How UX is Beneficial for Your Company?

How UX is Beneficial for Your Company?

Previously we shared knowledge of UX fundamentals and key principles of UX, as the next part of the series, we will cover the benefits of UX.

Benefits of UX Design

A good UX boosts trust in the product which will result in revenue generation. Attention to UX design generates customer acquisition and retention.

Five lucrative benefits of good UX 

  1. UX design reduces development costs
  2. UX design increases your revenue
  3. UX design increases customer loyalty
  4. UX design stimulates word-of-mouth
  5. UX design keeps you from wasting resources

UX design reduces development costs

A user-centered approach reduces the need for design and development rework by saving time, money, and effort.

Reduced Development

UX design increases your revenue

75% of users evaluate a website based on its aesthetic appeal. A user-friendly interface that fulfills customers’ needs is more likely to convert customers.

Increases your Revenue
UX design increases customer loyalty

Positive web or mobile app usage experiences increase customer loyalty. Users become bonded to your product due to these satisfying interactions, and they continue to use it.

Customer Loyalty

UX design stimulates word-of-mouth

Word-of-mouth advertising occurs when people promote your goods purely out of their own volition and without being compensated for it.

Word of Mouth

UX design keeps you from wasting resources

You may save time, money, and human resources by investing in superior UX design solutions. Hiring sales representatives and marketers to advertise a product without spending money on an engaging user experience is one example of resource mismanagement.

Save Time

An investment in superior UX design proves to be super beneficial. At ContCentric, we have a team of experienced UX designers to make a super easy digital transformation journey for our clients. Reach out to us for a free consultation or hire a designer to remove the design bottlenecks at the early stage of the design and development process.

Liferay Commerce for an enhanced B2B Commerce Experience 

In this blog, we begin with B2B eCommerce, its entire customer journey, and the importance of the B2B customer experience, eventually covering how the Liferay Commerce platform can boost the entire commerce experience. 

B2B eCommerce and its Customer Journey 

With B2B eCommerce, manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers all perform browsing and ordering of products online. With digitalization across industries for a bit now, enterprises had begun inching towards it, but only pandemic could challenge them accelerate their digital transformation.  

I could not resist adding a joke on digital transformation here: who brought digital transformation to your organization? CEO, CTO, or Coronavirus just a bit of a jolly! 

As the wheel turns and B2B eCommerce experiences ever-increasing global growth, more enterprises have come to realize the perks of digital transformation. B2B eCommerce does not only drive stronger revenue but also increases efficiency and productivity. B2B commerce on DXP, Digital Experience Platform, adds the crucial benefit of personalized experience to it. 

Businesses operate in an ecosystem with suppliers, dealers, partners that are involved in the end-to-end customer journey. B2B customer journeys are comparatively long and complex. Being able to map and respond to each touchpoint of an entire customer journey is the only aim of organizations to be potentially rich with digitalization.  

It ideally comprises of a prospect happening to learn about your brand, browsing the products, deciding on to make the purchase that is, solution exploration and requirements building, going through the purchase points and process, to finally making the payment. This further leads to the post-purchase journey of retention and growth.  

Let us read along to learn about how leveraging data and analytics does DXP benefits B2B Commerce. 

Importance of B2B customer experience 

Customer experiences are incredibly valuable, the ones reflecting B2C customer journey, also more complex one, B2B customer journey. 

B2B customer relationships are long-term, unlike B2C, hence offering world-class experiences to customers can help checkmate a lot of competition. 

According to research from Avionos, 87% of B2B buyers will pay more for a supplier with an excellent digital commerce portal. And, 90% of B2B buyers will turn to a competitor if a supplier’s digital channel can’t keep up with their needs. 

Customer experiences all along the journey across every touchpoint are beyond crucial amid this digital business landscape and higher competition. Customer demands have never been greater, they interact with brands across multiple channels through various touchpoints. Consistency in customer experience becomes important here and with DXP we can offer omnichannel experiences. 

Liferay Commerce to boost an entire commerce experience

Liferay Commerce inherits the functionalities of Liferay DXP allowing businesses to leverage data and analytics to offer personalized experiences which is quite not possible with traditional eCommerce frameworks. Personalized experiences, as well as self-service experiences, are the prime ones today to grow and win the competition. 

Liferay continually evolves to offer optimized digital experiences and it puts B2B-first to offer seamless buying experiences.  

