June 2, 2022 Popular Use Cases of Liferay DXP

With the changing digital landscape, organizations need to invest in technologies to serve their customers better. Organizations in fact are looking for technological options that are prudent as well as innovative.  

Organizations understand numerous benefits that digital transformation brings about cost savings, revenue growth, increased efficiency, enhanced customer experience, and all in all increased agility. It is defined as an efficient way of doing what was done before.   

In order to enable it, organizations across the industries are revising their business models to digital business models to fit in right. Distinct business models demand unique solutions and multiple at times. The appropriate intersecting technology is gold!   

Liferay DXP is a Digital Experience Platform that caters to innumerable use cases for organizations across numerous industries.

Liferay is loaded with functionalities built into the Liferay DXP platform that addresses multiple things through a single platform. As Liferay DXP is flexible and scalable in nature, the functionalities can be transcended by further seamless integrations and customizations as is uniquely required by the particular use case.  

Another significant capability of Liferay is that it allows business to self-manage content rather than engaging IT in it.  

Being able to access multiple modules through a single platform is one of the powerful capabilities of Liferay.   

Liferay effortlessly solves digital setbacks of organizations with numerous use cases. Liferay use cases are not limited to any one specific use case but are limitless, meaning multiple solutions can be created to address various setbacks. 

Use cases of liferay dxp

Popular Liferay Use Cases 

  • Public-Facing Portal 
  • Customer self-service Portal
  • Intranet Portal 
  • B2B & B2C Commerce Portal
  • Dealer and Vendor Portal 

Public-facing Portal

Businesses are leveraging the capabilities of Liferay to build public websites alongside other uniquely required portal solutions. Websites are powerful tools to engage your audience for new business opportunities.  

Public websites act as a funnel of prospects for businesses. With Liferay DXP, businesses are able to offer personalized experiences to anonymous users as well. Being able to offer optimized and personalized experiences to the users is a powerful way to make their entire journey seamless.  

With Liferay’s strong functionalities like Multichannel support, extensive search, integration capabilities, and others, a robust public-facing portal or a public website can be created.  

Public-Facing Portals built with Liferay enable – 

  • Multichannel support and a connected customer journey 
  • Multilanguage support 
  • Content targeting  
  • Personalization  

Customer Self-Service Portal 

The portals with self-service capability can be effectively created with Liferay DXP. The Customer self-service portal is a whole new approach and is pretty much implemented by all the industry sectors. It completely changes the way customers interact with businesses.  

Customer self-service is all about empowering customers. Empowering them to engage at each touchpoint effectively and seamlessly. It is about helping them with the exact solution they need. 

Self-service has occupied a major part in the decision-making of a service strategy in an organization. Self-service for customer portals is prevalent in various industries – Telecommunications, BFSI, Hospitality, Automotive, Car lease & Rental to name but a few. 

Customer self-service portals built with Liferay enable –  

  • Enabling fast and efficient self-service 
  • Transparent, secure form for collaboration 
  • Automation in workflows 
  • Predicting customer behavior based on current insights to drive personalization and innovation 

Intranet Portal 

One of the most important and major implementations of Liferay DXP is the Intranet Portal. Liferay DXP helps drive consistency through communication across the organization for the employees. Liferay’s core capabilities can segment the audience to address them with their advantage point.        

Intranet portals built with Liferay enable – 

  • Effective Content Management System 
  • Automation in Workflows 
  • Social collaboration capabilities 
  • Centralized and structured information 

B2B & B2C Commerce Portal 

The eCommerce is ruling the economy today. The game of offering the best customer experience is ON! Liferay DXP interacts with the customers at each touchpoint to make their entire journey seamless. It delivers a seamless and engaging customer experience. 

B2B & B2C Commerce Portals built with Liferay enable –  

  • Content targeting and Personalization 
  • Seamless self-service experiences 
  • Powerful integrations 
  • Effective web content management + web experience management 

Dealer & Vendor Portal 

With Liferay DXP, purchase cycle, user management, and stock management can be seamlessly supported with a unified platform. All of these transactions can be streamlined through automation and self-services.  

It enhances communication and collaboration with dealers/vendors by giving them a seamless personalized experience through their lifecycle stages.  

Dealer & Vendor Portals built with Liferay enable –  

Liferay DXP acts as a single platform for multiple portal solutions. Above discussed are a few popular use cases of Liferay, while other examples are Learning Management System, KYC Portal, and Integration Platforms to name but a few.  

We, at ContCentric, are a Gold Liferay partner company. We have catered to multiple leading organizations across industries with our extensive experience in creating solutions with Liferay for more than a decade. We offer consultation to implementation to support services. Connect with us to create a robust portal solution for your organization! 

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