B2B & B2C Commerce

Enhance your business with Liferay DXP Commerce

Digitalization in Commerce has propelled eCommerce to contribute the most in sustaining the momentum of the world’s economy today. Digital transformation is crucial for businesses. Hence we help our clients with our Digital Transformation Services on Commerce to top the game. We have been crafting and implementing solutions for our clients on both – B2B and B2C Commerce. We help our clients to refine & enhance the business processes to develop a unique customer experience and an overall performance improvement for the enhancement of business.

Different B2B & B2C use cases

We, at ContCentric, considering different use-cases for them both offer distinct appropriate solutions for these commerce portals development. We believe it is as vital to offer solutions considering the entire customer experience journey as it is to offer digital solutions to them.

Customer relationship and retention patterns are quite different when come to B2B and B2C.

  • In B2B, customer relationship builds before the purchase cycle and majorly is long-term.
  • While in B2C, the customer relationship begins to build after the purchase phase and heavily depends on post-purchase services and support which then implies a customer retention ratio.

Liferay DXP + Liferay Commerce

Digital commerce is important because it is the time when digitalization is the only best solution. We must consider offering Liferay Digital Solutions to our customers when the eCommerce industry holds the highest stakes. And, it is more important to consider digital transformation initiatives about the portal, CMS, and digital commerce collectively together. We not only design and recommend the commerce solutions but on top, we also offer effective and optimal digital transformation solutions for our clients’ businesses to accelerate their growth.


Liferay Commerce

Liferay Commerce solutions

Solution on Liferay Commerce which primarily focus on customer experience and retention –

  • Site Content Management + Product/Product portfolio Content management
  • Personalization through Product recommendations
  • Elasticsearch
  • Cart Validations and Confirmations
  • Simple dashboard for end customers
  • Integrations
  • Support for global sites

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