September 22, 2020 Why Your Company should Opt for Alfresco Cloud PaaS – Here are the Reasons

The document management system plays a crucial role in managing and accessing all corporate data. It gives modern companies the strength to survive and thrive amid increasing competition and challenges. Advancing cloud technology can take the document management system to a new level. It facilitates entrepreneurs to spend less on infrastructure while enabling them to enhance business value.

Alfresco Cloud PaaS

Alfresco, one of the globally acclaimed enterprise content management development platforms has integrated the advancements of cloud technology in Alfresco Cloud. It offers corporate users the benefits of a Platform-as-a-Service delivery model along with a robust, cloud-based environment for managing all new apps and services efficiently.

Top Advantages of Alfresco Cloud PaaS for Modern Businesses
The Alfresco development company can leverage the following advantages of Alfresco Cloud Paas by building and deploying various apps-

  • Alfresco Cloud consists of several on-demand services including Process as a Service, Governance as a Service, and AI as a Service to meet different needs.
  • It needs minimal configuration for enterprise content management consumption as a services
  • The cloud-based platform enables organizations to build, deploy, and run processes in a fully hosted environment

Alfresco Cloud is hosted on Amazon Web services to offer highly reliable architecture with high availability. The platform is fully redundant and provides high-end security features along with the following features-

  • Scalability and Speed– With 99.9% availability and an auto-scaling option, Alfresco Cloud enables users to manage the document management system of business while delivering a highly reliable experience and functionality.
  • Seamless Upgrade– Users can seamlessly manage automatic upgrades within Alfresco Cloud. It ensures continuity in business operations and provides immediate access to the latest and innovative versions of the Alfresco platform.
  • Reduced Operational Expenses– Alfresco Cloud leverages the computing power of AWS and reduces operational costs significantly. With extra storage and scalability of the platform, corporate users can easily manage the content management system.

Let’s go through six compelling reasons why your company should use Alfresco Cloud-

1) Time to Value Advantage
Alfresco Cloud is ready to run and keeps the enterprise content management system running. There is no need to wait for specific applications and data centers for managing the content management system. In a way, Alfresco Cloud offers instant operation and the advantage of Time to Value (TTV) to enterprises.

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2) Access to New Solutions
Cloud-based solutions act as a game-changer when it comes to innovation and creativity. Agile development and the ability to implement changes quickly assist the Alfresco development company to offer seamless access to new features and solutions. As a corporate user, you can get access to new features as and when they become available thanks to Alfresco Cloud.

3) Effective Resource Allocation
Your team can focus on enhancing business value while allocating the available resources effectively. Alfresco Cloud makes it possible by enabling the company management to get rid of data centre operations, upgrades, and backups frequently.

4) 24/7 Support and Maintenance
A robust Alfresco development company provides technical assistance and maintenance services on a 24/7 basis. These services help you keep your enterprise content management system up and running for a long time.

5) Industry-standard Practices
One of the biggest benefits of Alfresco solutions is they comply with the prevalent enterprise standards. With the insights, experiences, and excellent operations, Alfresco Cloud supports tens of hundreds of organizations across various industry verticals globally.

6) Competitive Edge
Alfresco Cloud offers multiple benefits to modern enterprises and keeps them updated with technological advancements. It is easy to manage the operations as there is no version lock-in and other hurdles. As a result, you can get an edge over your competitors.

The Alfresco development company can mention other benefits of the Alfresco cloud platform.

7) Concluding Lines
Alfresco Cloud provides excellent PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service) offerings to build and manage apps as well as digital operations without spending additional money. It is better to consult a reputed enterprise content management system development company to know other benefits of Alfresco Cloud.

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