Liferay Forms and its Benefits

Liferay Forms and its Benefits

Web Forms, as important as they are to interact with users and improve the experience, application builders that boost the capabilities on top are gold!

Here we will learn about Forms built with Liferay DXP, Liferay Forms.

Web Forms and Importance  

Web Forms are a way to communicate with visitors/customers. They allow visitors to send information. It helps establish an indirect relationship between a business and a prospective customer.  

The information received contributes highly to the overall user experience. Businesses collect information from users to intellectively offer personalized experiences making things easier for them. Personalizing the customer journey is one of the most efficient ways to increase the user engagement rate and conversions.

Liferay Forms  

With Liferay Forms builder, a simple two-question form to a very complicated multi-page form can be created. Liferay offers functionalities to create Forms for a wide range of use cases.  

Liferay DXP offers an option to integrate a form builder with workflow to create form-based work processes. Also, an option for users to enter data and display the data in the user interface using DDL, Dynamic Data Lists. 

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With the Liferay Forms Application, We Can- 

  • Add extra pages to the form 
  • Validate fields 
  • Enable workflow for the form 
  • Make the field appear/disappear based on another field value 
  • Translate the text 
  • Drag and drop the field onto the Form layout 
  • Create partial forms and save them for reuse 
  • Duplicate a form instead of starting it from scratch/duplicate form fields 
  • Enable CAPTCHA for the form

Organizations across the industries demand intricate requirements making forms complex. Liferay offers a broad spectrum of functionalities to support the requirements.  

Key Features – 

The extended features of Liferay DXP Forms are

  • Forms layout can be customized 
  • Sets of Form Elements can be reused 
  • Predefined values and Help text can be provided 
  • Forms with Conditional Fields can be created 
  • Forms translations 
  • Export/Import Forms 
  • Customizing Auto-Save behavior 
  • Search location fields  
  • Forms Validation 
  • Forms Permissions 
  • Forms field types 
  • External Data Integrations 
  • Auto-complete text fields 

Liferay Form Rules

Liferay rules for Forms are to make forms dynamic. The show, Enable, Require, Autofill, Calculate, and Jump-to-Page is the six rules defined for Liferay Forms. New rules can be implemented with APIs for effective customization. 

Various use cases of Forms are – 

There are numerous use cases simple and complex in which web forms are used. From a simple sign-in form to a complex one collecting data about Know Your Customer (KYC) use case or interacting with customers/dealers through forms at each touchpoint by collecting details & documents also verifying those for a seamless interaction journey. 

  • User Sign-In & Registration form 
  • KYC form 
  • Capturing Leads form
  • Managing web content with Forms 
  • Feedback form 
  • Discussion forum 
  • Dealer on-boarding form


Liferay Forms is one of the important functionalities of Liferay. With the application builder for forms, Liferay Forms has become an efficient option to create effective forms that seamlessly interact with users. 

At ContCentric – A Liferay Gold Partner, we have been crafting digital solutions for enterprises with extensive experience of more than two decades. We believe that a low-code/no-code approach to software development is the future. We help organizations reduce costs with effective digital solutions to increase business revenue. Connect with us to learn more by dropping an email to! We can help you with digital transformation and Web Forms per se. 

Popular Use Cases of Liferay DXP

With the changing digital landscape, organizations need to invest in technologies to serve their customers better. Organizations in fact are looking for technological options that are prudent as well as innovative.  

Organizations understand numerous benefits that digital transformation brings about cost savings, revenue growth, increased efficiency, enhanced customer experience, and all in all increased agility. It is defined as an efficient way of doing what was done before.   

In order to enable it, organizations across the industries are revising their business models to digital business models to fit in right. Distinct business models demand unique solutions and multiple at times. The appropriate intersecting technology is gold!   

Liferay DXP is a Digital Experience Platform that caters to innumerable use cases for organizations across numerous industries.

Liferay is loaded with functionalities built into the Liferay DXP platform that addresses multiple things through a single platform. As Liferay DXP is flexible and scalable in nature, the functionalities can be transcended by further seamless integrations and customizations as is uniquely required by the particular use case.  

Another significant capability of Liferay is that it allows business to self-manage content rather than engaging IT in it.  

