Dealer & Vendor/Supplier Portals

Establish a smooth relationship with suppliers and dealers

The Vendor/Supplier portal allows businesses to collaborate with multiple suppliers to achieve easy, quick, and seamless communications. It helps to perform internal operations which results in making the procurement management system agile. A Business can track the data to find patterns to discard redundancies and strengthen its supply chain. Ultimately reducing operational overheads and enhancing internal communication hence business relationships. Likewise, a business can engage effortlessly with all of its dealers through a common portal regardless of where they operate from around the globe.

Maintains Smooth

Maintains smooth communication

When it comes to B2B, the product order majorly follows a pattern and is massive, businesses engage in a long-term relationship with customers as compared to that of B2C. It becomes so crucial to maintain transparent and smooth communications for a better workflow. The Vendor & Dealer portal offers one such solution. We, at ContCentric, offer customized solutions for Vendor & Dealer portal with Liferay DXP in collaboration with Liferay Commerce and Analytics Cloud.

Strengthen relationships with suppliers and dealers

The Vendor & dealer is a common unifying collaboration platform. It channelizes the information flow accurately well which results in zero delays and efficient completion of the task. A business through a single platform can engage with a bunch of its suppliers and dealers to propagate the declarations which result in effortless business decision making. It is an open platform for communication

Strengthen Relationships
Organize and Automate

Organize and automate your complex workflow

This portal solution automates the interaction with vendors/suppliers. It automates the process of purchase order creation, tracks the order status online, and generates and processes invoices. Enabling various integration offered by Liferay DXP like, Document Management, Collaboration Platforms, and Knowledge Management take businesses success to the peak. With Liferay’s Solution of Integration Platforms and Analytics Cloud, our team at ContCentric designs exemplary solutions to help our clients do their business better.

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