Customer Communication Management- Basic Features You Need to Know

Customer Communication Management- Basic Features You Need to Know

Today’s competitive business scenario has compelled entrepreneurs and business persons to focus on establishing robust customer communication management (CCM). Ever-changing customer expectations and challenges in the market have expanded the definition of customer communication manifolds. Be it billing or call marketing, customer care, or e-marketing, customer communication has become imperative in the corporate sector.

Customer Communication Management

Though banks and financial institutions are the torchbearers of customer communication by providing 24/7 services to enhance customer experience, various industry sectors have also followed suit by offering multiple communication channels to their customers. As a result, customer communication management has become a necessity to make customers happy and retain them with business.

Let’s understand the basics of customer communication management and its major benefits for modern enterprises.

Basics of Customer Communication Management

Effective customer communication holds a key to survival and thriving in this turbulent time. The right customer communication strategy addresses the core objectives like reduced customer acquisition costs, maximizing the value of every customer, and improved retention rate. Customer Communication Management (CCM) is, therefore, a set of technology solutions that assist enterprises to achieve these objectives.

CCM takes care of every aspect related to customer communication including content creation, enterprise content management, personalized experience, and multi-channel distribution of different forms of content. CCM acts as an integrated solution and bridges the gap between the company and its customers.

Higher dependency on vendors for implementing minor changes to the business system can increase the cost and waste time. CCM tools can overcome this issue effectively and empower business persons to manage customer communications efficiently.

Data-rich industry sectors like banking, retail, and eCommerce have to deal with volumes of transactional documents on a 24/7 basis. The document management system, connected with the customer communication system can work wonders by providing customers with bank statements, invoices, etc. in real-time. Also, companies can offer marketing collaterals to promote their products or services with ease.

Simply put, a properly implemented CCM solution can bring significant benefits to any enterprise. Here we make a list of some of the top benefits of customer communication management.

Major Business Benefits of Customer Communication Management

A robust and reliable customer communication management solution can-

  • Bring automation in creating and delivering highly personalized customer communication
  • Assist companies to execute multi-channel marketing campaigns with clarity and consistency

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  • Enable the company management to change the existing communication method by incorporating a mechanism for version control
  • Assist companies to focus on the particular requirements of every customer effectively to provide more relevant information
  • Enhance visibility and control over corporate communications to ensure seamless business operations
    Integrate enterprise data into transactional communications for agile marketing that leads to improved up-selling and cross-selling
  • Reduce dependency on the IT team for performing trivial changes
  • Help enterprises comply with regulatory standards with real-time audits and reporting

By giving these benefits, CCM can take the enterprise to a new level as a customer-centric entity.

Concluding Lines
Customer communication management is essential to attract and retain more customers by offering them a personalized and pleasant experience. You can grow your business by increasing sales and achieving a loyal customer base. It is better to consult a reputed customer communication solution provider to integrate CCM into your business system.

ContCentric is a leading Alfresco development company that offers high-end solutions in enterprise content management and customer communication management domains. If you want to delight your customers with real-time communication, simply send us an email at We will get back to you soon with the right strategy.

Top Business Benefits of Customer Communication Management

Let’s start with the fact- as many as 67% of customers hang up on an automated customer service call if they do not reach good customer service. What’s more, as an entrepreneur, if there is one negative customer experience, you need to provide twelve positive experiences to compensate for it. These facts are enough to show us the importance of a Customer Communication Management (CCM) solution.

A robust and seamlessly-performing CCM platform can effectively bridge the gap between your business and customers. These days every industry sector including banking, real estate, manufacturing, and retail use customer communication management system to maintain better communication with customers and offer them n excellent experience. The centralized customer communication management solution has many benefits to offer to modern businesses.

Here we mention the top ways in which CCM can benefit your business. Let’s start with the obvious one-

1. Improved Custome Experience– The centralized CCM platform enables businesses to establish real-time, cross-platform communication with a highly interactive customer experience. Here is how your enterprise can offer an improved customer experience-

Personalization– CCM-based solution facilitates customers to select the communication channel as per their choice. It is possible to create relevant communications across any channel in a personalized way using the customer communication management system.

Consistency and Convenience– The centralized approach of CCM brings consistency and convenience in a channel-agnostic way. Consistency can build trust among customers and a seamless onboarding experience can enhance the convenience of your customers.

Interactivity– The real-time mobile and web experiences enable customers to engage with the content consisting of interactive charts and sliders. In a way, CCM ensures an interactive experience for your customers.

