Future-Proof Your Business: A Robust & Secure Cloud-Based Solution

Future-Proof Your Business: A Robust & Secure Cloud-Based Solution

Changing times leading to evolving technologies

The idea about future-proofing your business has to be considered hand-in-hand while still gearing up with the digital transformation initiatives. There has never been a more urgent need to future-proof your business because of the digital disruptions and unprecedented times.  

Though the global giants have already been on the path of digitization for more than a decade, there has continually been an evolution in the business processes and business landscape. Today, enterprises across industries understand the humongous benefits of digitization. Leaders around the world believe that there is no choice but to digitize. 

Yet more evolution and robust digital initiatives are a must in order for organizations to be future-ready in these disrupting times. Now, when disruption is a new reality, resilient and antifragile solutions are essential for business continuity.  

Technological solutions have helped many industries to carry on as usual during the covid 19 pandemic. In order to combat such uncertain times having understood the significance of the technological implementations, a business’s IT budget has increased manyfold, only to get back higher returns as well as in short order.  

Below are the challenges enterprises face in their journey toward digital transformation, which isn’t static and continually evolving. The challenges mentioned below if kept in mind to prepare a roadmap would future-proof the business. 

Critical challenges digital leaders face in adopting advanced technology 

  • The biggest hindrance in the digital transformation journey is legacy infrastructure. To find a solution flexible enough that can integrate with legacy systems. To decide upon exact infrastructure needs while keeping mobile-first and cloud-first approach 
  • Modernizing technology for better deployment
    • To find a secure, open-platform cloud solution supplemented with disaster recovery and security 
    • And, a solution that can manage and analyze structured as well as unstructured data 
  • To design a robust cloud strategy and data & analytics strategy 

The Three Pillars to Future-Proof Your Business

In 2022, the three bases to back the organization to be future-ready are –  

  • Cloud  
  • Cutting-edge technologies like AI, ML, IoT 
  • Advanced Analytics 

Data is increasing at an unprecedented rate. This digital era brings the challenge to hone the technological skills to house the data, process it, and analyze it in order to make efficient decisions making, and optimize the business processes. Cloud computing proves to be an innovative, highly scalable, and secure solution.  

Everyone is producing so much content today, besides enterprises already have massive amounts of legacy data. It is definitely not the case with every enterprise to inculcate on-premise/private data centers. Whereas the economy is shifting towards the public cloud which is a cost-efficient, highly reliable, and future-proof option.  

With inappropriate infrastructure support, businesses are able to analyze only 2% of the data. 

Adopting cloud services is a new normal 

Cloud adoption can help businesses –  

  • Accelerate time-to-market 
  • Reduce infrastructure responsibility 
  • Ensure business continuity 

Liferay Experience Cloud

Building digital experiences that form a seamless journey with respect to customers’ needs and demands is crucial. Liferay Experience Cloud is a streamlined and robust platform to deliver effective digital solutions. Liferay DXP + Cloud with built-in analytics and B2B commerce functionalities is a full-pack solution called Liferay Experience Cloud.  

Organizations can benefit from the robust capabilities of the digital experience platform and must not worry about the upgrade, security, maintenance of the solutions, and hosting on the cloud infrastructure. This dramatically reduces implementation time and eliminates upgrade & maintenance, and infrastructure costs. This cloudification of business storage and computation comes with the benefits of security and disaster recovery.  

ContCentric is a digital solutions implementation company. We are a Gold Liferay Partner. We can help you with digital transformation solutions and cloud solutions on top of Liferay. Reach out to us to transform your business and future-proof it!  


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