April 26, 2022 Insights on Liferay Upgrade as it launched Liferay DXP 7.4 

With its constant effort to make things easier for technical as well as non-technical users to deliver optimized digital experiences, Liferay has recently launched another version, Liferay DXP 7.4. Business users are empowered to act independently with more accessible, affordable, and customizable options using low code/no-code capabilities in order to deliver Liferay DXP digital solutions with this newest version.  

Technological upgrades are important! In order for businesses to sustain this fast-changing technological world and keep going effectively, upgrades are apparently beyond crucial for agile businesses. Enlisted are fewer reasons


  • Because you are already into the Liferay ecosystem, it is prudent to leverage those investments and stay up to date with technology and support as well. 
  • Technological advancements and new features are only going to help your digital transformation journey become more smooth, reliable, and effective preserving your business’ agile behavior. 
  • The new technological functionalities would fix the bugs and improve operational performance.  
  • IT professionals can focus more on delivering digital transformation solutions leveraging Liferay functionalities rather than fixing things using traditional methods.
    And, because of increased transparency, communication, and automation in an organization derived from digital solutions, businesses in various industries have seen a notable decrease in operational costs. 
    These three things – transparency, communication, and automation internally would also improve your customer experience remarkably when applied with Liferay. 
  • Businesses are empowered more with every new Liferay upgrade to act independently to customize and personalize uniquely as per the need. Besides many inbuilt functionalities that Liferay supports, it is also very simple to add external tools. 
  • Liferay claims the highest ROI at the lowest TCO considering all the factors like portal license, maintenance, hardware, customization, and infrastructure.
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  • Liferay evolves too with the evolving dynamics of the business world. And, to prevent major attacks Liferay DXP includes built-in protections to safeguard business’ data. The reliance of businesses on the Liferay platform is always secure for its compliance with the standard security recommendations for developers and web application security.

Liferay DXP 7.4 comes with enhanced functionalities

  • Optimizing digital experiences with Data-driven insights 
    1. Run AB test on any element on the page 
    2. Enhanced Content Audit Tool for usability improvements 
    3. Content Performance Analytics for all types of pages 
  • Empowering business users to build rich digital experiences 
    1. The Page Audit Tool for your pages’ SEO and Accessibility 
    2. More flexibility when creating and managing Experiences 
    3. Content Dashboard appears with Documents 
  • Create a seamless B2B buying experience 
    1. Provides added stability and improvements 
  • Enabling business users to manage DXP with low-code/no-code capabilities 
    1. Non-tech can define the data model to create custom layouts 
    2. Display a list of items related to another item based on a wide range of data using Related Item Providers 
    3. Smooth navigation for content-heavy sites 
    4. Adaptive media support 
  • Reduced amount of cost and efforts required to launch and maintain digital experiences 
    1. Automatic translation of web content 
    2. A feature to control the outdated documents
    3. Advanced file uploader options
    4. Support for Elasticsearch 7.15.x 
    5. Addition of Liferay Enterprise Search applications
  • Liferay as a smooth foundation for business’ interconnected landscape 
    1. Click to Chat Integration 
    2. DocuSign Integration
    3. Multifactor authentication using common devices 
    4. Headless APIs, DXP Accounts, better data management 

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Key features of Liferay DXP 7.4 

  • Liferay enterprise search experiences
    1. With a new enterprise search experience application on Liferay, a user can change default search behavior by building new custom algorithms using a no-code visual query builder called Blueprints. 
  • Low code application builder 
    1. Users can build their own applications by leveraging Liferay Objects. Liferay Objects are fully integrated with existing Liferay DXP frameworks. 
  • DocuSign Integration
    1. Integration with DocuSign allows streamlining of contracts and workflows within Liferay.
  • Click to Chat connector
    1. New integration of Chatbot on DXP 7.4. Customers can communicate easily with support representatives. 
  • Accessibility and SEO Audits 
    1. Using integrations like Google PageSpeed, users can audit pages’ SEO, best performance, Search Engine Metadata, and Accessibility. Also, SEO is not affected by the automatic
  • Auto-Translation of web content 
    1. Content Pages and Web content articles are automatically translated using ML-based Google Cloud Translation service. Users just need to focus on polishing the translated content rather than doing it from scratch. 

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