Liferay Forms and its Benefits

Liferay Forms and its Benefits

Web Forms, as important as they are to interact with users and improve the experience, application builders that boost the capabilities on top are gold!

Here we will learn about Forms built with Liferay DXP, Liferay Forms.

Web Forms and Importance  

Web Forms are a way to communicate with visitors/customers. They allow visitors to send information. It helps establish an indirect relationship between a business and a prospective customer.  

The information received contributes highly to the overall user experience. Businesses collect information from users to intellectively offer personalized experiences making things easier for them. Personalizing the customer journey is one of the most efficient ways to increase the user engagement rate and conversions.

Liferay Forms  

With Liferay Forms builder, a simple two-question form to a very complicated multi-page form can be created. Liferay offers functionalities to create Forms for a wide range of use cases.  

Liferay DXP offers an option to integrate a form builder with workflow to create form-based work processes. Also, an option for users to enter data and display the data in the user interface using DDL, Dynamic Data Lists. 

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With the Liferay Forms Application, We Can- 

  • Add extra pages to the form 
  • Validate fields 
  • Enable workflow for the form 
  • Make the field appear/disappear based on another field value 
  • Translate the text 
  • Drag and drop the field onto the Form layout 
  • Create partial forms and save them for reuse 
  • Duplicate a form instead of starting it from scratch/duplicate form fields 
  • Enable CAPTCHA for the form

Organizations across the industries demand intricate requirements making forms complex. Liferay offers a broad spectrum of functionalities to support the requirements.  

Key Features – 

The extended features of Liferay DXP Forms are

  • Forms layout can be customized 
  • Sets of Form Elements can be reused 
  • Predefined values and Help text can be provided 
  • Forms with Conditional Fields can be created 
  • Forms translations 
  • Export/Import Forms 
  • Customizing Auto-Save behavior 
  • Search location fields  
  • Forms Validation 
  • Forms Permissions 
  • Forms field types 
  • External Data Integrations 
  • Auto-complete text fields 

Liferay Form Rules

Liferay rules for Forms are to make forms dynamic. The show, Enable, Require, Autofill, Calculate, and Jump-to-Page is the six rules defined for Liferay Forms. New rules can be implemented with APIs for effective customization. 

Various use cases of Forms are – 

There are numerous use cases simple and complex in which web forms are used. From a simple sign-in form to a complex one collecting data about Know Your Customer (KYC) use case or interacting with customers/dealers through forms at each touchpoint by collecting details & documents also verifying those for a seamless interaction journey. 

  • User Sign-In & Registration form 
  • KYC form 
  • Capturing Leads form
  • Managing web content with Forms 
  • Feedback form 
  • Discussion forum 
  • Dealer on-boarding form


Liferay Forms is one of the important functionalities of Liferay. With the application builder for forms, Liferay Forms has become an efficient option to create effective forms that seamlessly interact with users. 

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