With Liferay Commerce businesses can –  

  • Track users to offer them personalized experience in return 
  • Empower users with Self-service 
  • Smooth integrations with legacy systems and other key business platforms 
  • Offer omnichannel experiences to customers to interact with the brand through multiple channels 
  • Respond to every touchpoint of an entire B2B customer journey with its capability of CMS + Portal + Commerce 

Innovative features of Liferay Commerce 

  • Catalog Management 
  • Product Management 
  • Inventory Management 
  • Pricing 
  • Customer Experience 
  • Checkout journey 

ContCentric is a digital transformation implementation company. We are a Liferay Gold Partner company. We have catered to multiple leading organizations across industries with our extensive experience in creating solutions with Liferay for more than a decade. We offer consultation to implementation to support services. Connect with us to create a robust portal solution for your organization! 

Digital Transformation in Manufacturing Industries

What is Digital Transformation in Manufacturing?

Digital transformation in organizations is a complete business transformation! The primary objective of digital transformation is to achieve efficiency and quality with the help of technologies. Specifically, an ability to keep up with changing parameters of the dynamic business world like changing customer demands, the need for personalization & customization, and others to respond quickly to the competition.   

Manufacturers are reimagining business models to become more agile and adapt to constant changes in their dealers/customer behavior. Data and insights on data to perform predictive analysis play the most significant role in creating and offering personalized experiences to the customers/dealers. 

Challenges of Digital Transformation in Manufacturing

  • Inappropriate voluminous data management    
  • Enterprises that have not implemented any ERP solution face challenges due to arising complexity in maintaining hefty amounts of data in Access and failed/corrupted data.  
  • This inappropriate data management leads to not being able to analyze the data to reflect and derive results or predictable insights from it.   
  • Inviting new technology and digital solutions might be the need, but many a time, it fails at integrating with the existing ones. Difficulty in integration with legacy systems is a real pain point because it can cost unthinkable to large organizations. This can be improved for simplicity with DXPs.  
  • Data Security and integrity.  
  • Difficulty in offering personalized experiences to the customers and/or dealers. 

Let us pay heed to learn about a Digital Transformation Platform called Liferay DXP that addresses the challenges discussed above and offers out-of-the-box functionalities to boost the digital transformation procedure.    

The Functionalities of Liferay DXP

Liferay functionality

Digital Transformation Solutions with Liferay DXP

  • Liferay DXP enables business digitalization with its portal solution. It is facilitated with – automation in workflow, omnichannel support, seamless integrations, and many other aspects to increase operational efficiency.   
  • It enables responding to each touchpoint of the entire customer journey to offer a personalized experience. It makes a seamless end-to-end journey.   
  • Dealers/vendors are empowered with self-service options.    
  • Data can be captured and analyzed to predict exact needs with Liferay DXP to offer personalized experiences to the logged-in as well as non-logged-in users; which would increase the conversion rate   
  • Liferay DXP is a flexible and scalable platform. It supports easy multiple integrations including seamless integration with legacy systems. 
  • Liferay follows a no-code/low-code approach to software development. This helps business users to modify and manage things easily without remaining dependent on IT. 

There are many use cases of Liferay but the following are the few that are prevalent in the Manufacturing industry

  • Customer Self-service Portal    
  • Integration Portal   
  • Dealer/Vendor Portal   
  • B2B & B2C Commerce Portal   
  • Intranet   

Fewer ways Manufacturers are benefiting from the Liferay Platform

  • Increase in website traffic manifold   
  • Accelerated time-to-market   
  • Increase in employee productivity because of digitalized workplaces   
  • Increase in user engagement and retention because of consistent and personalized experiences   
  • Quicker outcomes on numerous processes with self-service 

ContCentric is a Gold Liferay Partner, and we have implemented multiple robust portal solutions for innovators globally. Reach out to us to learn more about solutions we have implemented for our clients like Customer Portal, Dealer/Vendor Portal, KYC Portal, and many others. Get in touch today to transform your business!

Tridhya Intuit has been announced a winner at ICT Grand Challenge

Tridhya Intuit has been announced a winner at ICT Grand Challenge by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) in partnership with the National Jal Jeevan Mission, Government of India.

Amrit, A smart IoT-based system for water supply measurement and real-time monitoring of the quality and quantity of potable water has been successfully installed and implemented in 25 villages in Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Ladakh.

