May 11, 2022 Low code application – Liferay DXP Workflow, and its benefits

Workflows cement the organization and its business processes. Workflows can give better insights into business processes to identify & remove redundancies, and enhance communication to further offer better products and customer services. 

A finely defined LiferayDXP workflow can effectively optimize business operations.  There are multiple repetitive/operational tasks in an organization; workflows are defined to organize such tasks to streamline and optimize the business processes in the bloc. And, automating the workflow processes can help organizations complete the tasks with higher efficiency.

The other major business benefits of automation in workflows are increased productivity and reduced operational overheads.  

The combination of low code/no-code platforms & automation is the future. The time is near when 70% of the organizations will opt for a low code/no-code approach to software development.

Liferay DXP is one such platform solution for digital transformation. Liferay DXP extensively follows a no-code/low-code approach to make things easier for users to customize and manage assets and services in a portal solution.  

Liferay Workflow application allows to define innumerable workflows and deploy & manage them through the portal interface. These workflows are further integrated with Users, Groups, and Roles as reviewers and approvers.    

The sole purpose of Liferay Workflow is to define any number of simple or complex business processes and deploy & manage them; Here, the processes have the knowledge about Users, Groups, and Roles (because of the integration) to carry out a successful and seamless completion. With Liferay DXP,

  • We can create customized workflows or leverage the existing or embedded ones (Prebuilt workflows) 
  • No code is required to integrate the workflows with Users, Groups, and Roles 
  • We can draft, duplicate, preview, and restore the workflows 
  • We can define the deadline for workflow processes using the Metrics function. On setting it up, it automatically shows the status as on-time or overdue.  
  • It allows to set the statuses for an asset in a workflow like draft, pending, approved, denied for the ones saved before ready, not completed yet, an asset ready to be displayed/sent, and ones that failed through the workflow respectively.   
  • Enable/disable workflow on individual sites  

Defining effective Workflow with simple drag and drop mechanisms with platforms like Liferay DXP and automating them using other business automation tools, RPA, Robotic Process Automation, is a new and powerful investment that organizations are making today. 

With Workflow Automations businesses see many benefits– 

  • Plan and monitor projects to effectively meet important deadlines 
  • Automate tasks between stakeholders 
  • Easier and streamlined processes 
  • Reduced redundancies and higher efficiency & productivity 
  • Consistent customer experiences 
  • Reduced costs 

Automating processes and transforming the business with digital solutions is a powerful adaptation move. Businesses keep their models agile in order to sustain and be successful.  

We, at ContCentric, can help you widen your IT horizons and craft discreet solutions for your business’s unique requirements. We specialize in consulting and implementing solutions with Liferay DXP for your organization’s transformation. Get in touch with us today to not only automate your business processes but also your business’s success with digitalization!    

Unnati Raikangor

Unnati is a Content Writer with ContCentric's Marketing team, providing thoughtful ideas on technologies & trends. She is an experienced contemplator who embarked on a journey to complement the line of business with her writings.

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