March 24, 2020 Digital Transformation at Workplace- Why is It Important to Go Paperless?

Paperwork is tedious and cumbersome. Modern enterprises face issues of employee efficiency and productivity due to paperwork. Imagine the situation- you need a signed contract to find the necessary information of the client, and you forget the drawer in which you have put it. Now, how will you find it in the pile of papers? The result? Well, you waste much of your productive time and get no outcome. This example is sufficient to show you the importance of digital transformation.


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These days, many companies tend to jump on the digital transformation bandwagon to make the concept of paperless office real. Airplanes made of paper, origami made out of bits of paper, and the like are the things of the past. In today’s technology-driven age, all we need to shift our document management system to a computing approach. It’s about managing all the documents quickly and effortlessly. Let’s find out why it is important to go paperless at your workplace.

Improve Efficiency with Digitization

Digital offices can help you get rid of paper while adopting digital transformation. As per a survey, over 80% of modern businesses are attempting to go digital across the world. When it comes to the document management system, you can implement digital transformation simply by converting the existing process into the electronic processes. SMEs and large enterprises rely heavily on papers for accomplishing various tasks ranging from interviews to operational processes.

As a result, a lot of documents like bills, business cards, legal documents, process documents, etc. keep on adding in the system. The document management company can enable you to store all these documents digitally to ensure their swift and seamless access. Simply put, the digital transformation of the document management system can save you a lot of time, money, and effort. What’s more, digital transformation makes it possible to implement workflow automation and increase business productivity.

We can also think from the company’s financial position perspective. Digital transformation not only brings automation but also enables you to make the most of available resources. You can also reduce the wastage of time and effort. Automation can reduce overhead costs significantly and increase revenue. You can add value to your business and make it more robust to stay strong amid growing competition.

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New technologies and advanced software can make all the difference while establishing a paperless infrastructure. Both small and large organizations and even startups can improve their workflows by reaping the benefits of digitization. It is fair to mention that all types of industries, irrespective of their size and scale, can leverage the benefits of a robust document management system and go paperless. Gone are the days when only large and established enterprises could afford digital transformation.

Here are key benefits of digitization at your workplace

  • Saves time, effort, and resources
  • Reduces overhead costs and other expenses
  • Makes the process simple and paperless
  • Stores data and facilitates seamless access
  • Improves workflows and increases data safety
  • Enhances customer and employee experience
  • Provides insights to enable decision-makers to make informed decisions

How to implement digital transformation at your workplace?

The IDC has estimated that 40% of all technology spending will go toward digital transformation. A report from Tech Pro Research has found that 70% of companies have either already adopted the digital transformation strategy or are working on its implementation. There is no exaggeration in stating that most industries will make their content management system completely digital in the coming years. Advancing cloud technology will make this digitization process faster.

Top-notch platforms like Liferay can provide a digital experience to the users. Entrepreneurs can store and transfer their documents to the cloud and convert their physical office into a digital office. With the right software and the most suitable digitization strategy, you can certainly reduce the various costs. Digitization and paperless approach can enable you to face the challenges more effectively and remain competitive.

Concluding Lines

If you want to implement the digital transformation at the workplace, you should contact a reputed document management company. Go Green and Paperless approach are the need of the hour, you can simply enhance productivity. Time is just right to embrace digitization to stay productive and competitive.

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