Tridhya Intuit has been awarded a winner at ICT Grand Challenge development of ‘Smart Water Supply Measurement and Quality Monitoring System’ as a part of the National Jal Jeevan Mission, initiated by reverent Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi. A total of 278 organizations took part from all over India, and Tridhya Intuit’s Amrit got potentially selected under the top 10, then successfully under the top 4, to be a record-breaking winner.

Mr. Jigar Desai, Founder & CTO of Tridhya Intuit was presented with a winner certificate by honorable Union Minister of Jal Shakti, Mr. Gajendra Singh Shekhawat.


“I congratulate our team for enormous efforts on being able to create a water-safe future for citizens of India with the help of technology. I extend my gratitude to MeitY Startup Hub, CDAC, National Jal Jeevan Mission (NJJM) – Department of Drinking Water and Sanitization, and, the Ministry of Jal Shakti for giving us an opportunity to serve our Nation. With this stepping stone, we are excited to positively transform many more elements with advanced technologies.” said Jigar Desai, Founder & CTO, Tridhya Intuit.

About Amrit, A smart Water Management System

Amrit is an IoT-based system for real-time monitoring of quality and quantity for potable water. The system has an interactive dashboard for data visualization. It displays live data from various nodes(devices) as per hierarchy. A user can manage the faults in the water distribution network, demands, bills, and supply schedules. Amrit solution helps the government to continuously monitor in real-time the predefined amount (it is 55 LPCD in our case) and appropriate quality of water provided to each household as per the guidelines.

Amrit, IoT device and platform

The device generates real-time data and interactive graphs with full visibility of the system’s technical/financial performance, future predictions, leakage detection, sensor data, etc. It has mobile/web monitoring with remote connectivity. It is a portable device powered by solar with a live display of data on the LED screen.

The platform is configured with IoT and it controls remote devices. It supports AI chatbot and geo-tagging, also, real-time ticket generation for error detection with SMS, email alerts.

About Tridhya Intuit

Tridhya Intuit is a product-based digital transformation company providing solutions using cutting-edge technologies like IoT, AI, and Big Data to create an exclusive customer experience. It has a team of experts from IoT, AI, and Bid Data to provide intelligent, secure, scalable, and cost-effective solutions. It has been delivering end-to-end creative solutions on time with a client-centric approach.

ContCentric and TridhyaTech Announces Merger

The combined company with an extended portfolio provides the perfect complement to serve global customers more effectively.

ContCentric and TridhyaTech announced today that the companies have entered into a strategic partnership that will propel more innovation and accelerate the business to serve the customers worldwide. The alliance will be able to innovate and implement solutions leveraging AI, IoT, Automation, Cloud, Mobile Applications, ECM & Portal.



“With this merger, we embark on a new and exceptional journey towards growth. We will be able to serve the customers more efficiently with an enhanced combined team in synergy by leveraging technological capabilities like AI, Mobile Applications, IoT, Cloud, ECM & Portal. This merger also gives us an opportunity to set foot in geographies like Europe & Australia to add value to the customers. We firmly believe that together we stand strong,” said Gaurav Barot, CEO and Cofounder, ContCentric.

“An opportunity for us to leverage the technological capabilities of ECM & Portal development in order to participate in its accelerating market share. Also, to offer effective solutions to our customers with the new combined force. We see exponential overall growth with this merger taking us to newer heights in the near future. I am excited about the journey,” said Ramesh Marand, CEO and Founder, TridhyaTech.

About ContCentric

ContCentric is an Enterprise solution-focused company. With strong ethical values instilled and the brand promise “On time. Within budget”, it has been successfully delivering excellence to the customers globally.

ContCentric is a Liferay Gold partner and takes pride in serving digital innovators across the globe. It offers solutions for numerous industry sectors including but not limited to Automotive, Energy, BFSI, Manufacturing, Government. It has been successfully excelling with the vision of becoming the customers’ preferred implementation partner.

About TridhyaTech

Established in 2018 with the mission to be the industry’s premier service provider company, TridhyaTech is a recognized IT organization focused on delivering solutions for Mobile Applications, Web, IoT & AI to customers, globally.

Since its inception, TridhyaTech is bringing the top and finest engineers to develop specialized, unique, and technologically advanced solutions for the world’s leading brands, enterprises, startups, and businesses. With offices in India, UK, and Germany TridhyaTech has grown at an exponential pace with customers across the world.

