How UX is Beneficial for Your Company?

How UX is Beneficial for Your Company?

Previously we shared knowledge of UX fundamentals and key principles of UX, as the next part of the series, we will cover the benefits of UX.

Benefits of UX Design

A good UX boosts trust in the product which will result in revenue generation. Attention to UX design generates customer acquisition and retention.

Five lucrative benefits of good UX 

  1. UX design reduces development costs
  2. UX design increases your revenue
  3. UX design increases customer loyalty
  4. UX design stimulates word-of-mouth
  5. UX design keeps you from wasting resources

UX design reduces development costs

A user-centered approach reduces the need for design and development rework by saving time, money, and effort.

Reduced Development

UX design increases your revenue

75% of users evaluate a website based on its aesthetic appeal. A user-friendly interface that fulfills customers’ needs is more likely to convert customers.

Increases your Revenue
UX design increases customer loyalty

Positive web or mobile app usage experiences increase customer loyalty. Users become bonded to your product due to these satisfying interactions, and they continue to use it.

Customer Loyalty

UX design stimulates word-of-mouth

Word-of-mouth advertising occurs when people promote your goods purely out of their own volition and without being compensated for it.

Word of Mouth

UX design keeps you from wasting resources

You may save time, money, and human resources by investing in superior UX design solutions. Hiring sales representatives and marketers to advertise a product without spending money on an engaging user experience is one example of resource mismanagement.

Save Time

An investment in superior UX design proves to be super beneficial. At ContCentric, we have a team of experienced UX designers to make a super easy digital transformation journey for our clients. Reach out to us for a free consultation or hire a designer to remove the design bottlenecks at the early stage of the design and development process.

Five Key Elements of UX Fundamentals

Whether you know what UX is and the fundamentals of it, or just like any other person confused between UI and UX, we will get it all covered here. Most of us have heard the terms UI/UX together only, and it’s pretty obvious to get confused between the two. Here we will cover all fundamental information to get clear insights into UX.  

What is UX? 

Defining UX, “User Experience” refers to how people interact with any product. 

UX design is the process of creating products (digital or physical) that are practical and usable. Creating an enhanced experience for the user and making the product accessible is all about user experience. 

Key Principles of UX 

There are various UX principles we need to keep in mind while delivering any product, but you can internalize a handful of key ideas and apply them to your designs. Below are key principles that may help in your product user experience. 


First and foremost is creating empathic designs. With empathy, designers can put themselves into users’ shoes, what problems they are facing and in need of solutions to that in their routine.  



The other most crucial element is accessibility. Since we design products for people, Our product must be capable of being used by as many people as possible. Designing with accessibility in mind enables people to perceive, comprehend, interact with, and contribute to the web. 


No matter how aesthetically pleasing your design looks, it won’t help users get a magnifying experience till it’s easy to understand and use. A big part of UX design is to make services and products that are simple to use for people of all ages, abilities, and groups.  


Users expect products to share some similarities with other products they have used in the past; this makes it easy for them to get familiar with the new product without any additional learning costs.   

Validation and confirmation 

Validation is an important part of the UX process. Preventing errors should be the key goal of any designer. Any inputs that the website is taking from users such as form fields or OTP in payment gateways, captcha needs to be validated and confirmed.  


Keeping these five – Empathy, Accessibility, Usability, Consistency, and, Validation & Confirmation in mind, a seamless experience can be offered to the users with the designed product/service. We at ContCentric, believe in designing a digital transformation solution that can prove to provide a world-class experience to the users throughout the journey. Reach out to us today.   

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