Liferay Upgrade and Migration

Empower your business with Liferay which evolves with evolving market demands

It is vital for businesses today to remain up to the mark with innovations that digital transformation brings. Being a flexible and scalable platform, Liferay lets the transitions happen smoothly without affecting the business processes.

We follow a consistent pattern for Liferay upgradation and migration. We analyze the business processes and patterns of our clients to frame the solutions that are optimized. We craft the roadmap for a seamless upgrade and migration with the sole purpose to let our clients experience the best Digital Transformation benefits. We implement them and also provide post-deployment support.

We add the valuable experiences of the latest Liferay upgrade – first, by appropriately taking systems’ and Database backup, checking up on the compatibility matrix about DB, Search Engine, Web Server, and many different bundles, then by restoring and upgrading the entire system into the new environment. Finally by processing necessary configurations like reindexing. Our Liferay Upgrade service ensures data/code/environment upgrade, discarding complex technical blockages, security review, as well as upgrades Stability and Performance.

Liferay Migration helps in smooth transitions from legacy systems by considering the following things –

  • Complex architecture
  • Integration challenges
  • Smooth and swift deployment
  • Unifying Customer Experience
  • Appropriateness of performance tuning and quality assurance
  • Maintenance & Support

ContCentric is a Liferay Gold partner company. We have a dedicated team focused on delivering Liferay solutions. We have been implementing and deploying Liferay-based solutions in various domains like fewer to name - Banking, Telecom, Education, Government, Entertainment. We are being led by leaders who have hands-on experience in Liferay implementations, who are certified; and have conducted multiple Liferay training worldwide.

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