April 21, 2020 Enterprise Content Management Moving to the Cloud and Role of Alfresco

The cloud technology lends a helping hand to modern business by offering scalable and flexible solutions for data storage and access. Companies have also started moving their workflows and apps after seeing the value for money in the cloud. Enterprise content management is one such system that can leverage many benefits by moving to the cloud.

The North American region has the highest share in the enterprise content management market. This market is expected to reach $80 billion by 2023. Various benefits including seamless integration and lower initial cost move the ECM market to the cloud.

Here are the top five benefits ECM offers to the corporate world by embracing cloud technology. Let’s start with the most obvious one- cost-effectiveness.

1) Reduced cost– Like other business applications, the integration of ECM into the cloud can reduce maintenance and ownership costs significantly. The cloud-based document management system does not require any particular hardware and software. Also, companies can save big by avoiding a high capital cost at the initial level. On one hand, companies have to pay a regular operational cost in the form of subscriptions, and on the other hand, they can get rid of staffing expenses thanks to automation provided by the cloud-based ECM.

Hybrid cloud-based ECM can enable enterprises to get rid of up-front IT expenses and management-related issues associated with on-premise operations. In a way, ECM can bring down various expenses.

2)Easy access – Why do companies integrate enterprise content management into their systems? The answer is- they want to make the content more accessible while establishing a paperless system. Now, cloud-based ECM not only makes the content accessible to users anytime, anywhere but also facilitates enterprises to impose access restrictions for enhanced security. Cloud-based solutions for enterprise content management can provide a rapid response time with improved user experience.

Ease of use, quick sharing, and anytime access are three major factors that lead to great user experience. Cloud-based file sharing is either free or requires a nominal cost, which is convenient even for startups.

3)More security – The cloud-based data is more secure than on-premise or shared file services because of centralization. Employees and management can share and edit documents from a single place with version control and audit trails. Companies can prevent confidential data from going into the wrong hands by using firewalls. What’s more, file synchronization in the cloud network helps companies manage records and implement disaster recovery.

Also, the cloud-based enterprise content management system facilitates employees to work from remote locations during any natural calamities or pandemics. Simply put, ECM services can break the barrier between borders with the help of cloud technology.

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4) Quick configuration – If ECM is based on the cloud, companies can get rid of spending a lot of time and effort in procuring, configuring, and maintaining the system. The entire document management system can be deployed in the cloud in a short time. In a way, enterprises can achieve their business objectives faster and more effectively. It is possible to get the ROI from the same year of deploying the ECM system into the cloud.

Also, cloud technology enables to establishment of data centers in different geographical locations. It is easy to comply with prevalent standards and laws by deploying documents to the cloud.

5) Competitive edge – When your document management system is run into the cloud system, it can perform better with more security as compared to the on-premise ECM system. What’s more, the cloud-based ECM is flexible enough to meet the growing user requirements. Be it storing or computing, the cloud-powered enterprise content management system can efficiently meet all the requirements.

As a result, the ECM can offer modern enterprises a competitive edge with the help of cloud technology.

How Alfresco Cloud PaaS Helps Enterprises Make the Most of the Cloud
Alfresco Cloud PaaS facilitates enterprises to build applications and manage them together with digital operations in the cloud. This cloud-based platform also enables entrepreneurs to get rid of additional costs and complexity associated with deploying and managing the ECM system.

Here is how Alfresco Cloud PaaS benefits modern enterprises

  • It offers various on-demand services for the enterprise content management system like CaaS (Content as a Service), GaaS (Governance as a Service), and AaaS (AI as a Service)
  • It has a digital workspace, therefore, the minimal configuration is sufficient for the enterprise content management system.
  • It enables organizations to deploy and run various processes as well as content-oriented apps in a fully-managed environment

Alfresco development services offer a cloud-based platform and other services to meet the diverse business requirements in the best possible way.

Concluding Lines
Enterprise content management system is the future and it has started moving to the cloud to become omnipresent. As ECM gains ground in various organizations worldwide, entrepreneurs wish to increase the growth of their businesses by embracing cloud technology. Alfresco Cloud PaaS can make this shift from on-premises to cloud as seamless as possible. It is advisable to consult a reputed Alfresco content management company to make the most of the cloud.

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