2. Digital Transformation– BFSI, government, and other traditional industrial sectors have a complex and complicated infrastructure of legacy IT technology that is not fit for the modern business structure and competitive scenario. Today, it is necessary to integrate the existing business system with CCM for offering a seamless cross-channel experience through a user-friendly interface. All you need to contact a leading CCM solution developer and transform your communication digitally.

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3. Reduced Risk– The enterprise content management system has a major obstacle in the form of compliance, but the CCM solution can assist companies to eliminate it by establishing a collaborative content development process. The CCM solution can also enable companies to reduce time-to-market and provides them greater control. Compliance officers can easily track, audit, manage, and approve the processes easily.

4. Enhanced Efficiency– Business persons can easily create, edit, and manage content without depending on the IT department. Also, the CCM platform can eliminate issues like operational inefficiency, inconsistency, and high costs effectively. Better customer experience and higher operational efficiency can be achieved as the CCM platform propagates changes across various touchpoints and channels effectively.

Apart from these benefits, the customer communication management solution can bring automation in distributing large volumes of customer’s documents. The document management system or enterprise content management system can leverage the benefits of the CCM platform.

Concluding Lines
Customer Communication Management enables companies to establish effective communication with their customers in a convenient way. CCM also facilitates companies to generate high-volume communications while ensuring compliance and reducing the chances of errors. In a way, companies can increase a higher ROI through improved customer experience.

ContCentric is a leading Alfresco development company that can easily integrate the key features of the document management system into the customized CCM software. Our in-house team of expert developers assists enterprises to transform customer communications from capacity-based into the outcome-based model.

Just drop us a line at to know more about our services and solutions. Our expert consultants will contact you shortly.

Customer Communication Management

Why Your Company should Opt for Alfresco Cloud PaaS – Here are the Reasons

The document management system plays a crucial role in managing and accessing all corporate data. It gives modern companies the strength to survive and thrive amid increasing competition and challenges. Advancing cloud technology can take the document management system to a new level. It facilitates entrepreneurs to spend less on infrastructure while enabling them to enhance business value.

Alfresco Cloud PaaS

Alfresco, one of the globally acclaimed enterprise content management development platforms has integrated the advancements of cloud technology in Alfresco Cloud. It offers corporate users the benefits of a Platform-as-a-Service delivery model along with a robust, cloud-based environment for managing all new apps and services efficiently.

Top Advantages of Alfresco Cloud PaaS for Modern Businesses
The Alfresco development company can leverage the following advantages of Alfresco Cloud Paas by building and deploying various apps-

  • Alfresco Cloud consists of several on-demand services including Process as a Service, Governance as a Service, and AI as a Service to meet different needs.
  • It needs minimal configuration for enterprise content management consumption as a services
  • The cloud-based platform enables organizations to build, deploy, and run processes in a fully hosted environment

Alfresco Cloud is hosted on Amazon Web services to offer highly reliable architecture with high availability. The platform is fully redundant and provides high-end security features along with the following features-

  • Scalability and Speed– With 99.9% availability and an auto-scaling option, Alfresco Cloud enables users to manage the document management system of business while delivering a highly reliable experience and functionality.
  • Seamless Upgrade– Users can seamlessly manage automatic upgrades within Alfresco Cloud. It ensures continuity in business operations and provides immediate access to the latest and innovative versions of the Alfresco platform.
  • Reduced Operational Expenses– Alfresco Cloud leverages the computing power of AWS and reduces operational costs significantly. With extra storage and scalability of the platform, corporate users can easily manage the content management system.

Let’s go through six compelling reasons why your company should use Alfresco Cloud-

1) Time to Value Advantage
Alfresco Cloud is ready to run and keeps the enterprise content management system running. There is no need to wait for specific applications and data centers for managing the content management system. In a way, Alfresco Cloud offers instant operation and the advantage of Time to Value (TTV) to enterprises.

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2) Access to New Solutions
Cloud-based solutions act as a game-changer when it comes to innovation and creativity. Agile development and the ability to implement changes quickly assist the Alfresco development company to offer seamless access to new features and solutions. As a corporate user, you can get access to new features as and when they become available thanks to Alfresco Cloud.

3) Effective Resource Allocation
Your team can focus on enhancing business value while allocating the available resources effectively. Alfresco Cloud makes it possible by enabling the company management to get rid of data centre operations, upgrades, and backups frequently.

