Top 3 Robust and Agile Banking Digital Solutions with Liferay DXP 

Top 3 Robust and Agile Banking Digital Solutions with Liferay DXP 

As per the report by MarketsandMarkets, the global digital banking platform market size is expected to grow from USD 8.2 billion in 2021 to USD 13.9 billion by 2026 at a CAGR of 11.3%. 

Digital banking is continually adapting and proceeding with digitalization in the industry to deliver an enhanced customer experience. Technology has been shaping banks for years now to become more efficient as well as secure. But, with the surge of Banking as a Service, BaaS, and Fintech innovating digital banking solutions, the digital transformation in banking sets a huge curve of digital changes.  

Let us read along to understand digital solutions with Liferay DXP in banking. 

Digital Transformation in Banking 

Digital transformation has always been about doing the things we have been doing in a newer way, in a technological way. In Banking, digital transformation is about changing all the traditional ways of dealing and engaging with customers to the ones using online and digital services.  

Mobile Applications, Websites, Portals, and leveraging the digital channels while collaborating with Fintech and third parties to offer BaaS are some of the digital banking strategic solutions. It is about creating a 100% end-to-end omnichannel digital journey to meet the rising need for enhanced customer experience. According to the Citizens Banking Experience Survey, 90% of consumers and 86% of businesses use digital banking channels. 

Portal solution for digital transformation in Banking 

A portal acts as an integrated platform to respond to each touchpoint of an entire customer journey.  Liferay DXP is a portal platform that’s flexible and scalable, that seamlessly integrates multiple systems, and also has various use cases to respond to numerous and all touchpoints to enhance the customer journey.  

Liferay as a platform has been recognized by various banking and financial institutions throughout the world because of its core building materials and focus on security by design. Multinational companies are moving towards a digital age where they want their system to be scalable in various aspects such as faster implementation, less dependency, and easier process to configure and launch any product to the market.  

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It’s been decades since banks continued to implement different digital solutions as per their needs. Technology has continued to evolve and will continue evolving in the future. The solutions that Industry 4.0 has brought about Automation in Processes, Implementation of cutting-edge technologies like AI/ML/IoT has dawned a completely different era of technologies transforming businesses. Among the digital solutions, portal solutions with DXPs are considered prudent, frugal, and anti-fragile.  

Three robust banking use cases with Liferay DXP  

  • Self-service portal
    • Self-service is prevalent in many industries including banks. As per the research by Microsoft, 77% of consumers report using self-service portals.  
    • Self-service is one of the most important approaches adopted by banks to improve the customer experience along with the mobile-first approach.
  • Public-facing Portal  
    • This helps the organization to show their value proposition, target the desired customer and funnel the prospect to enhance businesses and their service catering. The banking sector leverages data to offer enhanced and personalized experiences. 
  • Integration Platform  
    • Building a unified platform for all the disparate systems helps the customer to view and access all the required functionalities from a single platform. 

Liferay use cases

Three strong factors that Liferay DXP takes care of in the banking sector

  • Omnichannel experiences  
    • Omnichannel experience for a seamless flow of information to the customer throughout different channels. This also helps the organization to target the customers as per the usage on the different points of contact.
  •  Future-proofing with Cloud 
    • Banking institutions follow a hybrid cloud approach which will help them in maintaining the different architectures from a single Liferay infrastructure.  
    • And, organizations are expanding their investments for it is supplemented with security and disaster recovery.
  • Legacy system integration  
    • One of the biggest barriers in the digital transformation journey is the integration of the legacy system. Liferay DXP offers robust interoperability functionality for the seamless integration of existing systems into one user-friendly platform. 

A whole Digital transformation of any organization is on its own a very complex process. However, the transformation roadmap around SaaS and PaaS is simplified with our solutions using Liferay DXP. We, at ContCentric, have crafted solutions for many global giants across industries including banking use cases. Reach out to us to learn more about optimizing your digital banking solutions or send us an email at!


Power of Liferay Digital Experience Platform

Disruptive technologies are transforming businesses. Entreprises for so long have been exploring and adapting digital solutions to achieve business agility. The benefits of competitive advantage and increased time-to-market that digital innovations bring is a no less known fact.   

Organizations have layers of technologies and platforms to carry out the business processes. There have been silos of technologies and systems which, today, are becoming difficult for enterprises to keep up with the ever-increasing demand, that of customers as well as the dynamic business world, as this has been a long technological curve towards changing business landscape.   

There is ERP, CMS, business intelligence tools, Marketing tools, yet another web platform, and an assortment of technologies underlying the organization’s technological framework. A DXP acts as an Integration Platform to unify all disparate systems seamlessly and enables enterprises to offer consistent customer experience across multiple customer journeys.  

Liferay DXP is a Digital Experience Platform that comes with enhanced features and functionalities to transform your business. The features can help you bring together disparate systems, make processes more efficient, and provide better insight into the approaches into consideration like mobile-first design, and single platform approach.  

