July 28, 2021 Liferay: Your Trusted Business Solution Provider For Clinical Trial Industries!

The healthcare industry is ever booming and the changing scenario has led to a revolution in the digital space. The pathway to ramping up the process of data management is through Clinical Data Management Software that ensures data threats are reduced to a bare minimum. To ensure a channelized digital portal to keep track of the health records, Clinical Trial Data Management Software can be of immense help when compared to the manual methods. 

Liferay Healthcare Solutions

Liferay As A Solution

Liferay is one of the best means available to simplify the functioning of your business. How does Liferay change the face of the clinical trial industry? By allowing its customers all over the globe to customize their portal, manage their content, build apps, and ensure security, Liferay is a versatile software that is taking over the healthcare industry.  

Transforming The Healthcare System 

The healthcare industry is plagued by a lack of effective data management and so is the clinical trial industry. There are challenges in multiple areas which are highlighted below:

Data Safety

The relaxed approach that the clinical trial and healthcare industry has towards data management makes it easy for individuals with malicious intents to get their hands on precious data. With Liferay, the security measures in place for data protection are watertight and there is no way private medical data can be leaked out. 

Big Data Management

A patient’s medical history is crucial when it comes to their present treatments or clinical trials. Mismanagement of these files, without proper tools to access and store them, spells disaster for everyone involved. Clinical Data Management Software like Liferay can alleviate unwanted stress related to this. 


Almost all the other industries in the world have transformed how they operate with the digitalization of their work. Even though the healthcare sector is late to this race, it is possible to implement an efficient Clinical Trial Management Software.  

Customer Experience

How do we know that the patients have received the best possible care? How can we make sure that each patient who availed of our services was satisfied with it? Liferay DXP Service can help you with this. With this software, all the hospital’s interactions with their customers can be well accounted for. 

Decoding Liferay

Healthcare Industry with Liferay Dxp has come a long way offering a framework designed for the creation of exclusive portals designed at benefitting multiple industries. A platform that is dedicated to patients, digitized versions of health records boasting of an advanced approach of reaching out to customers throughout the globe through telemedicine. 

Liferay Clinical Trial Solutions helps you to efficiently manage your content, build an integrated app to different pages, and work out the salient features of its security. Liferay Healthcare Solutions brings specialization to customizing products and offers editing space for changing the themes to designing. 

A central site serves as the base for gathering information sources to integrate the systems while working on the API. The Clinical Trial Management Solutions are explained in brief below:

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Seamless Performance 

The performance standards are optimized and see heavy data being loaded with utmost accuracy and momentum.

Reliable Solution

The flexibility of data integration for websites and portals makes the Clinical Trial Portal by Liferay all the more user-friendly thereby offering a secured digital experience.

Healthcare and Clinical Trial Solutions

A flexible format ensures Liferay offers tailor-made experiences suited to every kind of operation ensuring smooth workflow management and monitorization. 

Dental Portal Development is seeing a big boom owing to the extensive services Liferay For Dental Clinic has to offer. This includes managing patient-related data and integrating the same in servers for personalized service each time. 

Your Trusted Business Solution Provider For Clinical Trial Industries


Liferay Development Company in India has exactly what you need to get started on building a future with safe data management and storage. ContCentric can help you develop a system from scratch for this journey, one that meets all your expectations and more.

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15+ Years of global experience in Software Development, ERP implementation, and Sales. 10+ years of Portal application design, development & deployment experience. Expertise in Liferay Technologies, which involves the Design, Development, and customization of Liferay applications. Thorough knowledge of Portal Admin concepts of Liferay Portal. Experience in implementing clustered environment with Liferay, Portlet development & performance tuning.

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