June 30, 2022 Disable a Site in Liferay and Display a Static Page Through Nginx

In our case, multiple sites are hosted on a single app server and web server(Nginx). The requirement was to disable one of the sites, and a result of hitting the disabled site should be a custom page displayed with the message that the site is unavailable.

For doing this, there are three actions to be performed:

  • Disable the app from the app server
  • Avoid it from hitting the app server form the web server
  • Display a custom static HTML page instead of the default nginx page.

To disable the site:

Disable from Liferay (App Server)

  • Login to Liferay application using the admin credentials
  • Goto Control Panel => Sites


Control panel

  • Disable the required site by clicking on three dots located besides the site and then on Deactivate.

 Disable from nginx (Web Server)

  • Login to your web server and open the terminal
  • Go to the following path: /etc/nginx/sites-enabled  or  /etc/nginx/conf.d
  • Open the config file of the specific domain you need to disable.
  • Comment the line containing proxy_pass and add the following to disable all the URLs of that domain present in the location tag:
if (!-e $request_uri) {
       	rewrite ^ / permanent;

Disable from nginx

Display a static HTML page:

  • Put your custom HTML content in index.html (This file has the default page of nginx) file present at the following path: /usr/share/nginx/html/  or  /var/www/html (Based on your server config, the location of index.html file might be in any one of the location).
  • Restart the nginx server:  sudo service nginx restart


In this tutorial, you learned how to disable a site from Liferay, where the default Nginx page is located, and how to change it by using any text editor

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