How to Accelerate Digital Transformation using Digital Adoption Strategy

‘Work from home’ is not just a buzzword, it has already become the next normal in the corporate world. In this pandemic age, it is highly difficult for companies to survive amid global turmoil and WFH policy in place. What makes things more complicated is the fact that companies have to adopt a completely new working style in the post-COVID age.

document management system

It is imperative for companies to focus on defining digital strategies in line with a changing business scenario, customer expectations, and market trends. In other words, a digital adoption strategy needs to be defined for business process management to ensure a seamless workflow.

Let’s dig into this topic in detail now.

A digital adoption strategy can be considered the first step toward digital transformation. These days, many entrepreneurs are familiar with these terms and some of them are already in process of implementing a digital adoption strategy. An official survey has revealed that 87% of businesses consider digital transformation as their top priority. However, the road to digital transformation is full of hurdles. These hurdles can slow down the transformation.

Key Challenge of Digital Transformation
Digital transformation drives changes in the company’s core processes. It disrupts business process management by reducing paperwork and increasing automation. Digital transformation strategy is mainly associated with the changes in various operational and non-operational activities. The company management can expect flawless services and a rich customer experience from digital transformation.

  • Lack of expertise
  • Lack of support from employees
  • The rigidity of the organizational structure
  • Absence of a long-term strategy and roadmap
  • Budgetary constraints

In the current situation, the market has remained highly competitive and the customers are fully acquainted and tech-savvy. It is, therefore, necessary for the company to segregate itself from its competitors. There, an advanced enterprise content management system and other digital transformation techniques can lend a helping hand and assist entrepreneurs to enhance the customer experience

The digital adoption strategy ensures frictionless transactions with a customized and multichannel journey for every customer. Seamless communication, real-time support, quick execution, and exceptional customer services are some of the building blocks of the digital adoption strategy that can make the digital transformation of your organization successful.

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Digital Adoption Strategy and Flexibility
When it comes to digital transformation, the change is slow but perceptible. However, you may face resistance at a minute level, when employees do not want to move away from their natural processes or comfort zones. At times, your teammates may not determine how to cope with an entirely different set of principles and protocols. For example, what if you introduce a robust document management system in a paperwork-dominated business? You may get some resistance initially.

Digital transformation or digitalization is basically a change in the way we work, collaborate, and serve our customers. The digital adoption strategy adds flexibility and innovation to the entire process of digital transformation. Companies have to test various software solutions for accumulating data to customize the journey of their customers or clients. The data can help companies make informed decisions in real-time.

Digital transformation can make businesses agile, scalable, and flexible for implementing changes. It can enhance the ecosystem in favor of customers. The digital adoption strategy, on the other hand, can help companies make their employees ready for upcoming changes and improved processes.

Concluding Lines
The recent pandemic period has brought drastic changes in people’s necessities and expectations. The corporate world also undergoes a turbulent time amid social distancing and other protocols. There, digital transformation has become more necessary to adopt than ever for modern businesses. The right digital adoption strategy can make the digital transformation seamless and smooth for businesses.

ContCentric is a well-known enterprise content management services provider. We offer top-notch document management services to modern enterprises in a cost-effective way. If you want to transform business processes digitally or give your company an advantage of an advanced ECM system, simply send us an email at We will get back to you soon!

Top Business Benefits of Customer Communication Management

Let’s start with the fact- as many as 67% of customers hang up on an automated customer service call if they do not reach good customer service. What’s more, as an entrepreneur, if there is one negative customer experience, you need to provide twelve positive experiences to compensate for it. These facts are enough to show us the importance of a Customer Communication Management (CCM) solution.

A robust and seamlessly-performing CCM platform can effectively bridge the gap between your business and customers. These days every industry sector including banking, real estate, manufacturing, and retail use customer communication management system to maintain better communication with customers and offer them n excellent experience. The centralized customer communication management solution has many benefits to offer to modern businesses.

Here we mention the top ways in which CCM can benefit your business. Let’s start with the obvious one-

1. Improved Custome Experience– The centralized CCM platform enables businesses to establish real-time, cross-platform communication with a highly interactive customer experience. Here is how your enterprise can offer an improved customer experience-

Personalization– CCM-based solution facilitates customers to select the communication channel as per their choice. It is possible to create relevant communications across any channel in a personalized way using the customer communication management system.