4) 24/7 Support and Maintenance
A robust Alfresco development company provides technical assistance and maintenance services on a 24/7 basis. These services help you keep your enterprise content management system up and running for a long time.

5) Industry-standard Practices
One of the biggest benefits of Alfresco solutions is they comply with the prevalent enterprise standards. With the insights, experiences, and excellent operations, Alfresco Cloud supports tens of hundreds of organizations across various industry verticals globally.

6) Competitive Edge
Alfresco Cloud offers multiple benefits to modern enterprises and keeps them updated with technological advancements. It is easy to manage the operations as there is no version lock-in and other hurdles. As a result, you can get an edge over your competitors.

The Alfresco development company can mention other benefits of the Alfresco cloud platform.

7) Concluding Lines
Alfresco Cloud provides excellent PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) offerings to build and manage apps as well as digital operations without spending additional money. It is better to consult a reputed enterprise content management system development company to know other benefits of Alfresco Cloud.

ContCentric is a reputed Alfresco development company that has successfully developed complex ECM solutions for the global corporate clientele. Just send an email at with your document management system-related requirements and our expert business consultants will get back to you soon.

Document management system

Custom Content Encryption in Alfresco Community

Alfresco is a leading open-source ECM (Enterprise Content Management) system. Modern companies, irrespective of their size and business model can leverage the benefits of the feature-rich Alfresco Community Edition. As an entrepreneur, you can consult a reputed and robust Alfresco development company to build a customized ECM powered by Alfresco.

The Alfresco Community Edition enables users to store the corporate documents in a ‘content store’ which is a normal file system. It is an open file system for all users including server administrators, developers, and maintainers. In this system, all the content (documents) can be stored in the form of a .bin file.

The file names within the content stores are referenced through GUID which is maintained within the database. Specifically, in the Alfresco community edition, these .bin files can be converted back to the original document by changing their extensions if the original extensions are known.

These content stores are often exposed during the backup and restoration of the repository in the document management system. If the documents are confidential then there is always a risk of getting these documents into the wrong hands. Therefore, we have developed a custom encryption component that encrypts every document within the Alfresco instance before it gets stored.

As the encryption is being done at the time of the documents/content being stored to the content store, encryption will be the background process. Similarly, the document will be decrypted while accessed within the Alfresco only by Alfresco users.

The best part of the component is- it does not affect the content which is already present in the content store. It means the component can be applied to the Alfresco instance already having content, which is in use. The component will start encrypting the content right from the implementation.

Technical Details

  • We have implemented custom encryption using AES with CTR mode of Encryption algorithm.for the alfresco community edition.
  • The encryption operation is performed as and when the document/content being stored in the content store.
  • AES Algorithm detail

– AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with CTR(Counter) mode Encryption
– 16 bytes key to encrypt-decrypt
– 16 bytes Initialization Vector(IV) param

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  • Classes Overridden for Encryption

The following classes are being used internally while creating a unique .bin file at the physical content store. We have to override these classes to encrypt the content before they get stored in the content store.


  • Classes Overridden for Decryption

These two classes are used to read the content from the content store. Normally, these classes expect the normal content from the nodes which have been stored in the content store. As we have are encrypting the content of a node before it gets stored in the content store, we have to override these classes to decrypt the content using the decryption key.


  • Performance

These encryption and decryption of content are adding little extra operations to the process of storing and retrieval of content. However, it will not affect the user experience if the server configuration is done according to the standard recommendation by Alfresco.

Talking about the benefits of customized content encryption in the Alfresco document management system, we can include the following ones-

  • Security for stored or archived content
  • Does not affect other features and operations
  • Custom encryption key restricts decryption of the content outside the alfresco without key
  • Does not affect old or existing content of the content store and indexing

ContCentric is a renowned Alfresco development company with a team of highly skilled and certified Alfresco developers. We can come up with a user-friendly and feature-rich document management system for companies of all sizes and irrespective of industry sectors. You can contact us by sending an email at Our expert consultants are happy to help you!

Alfresco Custom content Encryption Customization

How to Set Workflow Due-date Reminder in Alfresco DMS

Alfresco is one of the most robust and reliable Enterprise Content Management and BPM (Business Process Management) systems. SMEs and large enterprises across various industry verticals use it for managing document systems.

Alfresco has gained ground over the period by adding new features and add-ons to meet modern enterprises’ complex document management requirements. The platform has many useful features and functionality, and companies can make the most of them by consulting a reputed document management company.

