April 29, 2019 Document Management System for Chartered Accountants

Document management system for accountancy firms is a vital piece of a paperless office. Much the same as paper, all advanced/electronic records should be stored safely so they can be recovered and utilized as required. To have a powerful paperless office, you need a system to deal with these essential documents.

Most Chartered Accountancy firms actualize report the document management system since they genuinely increase productivity. Gone are the days when It used to be that you would need to utilize substantial cabinets and physically recover documents. Presently with the coming of innovation employees can enter the required record name or inquiry criteria and recover applicable reports in only seconds. One of the different advantages is that you can likewise have access to the document management system for accountants from outside of the system if it is legitimately set up. This should be possible because the document management system has the choice of introducing and running them on your PC or a system or getting to them through the cloud.

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Key Features of This Document Management Software for Accountancy Firms:

Work From Anywhere

Alfresco safely stores records and archives on the web so you and your staff are beneficial at the workplace, your customer’s office, or even from home. It likewise works incredibly with firms who re-appropriate accounting to contractors.

Your Clients Want It

Customers need to reduce the measure of paperwork they need to document. They like having instant, whenever access to government tax forms and financial reports from any area. When they perceive how quick and simple it is to view and print their returns, they’ll never request another paper return again. If you file your client’s tax returns electronically, you’re prepared to make the following stride and take out the customer’s paper copy too. Substitute they are printed come back with a PDF record, open online when they need it.

Simple To Use

The staff members can utilize the system right away, without a need of steep learning curve. Drag and drop records directly into customers’ folders. Since the system is web-based, it just needs a machine and the internet to get the work done.


The authentication and authorization are key parameters of this system. It allows the administrator to provide permissions to the users and user groups to ensure the user accesses only the right document. Also, it provides different levels of access rights like view, edit, deletes, and download. This secures the important client documents to be misused by any means.

Saves Time

Instantly find files with a quick keyword search.

Alfresco document management system related firms which additionally gives a brilliant Client Portal to accountants. This keeps up contacts customer wise and file/ project wise insightful to give simple access and time the management. The Client Portal for accountants gives a safe divert in which you can work with your customers online at each dimension. This likewise lets you safely share records, information, and reports with the selected customers. This component of the software helps in meeting the objective with effectiveness from everyday business tasks of a firm. At ContCentric we provide Alfresco services that are a great and simple to utilize stage which will procure your firm adulation from your customers. Contact us for more information.

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