Being able to access multiple modules through a single platform is one of the powerful capabilities of Liferay.   

Liferay effortlessly solves digital setbacks of organizations with numerous use cases. Liferay use cases are not limited to any one specific use case but are limitless, meaning multiple solutions can be created to address various setbacks. 

Use cases of liferay dxp

Popular Liferay Use Cases 

  • Public-Facing Portal 
  • Customer self-service Portal
  • Intranet Portal 
  • B2B & B2C Commerce Portal
  • Dealer and Vendor Portal 

Public-facing Portal

Businesses are leveraging the capabilities of Liferay to build public websites alongside other uniquely required portal solutions. Websites are powerful tools to engage your audience for new business opportunities.  

Public websites act as a funnel of prospects for businesses. With Liferay DXP, businesses are able to offer personalized experiences to anonymous users as well. Being able to offer optimized and personalized experiences to the users is a powerful way to make their entire journey seamless.  

With Liferay’s strong functionalities like Multichannel support, extensive search, integration capabilities, and others, a robust public-facing portal or a public website can be created.  

Public-Facing Portals built with Liferay enable – 

  • Multichannel support and a connected customer journey 
  • Multilanguage support 
  • Content targeting  
  • Personalization  

Customer Self-Service Portal 

The portals with self-service capability can be effectively created with Liferay DXP. The Customer self-service portal is a whole new approach and is pretty much implemented by all the industry sectors. It completely changes the way customers interact with businesses.  

Customer self-service is all about empowering customers. Empowering them to engage at each touchpoint effectively and seamlessly. It is about helping them with the exact solution they need. 

Self-service has occupied a major part in the decision-making of a service strategy in an organization. Self-service for customer portals is prevalent in various industries – Telecommunications, BFSI, Hospitality, Automotive, Car lease & Rental to name but a few. 

Customer self-service portals built with Liferay enable –  

  • Enabling fast and efficient self-service 
  • Transparent, secure form for collaboration 
  • Automation in workflows 
  • Predicting customer behavior based on current insights to drive personalization and innovation 

Intranet Portal 

One of the most important and major implementations of Liferay DXP is the Intranet Portal. Liferay DXP helps drive consistency through communication across the organization for the employees. Liferay’s core capabilities can segment the audience to address them with their advantage point.        

Intranet portals built with Liferay enable – 

  • Effective Content Management System 
  • Automation in Workflows 
  • Social collaboration capabilities 
  • Centralized and structured information 

B2B & B2C Commerce Portal 

The eCommerce is ruling the economy today. The game of offering the best customer experience is ON! Liferay DXP interacts with the customers at each touchpoint to make their entire journey seamless. It delivers a seamless and engaging customer experience. 

B2B & B2C Commerce Portals built with Liferay enable –  

  • Content targeting and Personalization 
  • Seamless self-service experiences 
  • Powerful integrations 
  • Effective web content management + web experience management 

Dealer & Vendor Portal 

With Liferay DXP, purchase cycle, user management, and stock management can be seamlessly supported with a unified platform. All of these transactions can be streamlined through automation and self-services.  

It enhances communication and collaboration with dealers/vendors by giving them a seamless personalized experience through their lifecycle stages.  

Dealer & Vendor Portals built with Liferay enable –  

Liferay DXP acts as a single platform for multiple portal solutions. Above discussed are a few popular use cases of Liferay, while other examples are Learning Management System, KYC Portal, and Integration Platforms to name but a few.  

We, at ContCentric, are a Gold Liferay partner company. We have catered to multiple leading organizations across industries with our extensive experience in creating solutions with Liferay for more than a decade. We offer consultation to implementation to support services. Connect with us to create a robust portal solution for your organization! 

Understanding Liferay User Management 

User Management is one of the important functionalities which is required by each organization despite its size and industry. Managing users is one of the crucial parts of an organization in terms of managing the work, assets, and accessibility of services by each employee/user in the system.

In layman’s terms, user management can be termed as user function to describe the ability of the administrators to manage the access of the user across IT assets, devices, applications, networks, accessibility to services, etc. 