Let’s take an example of one of such features of Alfresco-
Workflows or business processes are one of the most used functionalities of Alfresco. The Alfresco Community Edition has some built-in workflows to streamline and manage various processes. Now, every business process has a fixed deadline to achieve a bigger goal. There, reminding of the due date of the individual’s tasks can play a vital role in meeting the deadline.

But, there is no such functionality available in Alfresco to send due-date reminders to the users for their assigned tasks. We have developed this functionality or module to assist the Alfresco system administrator to set the due-date reminders for any business processes.

Let’s go through the step-by-step guide on how to set the due-date reminder in your enterprise content management system powered by Alfresco.

How to Use Workflow Due-date Reminder in Alfresco-based System

Step 1:
Deploy the workflow due-date reminder module to your Alfresco document management system

Step 2:
The Workflow Due-date Reminder option is available on the Admin Tools page

Document management system
Document management system

Step 3:

  • Choose the workflow to set the reminder
  • Select the workflow priority (high, medium, low) to set the priority-wise separate reminder
  • Select the email template for the reminder notification to be sent to users
  • Choose the number of days before which reminder should be sent from the due date
  • There is an option for sending the notification daily from the days chosen to the due date itself, in case the employees/users have not taken any action

The workflow reminder notification will be sent on a specific day from the date from which the reminders are due. For example, workflow is due on 30 July. The workflow reminders can be set for 3 days prior i.e. 27 July.

But When you select Daily workflow reminder, a notification will be sent on each day from the (due-date – number of days set) to the due date.

Document management system

Document management system

document management system4

Step 4:

  • Already set reminders can be edited and deleted
  • A single reminder can be set for all the deployed workflows by selecting the ‘All’ option in the workflow selection dropdown

Step 5:
The sample email notification is mentioned below

Document management system6

However, the available email templates (from Data Dictionary/Email Templates/) will be listed while setting the reminders

Benefits of Workflow Due-date Reminder

  • It enables the admin to set workflow specific reminders
  • It is possible to set a general reminder for all the workflows
  • It assists the admin to set priority-wise reminders for workflows
  • It gives separate email templates for each and every reminder

Concluding Lines
We, at ContCentric, strive for offering the best enterprise content management system based on Alfresco to address the diverse needs of our global clientele. Just send us an email at to know more about our services like Alfresco support and consultancy, Alfresco performance optimization, and Alfresco content migration.

Enterprise content management

How Document Management System Benefits Manufacturing Sector

The manufacturing industry is the backbone of the economy of any country. It is not just the process of transforming raw materials into valuable products, but it is a driving force for adding value to the country’s GDP by making electrical goods, vehicles, beverages, medical supplies, and the like.

Document management system

The manufacturing sector deals with raw materials and provides finished goods to consumers, and here, it is necessary to maintain a supply chain.

What’s more, the manufacturing industry needs efficient planning and proper maintenance of various equipment. Be it research, design, development, production, or quality assurance, every process generates a lot of data and the manufacturing company has to manage it effectively. There, a robust document management system lends a helping hand to manufacturers.

We are going to see the importance of the Document Management System (DMS) in the manufacturing sector and its major benefits in this blog. But, before moving to the role of DMS in the manufacturing domain, let’s understand the composition of this sector.

Manufacturing Industry Composition

The manufacturing industry focuses on the fabrication of products from raw materials. These finished products are intended for use in other industries and machines. The sector has an enormous potential in manufacturing useful products that can bring more comfort and convenience to our lives. Paper, packaging material, glass, hardware, and other finished goods fall under this sector.

The aim of the manufacturing industry is to reduce human effort or manpower to accomplish various tasks. It can assist other sectors to increase efficiency and enhance productivity. Manufacturing goods and services play a vital role in driving the economy of any country. Let’s see how the DMS or enterprise content management system is useful for this industry.

How DMS Works in Manufacturing Sector

Structured data is crucial for managing processes effectively and staying ahead of the curve. Every industry tends to leverage the benefits of data, and the manufacturing industry is no exception! Manufacturers face many challenges in managing documents and accessing them in real-time. All four types of manufacturing processes- casting, machining, joining, and forming generate enormous amounts of data and the company has to manage them properly.

The manufacturing document software can assist the manufacturers in data management. Effective data management can resolve some common manufacturing challenges like forecasting demand for products, inventory management, sales management, resource management, etc. The enterprise content management system can also enable the manufacturing unit to improve efficiency and increase ROI.

