Liferay Performance Tuning

Enhance your portal’s performance with our optimized solutions

Efficient software performance is necessary for the smooth functioning of day-to-day operations. Businesses need to tune well with each interlinked process. Software performance tuning optimizes the overall application performance. We assess our planned and crafted solution before deployment to achieve fine end results. We design the best solutions using the best practices, by taking care of every fine detail during the development cycle in order to avoid the later stage hassle.

However, we may find a need to configure Liferay for higher and better performances once the portal is implemented and running.

Optimizing several instances of Liferay Portal can benefit as follows –

  • Increased performance of overall portal application despite traffic multiplication.
  • Quick portal response
  • Enhanced digital experiences
  • Reliable user experience and increased customer satisfaction
  • Reduces additional operational overhead by disabling or removing the unused/unnecessary instances.

With a desire to deliver excellence, we have an assortment of techniques in our portfolio to address unique needs and to make sure that the ability of deployed solutions is stretched to its best. We have expertise in evaluating and troubleshooting the unique spots which will result in the optimized and balanced performance of the portal. Evaluation includes tuning at various levels –

  • Caching
  • JVM Tuning as well as Garbage Collection
  • Code optimization
  • Database optimization
  • Load testing
  • Web server performance check
  • Portal properties changes
  • Processing power optimization

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