There are many products in the market providing identity management to role-based access control which are being used by top companies to manage their employees and their access. This blog is focused more on the user management functionalities of Liferay DXP which is one of the decisive modules present in any DXP product in the ecosystem. With the help of this module, an administrator can manage all the users available in the portal. 

Some of the named functionalities can be –  

  • Managing user profile
  • Creating User Groups and Organization 
  • Managing Roles and Permissions 
  • Monitoring User Action on the portal 
  • Integration with Active Directory services, Identity management software, SSO solutions, and many more. 

Liferay as a platform is very flexible in terms of managing user information i.e. from managing user details to role and permission. The roles and permissions feature of Liferay DXP is one of the paramount features where a user can be given access to a granular level such as whether an asset can be created, updated, deleted, or viewed only in terms of operation.

The same goes for the user group functionality which can be used to give access to roles and permission to multiple users in a single go.

The Liferay Monitoring feature can be used to track all live sessions on the page. This is disabled by default for production, but the admin can enable the same by setting the portal property live.users.enabled to true. 

In Conclusion  

Liferay User Management has helped many organizations in terms of managing and maintaining the hierarchy with roles and permissions attached to it. Along with this, modules can be integrated with various SSO solutions for ease of access.

We, at ContCentric, have implemented various projects where we have integrated with Azure, Google, and Open ID-compliant SSO tools.  

Enhance the user experience by centralizing access control and improving overall productivity. Help your business with our solutions to secure your business to achieve agility. Get in touch with us! 

Low code application – Liferay DXP Workflow, and its benefits

Workflows cement the organization and its business processes. Workflows can give better insights into business processes to identify & remove redundancies, and enhance communication to further offer better products and customer services. 

A finely defined LiferayDXP workflow can effectively optimize business operations.  There are multiple repetitive/operational tasks in an organization; workflows are defined to organize such tasks to streamline and optimize the business processes in the bloc. And, automating the workflow processes can help organizations complete the tasks with higher efficiency.

The other major business benefits of automation in workflows are increased productivity and reduced operational overheads.  

The combination of low code/no-code platforms & automation is the future. The time is near when 70% of the organizations will opt for a low code/no-code approach to software development.

Liferay DXP is one such platform solution for digital transformation. Liferay DXP extensively follows a no-code/low-code approach to make things easier for users to customize and manage assets and services in a portal solution.  

Liferay Workflow application allows to define innumerable workflows and deploy & manage them through the portal interface. These workflows are further integrated with Users, Groups, and Roles as reviewers and approvers.    

The sole purpose of Liferay Workflow is to define any number of simple or complex business processes and deploy & manage them; Here, the processes have the knowledge about Users, Groups, and Roles (because of the integration) to carry out a successful and seamless completion. With Liferay DXP,

  • We can create customized workflows or leverage the existing or embedded ones (Prebuilt workflows) 
  • No code is required to integrate the workflows with Users, Groups, and Roles 
  • We can draft, duplicate, preview, and restore the workflows 
  • We can define the deadline for workflow processes using the Metrics function. On setting it up, it automatically shows the status as on-time or overdue.  
  • It allows to set the statuses for an asset in a workflow like draft, pending, approved, denied for the ones saved before ready, not completed yet, an asset ready to be displayed/sent, and ones that failed through the workflow respectively.   
  • Enable/disable workflow on individual sites  

Defining effective Workflow with simple drag and drop mechanisms with platforms like Liferay DXP and automating them using other business automation tools, RPA, Robotic Process Automation, is a new and powerful investment that organizations are making today. 

With Workflow Automations businesses see many benefits– 

  • Plan and monitor projects to effectively meet important deadlines 
  • Automate tasks between stakeholders 
  • Easier and streamlined processes 
  • Reduced redundancies and higher efficiency & productivity 
  • Consistent customer experiences 
  • Reduced costs 

Automating processes and transforming the business with digital solutions is a powerful adaptation move. Businesses keep their models agile in order to sustain and be successful.  

We, at ContCentric, can help you widen your IT horizons and craft discreet solutions for your business’s unique requirements. We specialize in consulting and implementing solutions with Liferay DXP for your organization’s transformation. Get in touch with us today to not only automate your business processes but also your business’s success with digitalization!    

ContCentric makes advancement with a new branch in Noida

“The growth is the result of creativity and passion working together.” 