It is fair to mention that paperwork can take a huge chunk of valuable time and needs a lot of effort. Paper is revenue-draining as it is hard to find and highly degradable. It causes various problems for manufacturing and other industries simply because of difficulty in maintenance. The document management system can easily solve this issue and anyone in the manufacturing unit can get access to necessary documents anytime and anywhere.

Manufacturers can stay ahead of the curve while leveraging the benefits of technological advancements. Let’s understand how the document management system resolves some of the big issues of the manufacturing sector.

How DMS Addresses Big Issues of Manufacturing Companies

The document management system not only addresses the challenges related to extensive paperwork but also helps the manufacturing unit to grab the opportunities. In other words, DMS can convert challenges into opportunities if it is implemented in a proper way. Users can easily access, modify, and store necessary documents in the system. Sharing, distributing, and archiving of documents can be handled efficiently through the document management system.

Also, the DMS can enable manufacturing companies to bring radical changes in their operations while resolving the problems like-

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Intensifying Competition

The manufacturing industry is full of uncertainties and faces tremendous competition. It is difficult to make informed decisions based on real-time insights, and many manufacturers have faced many difficulties due to this issue. Thankfully, the DMS can address this problem while giving more time to manufacturers to spend on other critical processes.

Resource Planning Issues

Another major issue for manufacturing companies is training employees for various projects. Now, proper integration of the document management system can help companies to improve workflow by giving access to necessary documents to employees on their devices.

Inventory Mistakes

Discrepancies in inventory and records can cost a lot to the manufacturing sector. Paper-dominated inventory management systems have many issues and manufacturers find it difficult to resolve them. The document management software can keep the documentation process easy and prevent mistakes in inventory.

Poor Data Sharing

Anytime access and sharing of data are important for the manufacturing sector. The DMS makes it possible by bringing automation to paper-based processes. It directly results in improved efficiency and productivity. Also, the data is shared securely using the DMS to mitigate security-related threats.

Many manufacturing companies have zillions of data but they just do not have any idea to utilize them for improving critical operations. There, centralization or indexing of data can remain handy to analyze. The document management system can give the advantage of Big Data to manufacturers and they can optimize their processes using the stored data effectively.

The DMS streamlines the work processes, improves workflow, and facilitates employees to work with more efficiency. The document management system also enables employees to find the necessary documents using meta tags and keywords. It also brings automation in document-related operations like inputting similar information. It saves time and effort of all employees. In a way, manufacturing companies can stay ahead of the curve.

Concluding Lines
In a nutshell, the manufacturing industry can get the advantage of a document management system in bringing automation and increasing convenience in every process.

ContCentric is a leading Alfresco content management company. We have a team of certified Alfresco developers who have hands-on experience in developing enterprise content management systems for SMEs as well as Fortune 500 companies. If you want to give your manufacturing company an edge over peers through a robust document management system based on Alfresco, simply send us an email at Our expert business consultants will get back to you soon.

Importance of Alfresco in Healthcare Document Management System

The healthcare sector is thriving by adopting the patient care models and enhancing data sharing. In today’s troubled times, it is necessary to build the patient care model in such a way that it can meet the growing pressure of diseases and changing expectations of patients over the period. Cut-throat competition, strict regulations, and other challenges, however, can create big hurdles in developing the excellent model.

Healthcare Document Management System

Here, the data-first approach and advanced healthcare document management can work wonders.

As a healthcare services provider, do you want to improve the patient care services by transforming the way of sharing and processing the patient’s data? Well, the Alfresco framework can help you by enabling you to establish a paperless clinical world. Better collaboration and proper communication are possible when you make the healthcare facility paperless.

Let’s go through the ways Alfresco document management is useful for the healthcare industry.

Four Proven Ways Alfresco can Help Healthcare Sector

Be it pharmaceutical document management or healthcare document management, Alfresco can offer flexibility and scalability to healthcare service providers. They can easily integrate the Alfresco ECM system into their existing system with the help of an Alfresco development company. Alfresco document management also enables healthcare professionals to achieve a holistic view of the patient’s medical records.

  • Complete EMR (Electronic Medical Record)
    As mentioned above, Alfresco enables healthcare professionals to get access to all necessary information about the patient anywhere, anytime. With a holistic view of the patient’s history, the Alfresco document management system can easily add all the electronic documents like lab reports, prescriptions, and other vital data to EMR. It can make diagnosis and treatment easy for the physicians.

