Alfresco Global Virtual Hackathon 2017!

Alfresco Global Virtual Hackathon 2017!

ContCentric is an avid supporter of the Alfresco community. As an exclusively Alfresco-focused ECM and BPM company, we are always happy to contribute to the community with the knowledge and expertise we harness from within the team.

Alfresco Global Virtual Hackathon is one such event where we will get an opportunity to participate and contribute. The Alfresco Community team, as well as some prominent Alfresco developers, have taken initiative to organize it every year. 22nd September 2017 is the date when it is going to be held for this year. There are quite a few Alfresco developers who have come up with fantastic project ideas, and there are many who are going to join one or the other idea on the day.

Our entire development team, each member with ACE501 certification from Alfresco University, brainstormed about the way our participation should be. Finally, we came up with the idea of developing a chat component in ADF (Alfresco Development Framework). Visit here for a description and registration!

Alfresco, being used as a collaborative platform widely within the enterprises, lack a solid chat functionality. Our geeks will go all out on that day to shape into a nice component. Our vision is to extend it to chatbot kind of advanced tool.

More to it, our office here in India is declared as war-room, where we invite the fellow Alfresco developers to come and work from our office on that day Contact Us.  Both knowledge and fun are guaranteed!

Global Virtual Hackathon 2017, team ContCentric is ready to present the first version of ADF Chat Component.

So, come 22nd September, and show the teamwork for the Alfresco Community!

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