Consistency and Convenience– The centralized approach of CCM brings consistency and convenience in a channel-agnostic way. Consistency can build trust among customers and a seamless onboarding experience can enhance the convenience of your customers.

Interactivity– The real-time mobile and web experiences enable customers to engage with the content consisting of interactive charts and sliders. In a way, CCM ensures an interactive experience for your customers.

2. Digital Transformation– BFSI, government, and other traditional industrial sectors have a complex and complicated infrastructure of legacy IT technology that is not fit for the modern business structure and competitive scenario. Today, it is necessary to integrate the existing business system with CCM for offering a seamless cross-channel experience through a user-friendly interface. All you need to contact a leading CCM solution developer and transform your communication digitally.

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3. Reduced Risk– The enterprise content management system has a major obstacle in the form of compliance, but the CCM solution can assist companies to eliminate it by establishing a collaborative content development process. The CCM solution can also enable companies to reduce time-to-market and provides them greater control. Compliance officers can easily track, audit, manage, and approve the processes easily.

4. Enhanced Efficiency– Business persons can easily create, edit, and manage content without depending on the IT department. Also, the CCM platform can eliminate issues like operational inefficiency, inconsistency, and high costs effectively. Better customer experience and higher operational efficiency can be achieved as the CCM platform propagates changes across various touchpoints and channels effectively.

Apart from these benefits, the customer communication management solution can bring automation in distributing large volumes of customer’s documents. The document management system or enterprise content management system can leverage the benefits of the CCM platform.

Concluding Lines
Customer Communication Management enables companies to establish effective communication with their customers in a convenient way. CCM also facilitates companies to generate high-volume communications while ensuring compliance and reducing the chances of errors. In a way, companies can increase a higher ROI through improved customer experience.

ContCentric is a leading Alfresco development company that can easily integrate the key features of the document management system into the customized CCM software. Our in-house team of expert developers assists enterprises to transform customer communications from capacity-based into the outcome-based model.

Just drop us a line at to know more about our services and solutions. Our expert consultants will contact you shortly.

Customer Communication Management

Importance of Alfresco in Healthcare Document Management System

The healthcare sector is thriving by adopting the patient care models and enhancing data sharing. In today’s troubled times, it is necessary to build the patient care model in such a way that it can meet the growing pressure of diseases and changing expectations of patients over the period. Cut-throat competition, strict regulations, and other challenges, however, can create big hurdles in developing the excellent model.

Healthcare Document Management System

Here, the data-first approach and advanced healthcare document management can work wonders.

As a healthcare services provider, do you want to improve the patient care services by transforming the way of sharing and processing the patient’s data? Well, the Alfresco framework can help you by enabling you to establish a paperless clinical world. Better collaboration and proper communication are possible when you make the healthcare facility paperless.

Let’s go through the ways Alfresco document management is useful for the healthcare industry.

Four Proven Ways Alfresco can Help Healthcare Sector

Be it pharmaceutical document management or healthcare document management, Alfresco can offer flexibility and scalability to healthcare service providers. They can easily integrate the Alfresco ECM system into their existing system with the help of an Alfresco development company. Alfresco document management also enables healthcare professionals to achieve a holistic view of the patient’s medical records.

  • Complete EMR (Electronic Medical Record)
    As mentioned above, Alfresco enables healthcare professionals to get access to all necessary information about the patient anywhere, anytime. With a holistic view of the patient’s history, the Alfresco document management system can easily add all the electronic documents like lab reports, prescriptions, and other vital data to EMR. It can make diagnosis and treatment easy for the physicians.

    Another benefit of opting for the Alfresco document management system is it helps the healthcare industry to comply with various stringent regulations. When all the records are together in the clinical system, all the laws and regulations are automatically followed. What’s more, administrators, physicians, and other staff can work collaboratively for the patients. Alfresco also enables the healthcare industry to track and categorize medical documents accurately.

  • VNA (Vendor Neutral Archive) System
    Alfresco has a Vendor Neutral Archive that enables healthcare professionals to access the VNA system as a part of EMR. The VNA can consolidate differing images into a single repository. VNA also enables physicians to search, look through, and retrieve the imaging. It also connects DICOM and Non-DICOM content to simplify the sharing process between various PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications System). In a nutshell, healthcare professionals can exchange the patient’s information effortlessly.