    Another benefit of opting for the Alfresco document management system is it helps the healthcare industry to comply with various stringent regulations. When all the records are together in the clinical system, all the laws and regulations are automatically followed. What’s more, administrators, physicians, and other staff can work collaboratively for the patients. Alfresco also enables the healthcare industry to track and categorize medical documents accurately.

  • VNA (Vendor Neutral Archive) System
    Alfresco has a Vendor Neutral Archive that enables healthcare professionals to access the VNA system as a part of EMR. The VNA can consolidate differing images into a single repository. VNA also enables physicians to search, look through, and retrieve the imaging. It also connects DICOM and Non-DICOM content to simplify the sharing process between various PACS (Picture Archiving and Communications System). In a nutshell, healthcare professionals can exchange the patient’s information effortlessly.

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  • Clinical Process Automation
    The Alfresco document management system brings automation and makes the clinical processes advanced. It takes care of every aspect ranging from the patient’s admission to the hospital to their discharge. Alfresco can assist physicians and healthcare service providers to make and manage various reports online. It also facilitates healthcare administrators to create e-forms and e-prescriptions while optimizing workflow processes without much technical knowledge.

    In brief, clinical process automation transforms paper-based processes into digital processes. In a way, patients can get better services and their frustration for filling out different forms containing similar information will be reduced. The clinical process automation can also make the process error-free with the minimum human intervention. Any inefficiency related to manual processes can be eliminated successfully through automation.

  • Enhanced Collaboration
    Alfresco enterprise content management system makes the healthcare organization capable of sharing information in real-time. Information-sharing and coordination are possible among care providers irrespective of time and place. Also, Alfresco plays a vital role in ensuring the safety of confidential patient information. With better collaboration and seamless access to necessary information, healthcare professionals can provide enhanced services. They can get access to critical information at any time and on any device.
    As a result, Alfresco ensures collaboration in a secure way. All stakeholders including patients can access real-time information at any time with the help of the Alfresco document management system.

Concluding Lines 

ECM (Enterprise Content Management) and BPM (Business Process Management) solutions of Alfresco can enhance collaboration and improve patient care services. All you need to find a reliable and reputed Alfresco document company to meet the ever-changing and rapidly increasing needs of the healthcare sector.


How Alfresco Improves the Efficiency of Modern Education System

Every industry sector needs proper coordination for ensuring seamless business processes. But, it is quite a task as most companies have geographically dispersed workplaces. There, transformation in the existing document management system can work wonders as employees from different places can get access to necessary documents as and when they need them.
Alfresco, with its excellent functionality and features, can bring digital transformation in various sectors, and the education sector is no exception. As a robust document management system, Alfresco can take care of documentation in the education sector. Be it assignments, quizzes, reports, or various questionnaires, Alfresco is a perfect choice for managing everything.

Let’s understand the role of Alfresco in resolving the issues related to universities and education institutes.

Problems Related to Education Sector

Most educational institutes and universities have to manage the documentation process. It starts with the admission of students and ends with evaluating assignments or tests. As mentioned above, the Alfresco content management system can assist education organizations to manage the documentation. Let’s see how Alfresco helps address various problems-

  • Distance Learning

    Most institutes provide distance learning facility these days, and it requires an efficient collaboration with real-time access to various documents. Various institutes offer various courses, and it is necessary for them to conduct the entrance exams for these courses. They need to store and manage the exam-related documents properly. Also, their document management system should be capable enough to facilitate evaluation and manage the admission process after conducting the exam. Here, Alfresco can greatly help.

  • Online Classes

    Thanks to advancing technology, many universities conduct online classes for national and international students. Hundreds of faculty are engaged in giving online lectures worldwide. Now, the challenge is to maintain the documents related to transcripts of lectures and other study material of different courses. What’s more, these documents need proper permission for students. For example, the study material should be in the form of Read-Only for students. The Alfresco document management system can help institutes to manage these documents effectively.

  • Assignments

    Conducting and managing the assignments is complicated for universities and educational institutions alike. Various courses have different subjects and every subject has assignments. Here also, assignments for teachers and students need different permissions. Alfresco can play a vital role in ensuring real-time access to assignments.

  • Examination and Evaluation

    The examination and evaluation concept needs the utmost accuracy and security. Faculties set the examination paper and the institutes conduct the exam. Then the papers are evaluated by reviewers. The entire process is conducted with ease through an advanced document management system.

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How does Alfresco help Education Sector?

Alfresco document management system can be customized to meet data management needs. Here is how Alfresco helps the education sector.

