There have been silos of technologies and systems which, today, are becoming difficult for enterprises to keep up with the ever-increasing demand, that of customers as well as the dynamic business world, as this has been a long technological curve towards changing business landscape.   

There is ERP, CMS, business intelligence tools, Marketing tools, yet another web platform, and an assortment of technologies underlying the organization’s technological framework. A DXP acts as an Integration Platform to unify all disparate systems seamlessly and enables enterprises to offer consistent customer experience across multiple customer journeys.  

Liferay DXP is a Digital Experience Platform that comes with enhanced features and functionalities to transform your business. The features can help you bring together disparate systems, make processes more efficient, and provide better insight into the approaches into consideration like mobile-first design, and single platform approach.  

Three strategies to frame while implementing DXP

  • First things first, solidly define business requirements. 
    •   Businesses have got to clearly define business processes for better workflows  
  • Defining robust digital strategies
    • Digital experience strategy for being able to deliver seamless and consistent experiences
    • Cloud strategy for security and to future proof your business  
    • Data and Analytics strategy to win the market with appropriate insights and faster decision-making  
  • Better optimization of the digital solution with continuous support and upgrades  

Three biggest benefits that Liferay DXP offers

  • Consistent Customer Experiences 
    • With the solution with Liferay DXP, an enterprise can unify customer experiences across every touchpoint of an entire customer journey with a mobile-first design, a single view for customers, and a single (integrated) platform approach. This ensures your customers have seamless experiences that are consistent throughout the journey.
  • Seamless Integrations and power of personalization and customization
    • Liferay DXP builds on its portal platform with business components that can connect all the systems and processes for a unified approach. Businesses get the advantage of seamless integration with legacy systems without compromising on user experience.
  • Future-proofing with a robust Cloud solution
    • The next step the organizations that are already ahead in the digital transformation look up to is cloudification. Cloudification of everything! Cloud computation is a secure, cost-efficient, and reliable solution that also comes with disaster recovery. 
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