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  • Clinical Process Automation
    The Alfresco document management system brings automation and makes the clinical processes advanced. It takes care of every aspect ranging from the patient’s admission to the hospital to their discharge. Alfresco can assist physicians and healthcare service providers to make and manage various reports online. It also facilitates healthcare administrators to create e-forms and e-prescriptions while optimizing workflow processes without much technical knowledge.

    In brief, clinical process automation transforms paper-based processes into digital processes. In a way, patients can get better services and their frustration for filling out different forms containing similar information will be reduced. The clinical process automation can also make the process error-free with the minimum human intervention. Any inefficiency related to manual processes can be eliminated successfully through automation.

  • Enhanced Collaboration
    Alfresco enterprise content management system makes the healthcare organization capable of sharing information in real-time. Information-sharing and coordination are possible among care providers irrespective of time and place. Also, Alfresco plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of confidential patient information. With better collaboration and seamless access to necessary information, healthcare professionals can provide enhanced services. They can get access to critical information at any time and on any device.
    As a result, Alfresco ensures collaboration in a secure way. All stakeholders including patients can access real-time information at any time with the help of the Alfresco document management system.

Concluding Lines 

ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and BPM (Business Process Management) solutions of Alfresco can enhance collaboration and improve patient care services. All you need to find a reliable and reputed Alfresco document company to meet the ever-changing and rapidly increasing needs of the healthcare sector.


Why businesses should develop Portals with Liferay?

Digital experience is the need of the hour for modern enterprises. When it comes to providing engaging digital experience to audience, you can count upon Liferay development services. Liferay is an enterprise portal development technology that offers DXP (Digital Experience Platform) for bringing digital transformation in the businesses globally. The Liferay platform can boost enterprise content management system with digitally pleasant user experience.

portals with liferay

People get more acquainted with digital interaction as time advances, and therefore, they demand unique ways to interconnect. This trend compels entrepreneurs and business owners to find digitally advanced solutions for the document management system. There, Liferay comes into the picture. It promotes digital transformation across the workflows. As a robust and reliable platform, Liferay also assists dynamic enterprises to mitigate ever-changing challenges.

Liferay development services enable your company to provide advanced features to visitors or customers. It is one of the most popular technologies for developing enterprise-grade software and portals. Here are the top ten benefits of Liferay portal development for your business.

1) Reduced TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
Liferay is an easy-to-install platform as compared to other portal development platforms like Drupal and Joomla. It can help you save big on development and operational costs. Also, Liferay is easy-to-use for companies and offers reduced cost of ownership. This benefit makes Liferay a preferred choice for a document management system for your company.

2) OOTB (Out-of-the-box) functionalities
Liferay has many OOTB features like content management, core portal, etc. What’s more, the platform offers enhanced security and mobile-friendliness for enterprise portals. When it comes to building advanced enterprise portal solutions, Liferay can remain a robust and reliable platform.

3) Scope for innovation
Liferay offers 60 different features for portal development. Also, the platform keeps on bringing new features and updating regularly to fill the gaps in the market. The version upgrade of Liferay is designed to mitigate the diverse requirements of the industry. The Liferay development company can come up with innovative portal solutions using Liferay’s new social and mobile configuration.

4) High customization
Liferay is a highly customizable platform. It has a new Hook and Extension plugin to give Liferay developers the liberty to develop a product using the old code. It is easy to change or modify your portal in line with your business requirements without rewriting the whole code. Higher customization ability makes Liferay a choice of many enterprises globally. Unisys, Suez Environment, and Volkswagon are some of the big companies that have put trust in Liferay.

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5) Increased agility
Liferay offers drag-and-drop like functionalities that ease the burden on your management. It is easy to configure, develop, and modify custom functionalities in the Liferay portal to meet your different business objectives. Liferay has unique workflow APIS to save valuable time for developers and allow the creation of customized APIs.

6) Customization independence
The Liferay development company can give a full choice of application servers, operating systems, and databases based on Liferay. Various features of Liferay enable developers and entrepreneurs to create customized modules. Such modules can sync with your business processes and to give your company a competitive edge.

7) Multilingual capacity
The Liferay platform offers out-of-the-box support for more than 30 languages including Francoise and Portuguese. If you own an MNC or a multilingual organization that deals with customers and stakeholders who speak different languages, then Liferay can help you come up with a user-friendly portal. Users can switch the language with a single click. What’s more, you can add new languages as per necessity as well.

