November 26, 2018 Publishing Management Solution Using Enterprise Content Management Tools

In the fast-evolving digital age, the day to day activities of the publisher is surely beyond all orthodox processes. The publishing industry is heavily being disrupted by digital media and high user expectations. Technology has evolved beyond imagination in the last decade.

The increasingly digital channels have resulted in content publishing into multiple formats. There is now a demand for real-time, cross-platform content. Consumers expect content to be more engaging, personalized, and accessible than ever before. This necessitates modern content and process technology that is scalable, flexible and easy to work with. All this should also be in sync with the authoring processes. Here are the highlights of a publishing management software that can change the way.

Storage and Retrieval of Content:
The organizations have diverse teams from different geographies working on the same publishing project. The stored content should be accessible to all of them irrespective of the locations with the same experience. In addition, the content may be in any of the file formats viz. doc, PDF, video, audio or image. The system should support them all. Our solution has the ability to design content libraries for each class or the segment. The users do not have to dump the content or move them manually, but the content finds its route to the correct library as per the classification. It results into an easy retrieval for the users. Also, these libraries have the metadata or document properties which help identify the content easily based on topics, authors, context, timeline, publishing channel etc. This is applicable for both, the raw content as well as the authored content which is meant for the publication.

The retrieval of the content is made possible based on not only the sheer file name but the range of classification criteria that were applied during the storage. So, if the user requires an image file which is of Christmas celebrations at Times Square, she may apply a few keywords to get the relevant images in the result. It saves an enormous amount of time which is resulted in faster turnaround.

A publishing project involves a team of authors, reviewers and editors to collaborate the development. The publishing solution provides an intuitive tool for team members. The users can work on a single project irrespective of which part of the world they are in. Through in-system document previewer, the can read, edit, comment and tag the content. It helps to communicate the right instruction to the other users minimizing the degree of error.

Publication Workflows:
From the content authoring to publishing, there are many iterations possible. The content goes through many steps from authors, reviewers, and editors. Automated workflows in our solution enable adhering to these reviewing processes. The content reaches the right user group for their action based on the authoring process defined for the content. These publishing process workflows can be linear, or parallel. Based on the stage of the workflow, the user rights to the content are varied so that no two users modify the content at the same time resulting in multiple copies. For example, an author has submitted an article for the review, he or she will not be able to modify as the permission would now be with the group of reviewers. Among the group of reviewers also, the other members would have no access when one of them would have claimed the rights of the content for the reviewing.

Now that the content is authored and reviewed, it is ready for the publishing. It can be published to different channels which are connected, may it be a digital publishing or a print publishing. The existing content can be reused to shape another product as it is properly classified. The content can be versioned to use it for similar but slightly different projects. Whenever a new project is planned, the authors get a knowledge repository from where they can quickly build their work. This increased opportunity to publish more products in the same timeline.


The digital publishing software is beneficial for the business in many ways. Here are some of the important ones:

  • Increased quality through better authoring and proofing due to increased collaboration
  • Shortened time from idea to market resulting in more content-production than before
  • Avoiding duplication of efforts as the system only will be the single source of truth.
  • Help in making the strategic decision such as authoring process re-design from the analytical reports available from the system
  • Cost saving due to the quick turn-around of a project

If you are a publishing house or a content publishing department of an organization, there are more benefits to reap from a Publishing Management Solution for sure. We would be glad to be approached to discuss the avenues of your benefit deriving from investing in a publishing solution!

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