With the belief of being in business to create possibilities for greatness, it is time for us to take the next step in our constant evolution as a company that excellently delivers digital solutions. We constantly seek opportunities to innovate & grow, and we are profoundly happy to start another new journey by setting forth in Delhi NCR.  

We set our mission to be the industry’s premier service provider & preferred implementation partner company. We continue to push the boundaries of ROI and value for our clients with the cutting-edge technologies in our portfolio.  

We create a competitive advantage by setting forth in the National Capital as we implement the latest technologies by keeping user experience at its core. We embrace innovation to offer our clients the best experience overall. To reach newer sky-high milestones, we progressively strategize our business development path to be high-powered and dynamic. 

The brand’s unwavering passion & enthusiasm for creating distinct, optimized, and innovative solutions for every client is one of the powerful and indispensable ingredients towards the path of constant innovation and success.   

Towards aligned minds, dreams, and efforts, we are moving ahead to saturate our Noida office with happiness too!  

With gratitude, we embark on our new journey powerfully to constantly innovate and grow. 

Empowering customers with Self-Service (Portals) 

It is a time when empowering customers to the fullest should be one of the highest prioritized solutions that a business must offer. Empowered customers help businesses gain earned media than paid and owned media. Earned media or word of mouth can take businesses to great heights is no hidden truth. In today’s times where digital transformation is breaking the glass ceiling with better solutions day after day, offering digital solutions that would help businesses perform more effectively and efficiently than ever is a need. And, Digital Transformation knows no other way! 

Customer Portal/ self-service portal is one of the rock and roll solutions digital transformation has brought. Simply digitalization is no longer any solution but it has become more about experiences, personalized digital experiences. 

“We do not want to push our ideas onto customers, we simply want to make what they want.” – Laura Ashely 

The quote above is an apt one that any of the businesses would want to offer to their customers with respect to customer self-service. In a similar vein, even customers are choosing self-service over traditional comparatively slow-moving support services. To add a fact-note, according to Salesforce Research, 89% of consumers are more likely to engage again after a positive customer service experience. And 78% of consumers will engage again despite any other teeny blunders. All for positive customer experiences! 

What is a Customer Portal and a Customer Self-Service Portal? 

A Customer Portal is a website interface to share mechanisms between an organization and its customers. This interface is a transparent and secure collaborative platform for communication. Customers can log in to the website to download, upload and view their data and interact directly with an organization as well as a community. Customer Portals on a digital experience platform provide a major benefit of personalization to your customers.  

The key goal of these customer portals is to increase efficiency and communication. It does this by adapting to automation in workflow, organizing, and managing the documents.     

Customer Portals empower customers with self-service, where they can generate a request against an issue only to resolve it on their own. This allows customers to personalize their customer experience and get immediate results on the troubles they face. Self-service for customer portals is prevalent in various industries – Telecommunications, BFSI, Hospitality, Automotive, Car lease & Rental to name but a few. 

How does a business benefit by adopting Customer Self-Service Portals? 

  • Businesses see a decrease in customer support costs with effective self-services 
  • Maximized work efficiency with workflow automation and document management 
  • Complete visibility into the actions of the company 
  • It helps to strengthen customer relationships and provides a transparent, secure, and open forum for collaboration 
  • Increase in customer retention rate/ increased customer satisfaction 
  • Increase in revenues 
  • Enhanced user experiences 

How can Liferay be the best-chosen solution for the Customer Self-Service Portal? 

  • A scalable and flexible user-friendly CMS solution 
  • Easy Integrations 
  • Organized workflows with automation
  • Omnichannel support 
  • Higher personalization and customization 

Liferay is a scalable and flexible digital experience platform for portal solutions. It has been declared as a Leader of Digital Experience Platforms 11 times in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant. We take pride in offering services and solutions, being a Liferay Gold Service Partners. At ContCentric, it is our priority to take care of the customer experience to every bit to make it better and better. We work intricately to craft personalized digital experiences for our clients! 

Insights on Liferay Upgrade as it launched Liferay DXP 7.4 

With its constant effort to make things easier for technical as well as non-technical users to deliver optimized digital experiences, Liferay has recently launched another version, Liferay DXP 7.4. Business users are empowered to act independently with more accessible, affordable, and customizable options using low code/no-code capabilities in order to deliver Liferay DXP digital solutions with this newest version.  

