Intranet Portal Development

Build a seamless private communication platform with Liferay Intranet

To make sure there remains smooth communication between the organization and employees & teams management, businesses need to deploy Intranet solutions. Collaborative organized communication is one of the biggest benefits of Intranet Solutions as well as are increased productivity and time management.

These benefits offered by the Intranet portal development have a far-reaching impacts on the business aspects like company culture hence increased satisfaction of employees. This leads to an increase in employee retention rate which more or less controls ROI.

Intranet Portal Development

Benefits of an Intranet Portal with Liferay :

  • Empowered users to control content without IT intervention
  • Improved communication
  • Automated processes
  • Search-enabled global Content Management
  • Effective knowledge management

Enterprise Intranet Portal Solution

ContCentric offers world-class Intranet solutions adroitly. With our initiatives on digital transformation, we provide first-class services on the Enterprise Intranet which interconnects its multiple sites in order to share the resources. It automates and digitalizes manual processes to reduce operational overheads, and optimizes various business operations.
The Intranet solutions for clients are crafted using distinctly created different use cases by our thoughtful team which has hands-on experience on developing solutions for various industry sectors.

Enterprise Intranet

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