8) Staging environment
Liferay allows you to make changes to your corporate website in a staging area. You can publish all the changes at once after making the necessary changes. The platform also facilitates users, developers, and administrators to integrate content and services from backend applications. It supports multiple methods to integrate like SOAP, RSS, and REST. Simply put, Liferay is just the right platform for developing a customized enterprise content management system.

9) Easy Migration
Regular version updates and development-friendly functionality are key characteristics of the Liferay DXP. It also helps your company share corporate information in real-time with complete user control. You can readily migrate files, blogs, and data from legacy systems to the Liferay platform or simply integrate with existing enterprise platforms like SAP.

10) Huge community support
The growing popularity of Liferay reflects in the fact that every month, around 1300 new members join the Liferay community. Over 56000 active members are a part of a huge community to date and support Liferay development services by resolving issues quickly.

Parting Notes
A reliable and renowned Liferay consulting services can help companies to make the most of Liferay technology. A Liferay-based portal can transform your business operations with an immersive look and feel. The Digital Experience Platform of Liferay can connect devices to offer a unified experience to the users.


Top Liferay Features to Watch for in Enterprise Portal Development

Liferay development services gain popularity worldwide. Here we share key features of this open-source framework to watch in the Liferay portal.

Since seven years in a row, Liferay is recognized as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portals by Gartner. As an open-source enterprise portal, Liferay is robust enough to handle enterprise content management system. It offers a plethora of useful features for portal and website development along with an integration facility for themes, portlets, and web pages.

Liferay development is thriving with over 4 million lifetime downloads and ever-growing community of more than 45000 members. The Liferay-based portal can generate a high ROI over the period thanks to its performance, scalability, and user-friendly features. Liferay DXP has many custom and innovative features across both editions- community and enterprise.

Here are the most noteworthy features of Liferay portal development.

1. Portlets
It is easy to bifurcate and exclude specific portlets in Liferay DXP. It enables the web developers to exclude particular portlets from execution into multiple Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) thereby offering a greater resilience to infrastructure. This functionality is known as portlet sandboxing.

2. Simple UI
Simple UI (User Interface) remains easy-to-use for all the end-users. Liferay DXP can integrate all enterprise systems under a single and simple UI. It simplifies internal, external, and channel-based web development. In a way, enterprises can provide a smoothen workflow approval process that facilitates content addition and update. As a result, enterprises can significantly enhance productivity.

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3. Easy Configuration
Enterprise users can configure modules, access functions, and plugins in Liferay DXP with ease. The platform enables users to implement multiple modules. Such a single-click configuration can make Liferay portal robust and customized to meet the business requirements effectively.

4. Workflows APIs Integration
As mentioned in the second point, Liferay DXP facilitates workflow management. Companies can readily leverage the benefits of Liferay DXP’s workflow APIs to integrate custom processes into portlets. Liferay development services can integrate the components of Liferay with a workflow engine to develop administrator tools.

5. Rules Engine Implementation
Drools, a popular open-source project, enables Liferay Digital Enterprise to implement a rules engine as a web app. A rules engine offers a means to separate the application’s logic from the code. When you hire Liferay developers, they can customize the portal without letting bugs to enter in the code with the help of a JSR-94 compliant rules engine. In a way, Drools enable the Liferay developers to introduce advanced personalization for your company’s stakeholders.

6. Performance Monitoring
Access of KPI (Key Performance Indicator) of various resources is easier with Liferay DXP as compared to its other counterparts. You can optimize key performances after getting stats. Information like hits per page, requests per minute for portlets, and average load time. Administrators can optimize portal to manage user activities and enhance the portal’s performance.

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Apart from these features, the Liferay platform offers advanced features like multi-tier limitless clustering, page caching, cloud support, customizable fields, search functionality, dynamic virtual hosting, etc. It is fair to mention that Liferay is one of the most sophisticated framework portals in the market that offers plenty of business benefits. You can contact a Liferay development company to know more about Liferay features and benefits for your business.

Since inception, ContCentric has delivered many enterprise content management solutions across the world. Our in-house team of developers offers end-to-end ECM services and extensive technical support. As an emerging Liferay development company, ContCentric provides a range of services like Liferay DXP upgrade, migration, and portal development. If you are interested in giving your company a data management advantage, just drop us a line at

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