Technological upgrades are important! In order for businesses to sustain this fast-changing technological world and keep going effectively, upgrades are apparently beyond crucial for agile businesses. Enlisted are fewer reasons


  • Because you are already into the Liferay ecosystem, it is prudent to leverage those investments and stay up to date with technology and support as well. 
  • Technological advancements and new features are only going to help your digital transformation journey become more smooth, reliable, and effective preserving your business’ agile behavior. 
  • The new technological functionalities would fix the bugs and improve operational performance.  
  • IT professionals can focus more on delivering digital transformation solutions leveraging Liferay functionalities rather than fixing things using traditional methods.
    And, because of increased transparency, communication, and automation in an organization derived from digital solutions, businesses in various industries have seen a notable decrease in operational costs. 
    These three things – transparency, communication, and automation internally would also improve your customer experience remarkably when applied with Liferay. 
  • Businesses are empowered more with every new Liferay upgrade to act independently to customize and personalize uniquely as per the need. Besides many inbuilt functionalities that Liferay supports, it is also very simple to add external tools. 
  • Liferay claims the highest ROI at the lowest TCO considering all the factors like portal license, maintenance, hardware, customization, and infrastructure.
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  • Liferay evolves too with the evolving dynamics of the business world. And, to prevent major attacks Liferay DXP includes built-in protections to safeguard business’ data. The reliance of businesses on the Liferay platform is always secure for its compliance with the standard security recommendations for developers and web application security.

Liferay DXP 7.4 comes with enhanced functionalities

  • Optimizing digital experiences with Data-driven insights 
    1. Run AB test on any element on the page 
    2. Enhanced Content Audit Tool for usability improvements 
    3. Content Performance Analytics for all types of pages 
  • Empowering business users to build rich digital experiences 
    1. The Page Audit Tool for your pages’ SEO and Accessibility 
    2. More flexibility when creating and managing Experiences 
    3. Content Dashboard appears with Documents 
  • Create a seamless B2B buying experience 
    1. Provides added stability and improvements 
  • Enabling business users to manage DXP with low-code/no-code capabilities 
    1. Non-tech can define the data model to create custom layouts 
    2. Display a list of items related to another item based on a wide range of data using Related Item Providers 
    3. Smooth navigation for content-heavy sites 
    4. Adaptive media support 
  • Reduced amount of cost and efforts required to launch and maintain digital experiences 
    1. Automatic translation of web content 
    2. A feature to control the outdated documents
    3. Advanced file uploader options
    4. Support for Elasticsearch 7.15.x 
    5. Addition of Liferay Enterprise Search applications
  • Liferay as a smooth foundation for business’ interconnected landscape 
    1. Click to Chat Integration 
    2. DocuSign Integration
    3. Multifactor authentication using common devices 
    4. Headless APIs, DXP Accounts, better data management 

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Key features of Liferay DXP 7.4 

  • Liferay enterprise search experiences
    1. With a new enterprise search experience application on Liferay, a user can change default search behavior by building new custom algorithms using a no-code visual query builder called Blueprints. 
  • Low code application builder 
    1. Users can build their own applications by leveraging Liferay Objects. Liferay Objects are fully integrated with existing Liferay DXP frameworks. 
  • DocuSign Integration
    1. Integration with DocuSign allows streamlining of contracts and workflows within Liferay.
  • Click to Chat connector
    1. New integration of Chatbot on DXP 7.4. Customers can communicate easily with support representatives. 
  • Accessibility and SEO Audits 
    1. Using integrations like Google PageSpeed, users can audit pages’ SEO, best performance, Search Engine Metadata, and Accessibility. Also, SEO is not affected by the automatic
  • Auto-Translation of web content 
    1. Content Pages and Web content articles are automatically translated using ML-based Google Cloud Translation service. Users just need to focus on polishing the translated content rather than doing it from scratch. 

ContCentric is a Digital transformation solution offering company and a Gold Liferay Partner. We have been offering Liferay consultation and implementing solutions for the digital transformation of organizations among various industry sectors. Contact us to learn more!

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