6 Reasons Why Liferay Is Crucial For Enterprise Portal Development

6 Reasons Why Liferay Is Crucial For Enterprise Portal Development

The significance of Enterprise Portal Development has been growing at an exponential rate, maturing and evolving over the past couple of years. As  Liferay developers, it is our responsibility to help you understand its importance.

What Are Enterprise Portals?

An enterprise portal is a web-based software solution, used for the integration of information, people, and access within the company. It enables the categorization of all data and makes it available in a single interface for all the departments.

Enterprise portal development makes the process of searching for information easier as the employees interact with the content through the portal that gathers all the information together in one place.

Some key benefits of enterprise portal development are:

  • Simple UI experience
  • Easy design
  • Customizable
  • Flexibility

What is Liferay?

Liferay is a free and open-source enterprise portal, that is mainly used to enable corporate intranet and extranet. In simple terms, it can be called a ‘web application network’ or a ‘ content management framework.’

It contains all the features that a website offers to its users and is made of many correlating functional units called portlets. Written in Java, Liferay Development Services provide extensive support for plug-ins and extensions for the many programming languages.

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6 Reasons You Should Know Why Liferay Development Services Are Important

Why Is It Important?

Liferay Portal Development is important because it enhances customer engagement and boosts their satisfaction and productivity, allowing them to defeat their competitors.

Out of the many platforms available for enterprise portal development, people tend to hire Liferay developers the most, because it was built specifically to provide immersive digital experiences.

It is important to understand the core reasons why Liferay development services are so extremely crucial:

1. Continuity of Operations

Continued business operations are what any business thrives on. Disruptions in any processes mean a loss of both money and the value of that business. This might just be the single largest agent that pulls businesses away from upgrading from older and non-functional portals.

Liferay Application Development Services are known for the absolute minimal intervention during the migration of portals and upgrades. It provides easy back-ups and data recovery, and ensures smooth workflows, protecting them from hiccups during the migration process.

2. ROI

One of the main factors that affect the best services is its ‘ROI’ or ‘return-on-investment.’ The decision-makers in the company will want to know about the return on investment whether the technology upgrade is large or small. It is important for them to realize their business models to get the returns they need.

A Liferay Portal Development project can commence and be done without incurring license costs, which is almost like the total lowest cost of ownership within the entire technology landscape.

3. Functionalities

The features that need to be included while upgrading old portals, along with the inclusion of certain functions without causing a hindrance to the entire migration process are very critical. This makes it essential to Hire Liferay developers for this job.

With Liferay Development Services, these issues do not arise. With multiple built-in plug-ins, and portlets. Functions can be easily integrated without affecting any of the existing data on the platform. Additionally, any extra features that may need to be added to increase the value, can be done without any hindrance.

4. User Interface

A key feature of Liferay Portal Development services is that the user interface is much easier to understand, making it simpler so that normal users can use it comfortably. Liferay has the ability to blend all enterprise portal development systems into a single and simple user interface. Hence, this will help enterprises to uplift their productivity.

5. Improvements

Once the portal has been upgraded or migrated, the business will be able to optimize its usage. Even if there is still scope for improvement, once you Hire Liferay developers, they will handle all the complex issues. Liferay Development services leave room to allow changes and improvements in both design and coding, and also user experience post-migration.

6. Integration

One of the main worries of upgrades or migrations is the integration of legacy systems, data, and the issue of cross-platform exchanges. This is because the data is generally huge and finding a suitable solution for this is a huge task. It gets even more complicated when new requests are made to merge obsolete technology with new business practices and portals.

This is one of the unique advantages of Liferay Development Services because it allows integration with all modern and older technologies like Java, .NET, PHP, etc. The dynamic structure allows the project to merge, collate, and then integrate databases of the pre-existing systems easily on its digital platform.

To Sum Up

After discussing the concept and the benefits of Liferay Development Services, it is important to stress again that this is indeed a life-changing enterprise that offers portal solutions for all. This source will help you offer your customers a personalized experience, something that they crave. Hire Liferay developers today and get started!

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