August 5, 2019 Importance of Document Management System with Alfresco for Banking Sector

Alfresco content management can assist the banking industry to establish the document management system for bringing automation and convenience for customers.

The BFSI sector is full of potential but complexities and ever-changing challenges can obstruct the banking and financial services providers in tapping into opportunities. What’s more, the BFSI companies also have to face stiff competition and comply with stringent regulations while offering a secure banking experience. Here, the document management system can remain handy to serve all these objectives.

Document management system for banking sector

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Here is a list of important aspects that can be addressed effectively by the document management system.

Key Objectives addressed by Document Management System

Alfresco content management not only brings automation and enhances convenience in the banking sector but also reduces paperwork and streamlines the processes.

Banks and financial services can readily address the following objectives with the help of Alfresco services.

  • Follow document retention policy
  • Eliminate paperwork
  • Removes inconsistency in documents
  • Provide more security
  • Bring automation while removing the legacy system
  • Assist employee of the BFSI sector in streamlining the process

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Major Benefits of Bank Document Management System
Apart from removing the bottlenecks of the BFSI sector, an Alfresco-based bank document management system offers many business benefits including

Improved customer service
Customer services play a vital role in ensuring the success of every industry segment, and the banking sector is no exception. It is of utmost important to enhance the trust factor for the banks and financial institutions. The Alfresco-based document management solutions can assist the banks to address the customer’s wishes and enable them to resolve queries or handle the request as quickly as possible.

For example, an individual wants to open an account. Your bank’s representative can readily find the information about different types of account, interest rates, and other necessary information in just a few moments thanks to a document management system. In a way, it is possible to provide better customer services and the bank can get loyal customers.

The banking sector is one of the highly regularized sectors. What’s more, these rules and regulations keep on changing every time that keeps the bankers on their toes. The central bank or authorities can also take corrective measures against the banks in the case of non-compliance of regulations. There, the document management system can lend a helping hand. It offers safe and auditable access to critical and confidential data to meet compliance-related needs.

Reduced time
Enterprise content management can arrange the data in an orderly manner. Banks and insurance enterprises can utilize it to reduce time of transaction and save money by avoiding unnecessary spending on papers and printing. Also, the DMS (Document Management System) can make the searching process quick and effective.

Teamwork can enhance productivity in today’s competitive business scenario. Alfresco content management system enables banks to streamline the workflow by distributing specific responsibilities to particular people. The management can readily access to the files and monitor employee’s tasks while promoting collaboration. In a way, the Alfresco-based document management system can enhance productivity and facilitate teamwork.

Simplified auditing
Banks have to go through internal and external auditing on a quarterly or annual basis. When it comes to maintaining financial reports, account statements, internal document requests, and other necessary documents, the DMS can simplify the process and assist banks to stay compliant with the prevalent regulations. During the audit process, the executives can readily get important documents, which results in a quick process.

Simply put, a robust enterprise content management system can efficiently close the loopholes in the BFSI sector. Banks can get multiple benefits of such a system and make their operations more customer-friendly.

Why Alfresco is preferable for Enterprise Content Management (ECM)?
Alfresco content management is designed to meet complex requirements of banking and insurance companies irrespective of their size. The robust Alfresco platform can holistically transform the customer experience by providing them secure, rapid, and convenient access to necessary data. Alfresco also assists the BFSI sector to reduce overheads, enhance agility, and comply with prevalent regulations.

Concluding Lines
In the banking and insurance business, the primary need is to provide improved onboarding experience to gain their trust and loyalty. Frequent form-filling and slow processes can frustrate the customer. There, Alfresco services lend a helping hand to eliminate these issues and enable you to optimize workflows while keeping the customers and employees in the center.

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