Three strategies to frame while implementing DXP

  • First things first, solidly define business requirements. 
    •   Businesses have got to clearly define business processes for better workflows  
  • Defining robust digital strategies
    • Digital experience strategy for being able to deliver seamless and consistent experiences
    • Cloud strategy for security and to future proof your business  
    • Data and Analytics strategy to win the market with appropriate insights and faster decision-making  
  • Better optimization of the digital solution with continuous support and upgrades  

Three biggest benefits that Liferay DXP offers

  • Consistent Customer Experiences 
    • With the solution with Liferay DXP, an enterprise can unify customer experiences across every touchpoint of an entire customer journey with a mobile-first design, a single view for customers, and a single (integrated) platform approach. This ensures your customers have seamless experiences that are consistent throughout the journey.
  • Seamless Integrations and power of personalization and customization
    • Liferay DXP builds on its portal platform with business components that can connect all the systems and processes for a unified approach. Businesses get the advantage of seamless integration with legacy systems without compromising on user experience.
  • Future-proofing with a robust Cloud solution
    • The next step the organizations that are already ahead in the digital transformation look up to is cloudification. Cloudification of everything! Cloud computation is a secure, cost-efficient, and reliable solution that also comes with disaster recovery. 
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Steps to Override The Liferay 7 Portal With Javascript

The module pattern of Liferay’s JavaScript abbreviates data and functionality. These modules are available through the Liferay global project. The objects don’t have to be loaded manually. They get loaded automatically at runtime and can be accessed throughout the portal, themes, and plugins.

JavaScript is utilized by Liferay to deliver responsive control logic and to give strong UI components. It comprises various sub-objects that have innumerable useful methods. Liferay development services are accessible to those who want help in their portal development.

liferay 7 portal with javascript

Utilizing The Fragments

Portal default files are gathered in the module of Liferay. By utilizing the fragments, it is simple to override the JSPs. However, when to Override Liferay Portal Javascript you need to have a copy of the original modules JavaScript file including your personal customization.

You also require a configuration file for configuring a custom JavaScript file and adding config.js file path and WebContext-path into module bnb file to override the original module.

Learn The Prerequisites

Before diving into the details and adapting these advanced skills, learning the basics is very vital. Knowledge about JavaScript and Liferay Portal can even be quintessential.

The nature of the JavaScript architecture enables it to update the content, use interactive maps, animated graphics, etc. JavaScript can be referred to as the third tier of a three-layer cake in which HTML and CSS are the initial tiers!

The Liferay portal is an open-source portal that runs on both your intranet and extranet servers. It is a java dependent application used for developing customized portals and websites.

Liferay portal development is sometimes encouraged, as it facilitates both community and enterprise solutions. You can even hire Liferay developers to assist in your portal development, enhancement, and modifications.

You also need to have a strong base, and a good grasp of the fundamentals if you want to understand the process better. The environment used for programming has specific language editors and source-level debugging facilities. It comprises processes and programming tools that will help the user create a program or software product in simpler terms.

Once you have acquired the basic knowledge of the functions of both JavaScript and Liferay portals and programming in general, learning to override the Liferay 7 portal JavaScript would be a lot easier.

How To Override Liferay 7 Portal Javascript?

  • Form an OSGI module so you can override the original module. You can start by naming the module as override-default-js.
  • Click on the Finish button once you have administered the package name.
  • The following structure of the module would be seen. Delete the src/main/java Package and the content packages from the src/main/resources.
  • Now form a js folder in src/main/resources/META-INF/resources path. Then you can create a copy of the scheduler.js and session.js file and name them as custom-scheduler.js and custom-session.js files. Then once it is all done don’t forget to save the file after applying the changes!
  • Create a js file within the src/main/resources/META-INF/resources/js folder. After that mention the javascript file which will be in the config.js file, and will need to be overridden. Don’t forget to check the comments mentioned in the config.js file.
  • You can refer to code libraries like GitHub to find references for config.js. You have to ensure that the Liferay-scheduled-override module’s name on the config.js file & a custom-scheduler.js file’s name is the same.
  • However, you will want to ensure that the group name is set per the module in your config.js file is different. You can refer to the example you choose and with the right coding background, you might be able to get the hang of it.
  • The config.js location and the name of the module formed in Web-ContextPath should be specified in the band. bnd file.
  • The final step is to execute your module. 
  • If you desire to override scheduler.js in a different module then you need to build another OSGI module as you try and use the same steps mentioned above.

If you desire to override scheduler.js in a different module, you need to build another OSGI module as you try and use the same steps.

Troubleshooting Missing File Changes In JavaScript

This is the most common problem when it comes to overlying 7 portals in Javascript. Hence, you may want to take a look below to ensure that you are prepared!