  • Alfresco is basically a repository and enables the sector to manage varieties of documents. As a content management system, it facilitates the educational institutes to store the content in a relational database through the file system. Proper segregation of study material offers better access. Faculty and students can get real-time access to the study material. Whether it is an examination process or admission process, all documents can be effectively handled with the help of Alfresco.
  • Folder management and workflow automation are necessary to streamline the process and ensure proper implementation of processes. Talking about the education sector, the sector needs proper management of various activities. Let’s take an example of the assignment process. The faculty can upload subject-wise assignments in a particular folder. Only students can get access to assignments. After completing the assignment, students can submit the same in a different folder. The content management system can shift this folder to a ready-to-review folder where the reviewer can get access to the completed assignments.
  • At times, there is more than one reviewer for evaluating the competitive or entrance exams. In such a scenario, it is necessary to keep the provision that more than one reviewer can handle the single document along with getting the complete history of changes. It is necessary for proper grading and a more effective evaluation. The alfresco-based document management system can make it possible in the education sector.

Efficient storage and higher mobility can enable the industries to implement process standardization. The education sector is getting more advanced with the concepts of eLearning and online coaching. The Alfresco platform manages the documentation of the sector to ensure a seamless implementation of these concepts.

Concluding Lines
The Alfresco document management system is designed to meet the diverse requirements of the education sector. It helps the sector by segregating all necessary documents properly and assisting the management to maintain all the records. Simply put, when it comes to simplifying the document management process in the education sector, Alfresco always remains handy in increasing efficiency and speed. Alfresco has also a proven track record in ensuring accuracy while promoting optimum time utilization.

A reliable document management company can come up with a customized Alfresco-based system for your education organization.

Document management system

Digital Transformation at Workplace- Why is It Important to Go Paperless?

Paperwork is tedious and cumbersome. Modern enterprises face issues of employee efficiency and productivity due to paperwork. Imagine the situation- you need a signed contract to find the necessary information of the client, and you forget the drawer in which you have put it. Now, how will you find it in the pile of papers? The result? Well, you waste much of your productive time and get no outcome. This example is sufficient to show you the importance of digital transformation.


Enterprise content management

These days, many companies tend to jump on the digital transformation bandwagon to make the concept of paperless office real. Airplanes made of paper, origami made out of bits of paper, and the like are the things of the past. In today’s technology-driven age, all we need to shift our document management system to a computing approach. It’s about managing all the documents quickly and effortlessly. Let’s find out why it is important to go paperless at your workplace.

Improve Efficiency with Digitization

Digital offices can help you get rid of paper while adopting digital transformation. As per a survey, over 80% of modern businesses are attempting to go digital across the world. When it comes to the document management system, you can implement digital transformation simply by converting the existing process into the electronic processes. SMEs and large enterprises rely heavily on papers for accomplishing various tasks ranging from interviews to operational processes.

As a result, a lot of documents like bills, business cards, legal documents, process documents, etc. keep on adding in the system. The document management company can enable you to store all these documents digitally to ensure their swift and seamless access. Simply put, the digital transformation of the document management system can save you a lot of time, money, and effort. What’s more, digital transformation makes it possible to implement workflow automation and increase business productivity.

We can also think from the company’s financial position perspective. Digital transformation not only brings automation but also enables you to make the most of available resources. You can also reduce the wastage of time and effort. Automation can reduce overhead costs significantly and increase revenue. You can add value to your business and make it more robust to stay strong amid growing competition.

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New technologies and advanced software can make all the difference while establishing a paperless infrastructure. Both small and large organizations and even startups can improve their workflows by reaping the benefits of digitization. It is fair to mention that all types of industries, irrespective of their size and scale, can leverage the benefits of a robust document management system and go paperless. Gone are the days when only large and established enterprises could afford digital transformation.

Here are key benefits of digitization at your workplace

  • Saves time, effort, and resources
  • Reduces overhead costs and other expenses
  • Makes the process simple and paperless
  • Stores data and facilitates seamless access
  • Improves workflows and increases data safety
  • Enhances customer and employee experience
  • Provides insights to enable decision-makers to make informed decisions

How to implement digital transformation at your workplace?

The IDC has estimated that 40% of all technology spending will go toward digital transformation. A report from Tech Pro Research has found that 70% of companies have either already adopted the digital transformation strategy or are working on its implementation. There is no exaggeration in stating that most industries will make their content management system completely digital in the coming years. Advancing cloud technology will make this digitization process faster.

