How to Upgrade Liferay DXP From 7.3 GA1 to SP3 Version? 

How to Upgrade Liferay DXP From 7.3 GA1 to SP3 Version? 

Here is the easy step-by-step guide to changing the Liferay version from GA1 to SP3. Follow these clear as crystal steps to change the version.  

Step-1: Keep the backup of the previous Liferay DXP bundle and backup the old database file. 

Step-2: Create a new database and import the database file which you have updated. 

Step-3: Download Liferay bundle sp3-version. 

Step-4: Replace the data folder with the old data folder. 

Step-5: Start the server. 

Step-6: Install Fix Pack and Hotfix 


Step-2: Keep the backup of your existing environment before installing the fix. 

Step-3: Stop the application server. 

Step-4: Open the terminal and navigate to the [LIFERAY_HOME/patching-tool] folder. 

Step-5: If any patches are available then run the command “./ revert” to uninstall all the previous patches. Make sure that the previous patch has been uninstalled successfully. 

Step-6: Now completely remove the [LIFERAY_HOME/patching-tool] folder. 

Step-7: Unzip the Liferay DXP Patching Tool 3.0.32 file at [LIFERAY_HOME] where data, deploy folders are present. Also, make sure after unzipping we take the inner folder which is “patching-tool”

Step-8: Open the Command Prompt from the [Liferay_Home/patching-tool] folder. 

Step-9: Now run the command “./ auto-discovery” 

Step-10: After then Place into the ${LIFERAY_HOME}/patching- tool/patches directory. 

Step-11: Now run the command “./ info” to make sure that the hotfix and fix pack are within that folder. 

Step-12: Now run the command “./ install” to install the hotfix and fix pack. 

Step-13: Now run the command “./ info” again to make sure that the patch has been applied successfully. 

Step-14: Clean up the cache folders within DXP’s [LIFERAY_HOME]:

    • Delete the [LIFERAY_HOME/osgi/state] folder
    • Delete the [LIFERAY_HOME/work] folder  
    • Delete the [LIFERAY_HOME/<tomcat-version>/temp] folder  
    • Delete the [LIFERAY_HOME/<tomcat-version>/work] folder 

Step-15: Finally, now Start the application server.  

Step-7: Upgrade Database Steps 

Step-1: Take the new Liferay 7.2 instance. 

Step-2: Copy Data File in an instance. 

Step-3: Create file “” at [Liferay Home]/osgi/config] 

Step-4: Go to [Liferay Home]/tools/portal-tools-db-upgrade-client] 

Step-5: run command “ ./” 

Step-6: Enter required details (Change if want) 

    • Enter postgresql database server name 
    • Enter ip address (uat/prod/local) 
    • Enter database name: database name 
    • Enter user name: username 
    • Enter password: password 

Step-7: Restart the application server. 

Step-8: Replace Liferay 

    • change database name and add Liferay home path. 

Step-9: Replace Liferay 

    • change all changes that have done pervious bundle. 

Step-10: add all jar file and license key in osgi/modules folder. 

Step-11: add war file osgi/war folder. 

Troubleshooting steps: 

  • Replace old file in osgi/config folder
  • Remove jar file and redeploy 

Here you complete the version change from ga1 to sp3. Follow these steps to install and download the files hassle-free

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