  1. Check whether you have given a different is set per the module in your config.js file or not. If not then do it.
  2. Clear your browser’s cache.
  3. You now have to log in via the admin and open the control panel. Go to configurations then to server administration and finally click on the execute button to perform the following actions:

Free up the memory by enabling garbage collectors.

  • Create a thread dump.
  • Clear all of the content that was cached by this VM
  • Clear the content which had been cached across your cluster
  • Clear the cache of the database.
  • Clear the cache of the direct servlet.
  1. Now right-click on the reload icon found in the browser. After this click on the Empty all the cache and the hard reload button.

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Are you looking Liferay portal Development Support

Summing It Up

JavaScript in Liferay DXP is very useful. To master any skill one needs to understand and learning of the basics. Research and practice will help to accomplish this and make you an expert in overriding Liferay 7 portal JavaScript. Therefore, with this hopefully, you can override the Liferay 7 Portal JavaScript!

6 Reasons Why Liferay Is Crucial For Enterprise Portal Development

The significance of Enterprise Portal Development has been growing at an exponential rate, maturing and evolving over the past couple of years. As  Liferay developers, it is our responsibility to help you understand its importance.

What Are Enterprise Portals?

An enterprise portal is a web-based software solution, used for the integration of information, people, and access within the company. It enables the categorization of all data and makes it available in a single interface for all the departments.

Enterprise portal development makes the process of searching for information easier as the employees interact with the content through the portal that gathers all the information together in one place.

Some key benefits of enterprise portal development are:

  • Simple UI experience
  • Easy design
  • Customizable
  • Flexibility

What is Liferay?

Liferay is a free and open-source enterprise portal, that is mainly used to enable corporate intranet and extranet. In simple terms, it can be called a ‘web application network’ or a ‘ content management framework.’

It contains all the features that a website offers to its users and is made of many correlating functional units called portlets. Written in Java, Liferay Development Services provide extensive support for plug-ins and extensions for the many programming languages.

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6 Reasons You Should Know Why Liferay Development Services Are Important

Why Is It Important?

Liferay Portal Development is important because it enhances customer engagement and boosts their satisfaction and productivity, allowing them to defeat their competitors.

Out of the many platforms available for enterprise portal development, people tend to hire Liferay developers the most, because it was built specifically to provide immersive digital experiences.

It is important to understand the core reasons why Liferay development services are so extremely crucial:

1. Continuity of Operations

Continued business operations are what any business thrives on. Disruptions in any processes mean a loss of both money and the value of that business. This might just be the single largest agent that pulls businesses away from upgrading from older and non-functional portals.

Liferay Application Development Services are known for the absolute minimal intervention during the migration of portals and upgrades. It provides easy back-ups and data recovery, and ensures smooth workflows, protecting them from hiccups during the migration process.

2. ROI

One of the main factors that affect the best services is its ‘ROI’ or ‘return-on-investment.’ The decision-makers in the company will want to know about the return on investment whether the technology upgrade is large or small. It is important for them to realize their business models to get the returns they need.

A Liferay Portal Development project can commence and be done without incurring license costs, which is almost like the total lowest cost of ownership within the entire technology landscape.

3. Functionalities

The features that need to be included while upgrading old portals, along with the inclusion of certain functions without causing a hindrance to the entire migration process are very critical. This makes it essential to Hire Liferay developers for this job.

With Liferay Development Services, these issues do not arise. With multiple built-in plug-ins, and portlets. Functions can be easily integrated without affecting any of the existing data on the platform. Additionally, any extra features that may need to be added to increase the value, can be done without any hindrance.

4. User Interface

A key feature of Liferay Portal Development services is that the user interface is much easier to understand, making it simpler so that normal users can use it comfortably. Liferay has the ability to blend all enterprise portal development systems into a single and simple user interface. Hence, this will help enterprises to uplift their productivity.

5. Improvements

Once the portal has been upgraded or migrated, the business will be able to optimize its usage. Even if there is still scope for improvement, once you Hire Liferay developers, they will handle all the complex issues. Liferay Development services leave room to allow changes and improvements in both design and coding, and also user experience post-migration.

6. Integration

One of the main worries of upgrades or migrations is the integration of legacy systems, data, and the issue of cross-platform exchanges. This is because the data is generally huge and finding a suitable solution for this is a huge task. It gets even more complicated when new requests are made to merge obsolete technology with new business practices and portals.

This is one of the unique advantages of Liferay Development Services because it allows integration with all modern and older technologies like Java, .NET, PHP, etc. The dynamic structure allows the project to merge, collate, and then integrate databases of the pre-existing systems easily on its digital platform.

To Sum Up

After discussing the concept and the benefits of Liferay Development Services, it is important to stress again that this is indeed a life-changing enterprise that offers portal solutions for all. This source will help you offer your customers a personalized experience, something that they crave. Hire Liferay developers today and get started!

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