Top-notch platforms like Liferay can provide a digital experience to the users. Entrepreneurs can store and transfer their documents to the cloud and convert their physical office into a digital office. With the right software and the most suitable digitization strategy, you can certainly reduce the various costs. Digitization and paperless approach can enable you to face the challenges more effectively and remain competitive.

Concluding Lines

If you want to implement the digital transformation at the workplace, you should contact a reputed document management company. Go Green and Paperless approach are the need of the hour, you can simply enhance productivity. Time is just right to embrace digitization to stay productive and competitive.

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How Alfresco Application Development Framework Benefit Enterprises

The Alfresco framework is known for its regular updates and frequent improvements to meet complex document management requirements of modern businesses. It has gained ground globally for providing robust document repositories, enterprise-grade search facility, and business process workflows. Recently, Alfresco has introduced Application Development Framework (ADF) with customizable readymade components to make feature-rich enterprise applications.

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Alfresco ADF consists of two parts- UI and backend. Here, Angular powers front-end for developing user-friendly and engaging UI. Developers prefer ADF over Share UI because it promotes rapid application development. Focused user experience, responsive design, customizability, and excellent functionality are some of the key characteristics of ADF-powered applications. The framework is designed to enable Alfresco developers to include the desired functionality in the application.

Why should you prefer ADF over Share UI?

Experienced Alfresco developers may raise this question- why should we use Alfresco ADF over the shipping client Alfresco Share UI? We can mention two major reasons as an answer to this question.

  1. Share UI provides potentially bloated features. On the other hand, ADF enables you to deploy a custom, minimalistic client to meet the needs of a document management system.
  2. ADF is more customizable than Share UI. The Share UI may not fulfill your client’s business needs effectively due to limited functionality. As a result, you require heavy customization. There, Share UI remains short of capabilities.

Simply put, with ADF, developers can facilitate the management to provide enterprise users with modern experience. It can drive user adoption rapidly. What’s more, developers can rapidly deliver unique solutions for the enterprise content management system by assembling a combination of process, governance and content components.

Alfresco ADF is an open-source framework and based on popular web technologies including Angular, Material Design, JavaScript, and RESTful services. If an enterprise content management solution requires extensive customization in its user interface, which most do, then it is not advisable to use Share UI. There, you can count on ADF.

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Key Features and Benefits of Alfresco ADF

  • It helps you build an outstanding user experience (UX) quickly on top of the Alfresco Digital Business Platform
  • It automatically provides responsive, localized & accessible UIs components
  • It is designed to enable the rapid development of custom user experiences
  • It enables developers to leverage Google Material Design components
  • It supports Activity 7.0- Activiti 7.0 is the newest version of the cloud-native, open-source BPM project. Alfresco Developers can leverage ADF 3.0 to rapidly build process-led, custom web applications using Activiti 7.0.
  • It supports Angular 7.0 – With the support for Angular 7.0, developers can gain immediate access to the performance improvements and several major enhancements along with new design features comprising Virtual Scrolling, Drag and Drop, and many others.

Major benefits of Alfresco ADF include- The content-based application can provide a streamlined experience for end-users on top of Alfresco Content Services, focused on file management within the Alfresco content repository. Developers get an easily extendable environment for developing custom applications rapidly while injecting custom controls, viewer components, pages, and plug-ins without upgrade concerns.

Business Benefits of Alfresco ADF

  1. Reduced TTV (Time to Value)- Alfresco ADF has over 150 reusable components and dev tools. It can accelerate the development process greatly and thereby reducing time-to-value.
  2. Drive Adoption– You can make your customers happy through advanced applications in the document management system.
  3. Connect People and Content- Alfresco ADF assembles the combination of process, governance and content components to let developers deliver unique solutions.
  4. High Flexibility- The framework offers high flexibility for developers and enterprises can get engaging solutions to drive adoption while addressing business needs.

Concluding Lines
When you want an engaging web application on top of the Alfresco Digital Business Platform, Alfresco ADF should be your choice. It offers a rich set of UI components based on Angular, command-line tooling and JavaScript APIs. Alfresco application development has got an edge with the advent of Alfresco ADF. Developers can bring digital transformation by leveraging the benefits of ADF.

ContCentric IT Services is a leading Alfresco development company. It has already accomplished 3 Projects in ADF. ContCentric has also trained its certified Alfresco developers in Angular to make the most of the Application Development Framework (ADF). If you have explored Alfresco Share and want to experience how ADF is exceeding the user’s expectations with extraordinary features and excellent capability, then send us an email at

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